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message 1: by Countrygirl (new)

Countrygirl | 16 comments 1. The Texan's Touch
2. To Kiss a Texan
3. To Wed in Texas
4. Twilight in Texas
5. The Texan's Dream
The Texan's Touch (Texas Brothers Trilogy) by Jodi Thomas To Kiss a Texan (Texas Brothers Trilogy) by Jodi Thomas To Wed in Texas (Texas Brothers Trilogy) by Jodi Thomas Twilight in Texas by Jodi Thomas The Texan's Dream (Jove Historical Romance) by Jodi Thomas

message 2: by Christel (new)

Christel (christelc) | 60 comments Please if anyone has To Wed In Texas, I will buy this book from you and pay shipping. This book is set in my hometown of Jefferson Texas and I want this book really bad!!

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