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Who hated the ending?

Courtney A.K.A The Book Addict (last edited Jan 20, 2013 11:32PM ) Jan 20, 2013 11:29PM   1 vote
Oh my god i know right, it was sooooooo long and it took me weeks to finish it (which is very unusual for me)
And we didnt even get a good kiss at the end with Eragon and Arya. Eragon just kissed her on the cheek. what the hell was that? They are saying farewell and they arent even sure that they'll ever see each other again and that's all we got. It could of been at the very least a good kiss. And most of the fans were expecting a little Eragon/Arya action and were left disapointed.
I didnt mind that Arya became a dragon rider. I just wished that we saw the green dragon a little sooner in the book since it was on the front cover, but we only saw it at the end. Plus the book barely mentioned the green dragon until the end. Other than that I thought the book was an interesting end to an awesome book series.

I was not pleased with the last book at all. It felt....wrong, for lack of a better word. There was no payoff for the readers who spent hours upon hours reading the books, expecting a good ending. Although Eragon had plenty of reason to leave, there was no point in him never returning.
On top of this there was Arya. There were a few issues I had with her character at the end. The Arya I got to know over the course of the series was strong-willed. She didn't give in to pressure. Yet, at the end of this book, she agreed to be queen after a few elves asked her for a while. In addition, I didn't like that she became a dragon rider. It just didn't feel right to me. It might just be fact that we had no time to get used to the concept, but it just didn't work for me.
Then there was the matter of the new dragon. Because he was on the cover, I and many other people expected little what's-his-name to play a key role in the books. That wasn't even close to the case. He wasn't even mentioned until pretty much the end of the book. And really, what was his purpose? Because I see none.
Anywho, I'll just finish off with this statement: I was sorely disappointed by this book. It left a sour taste in my mouth that tainted by view of the earlier books in the series.

Weston Glory (last edited Feb 03, 2013 12:29AM ) Jan 30, 2013 08:30AM   0 votes
Elle, Eragon made it. And in time, he will bring the Riders and the dragons back. On to the topic, from my observation, I didn't think that Eragon and Arya by the end of Inheritance were ready for the romantic relationship they will come to have in time. The ending showed their immaturity. Arya's mother was right in that she knows little of the joys life can provide. There's much more to life than duty and responsibility. Both her and Eragon were at a time in their lives where they didn't understand how to balance out their duties with their relationships. Nor do I think either Eragon or Arya fully realize what they have yet. They will (on both counts) but not yet.

As far as Paolini goes, he brought any criticism he gets about the ending on himself. Not just because of Eragon and Arya but of Murtagh and Nasuada as well. They were both the same. Eragon and Murtagh take off for places unknown while Arya and Nasuada remain in Alagaesia as Queen of their respective races.

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Weston Glory What? Who said you did? The only thing I was commenting on regarding your post was what happened to Eragon and the Riders after he left. Everything el ...more
Feb 02, 2013 05:41AM

*says in a black ghetto voice* AWWW HEEELL NAAW!

I was so looking forward to the last book. I set aside a whole day to read it cover to cover and it was a flop. I mean it was okay but it was kind of blah. Maybe all the expectations I had couldn't measure up?

I LOVED THE ENDING!!!! although (I hate to say but) I think that more of the main characters should've died... it would have made the ending more intense! I liked the ending with Eragon and Arya though :)

no the book ending was not fine i love the inheritence cycle but i really must say the ending really floped i mean it didnt even have a little extera bit about if he ever made it to the island and if the dragon riders where created!!!!!

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They needed to make the battle with Galbatorix longer! REALLY! Also, what is it with Arya becoming a dragon rider, that was supposed to be Eragon's special thing, really! This book needed a better ending for sure.

Berke (last edited Feb 01, 2013 01:18AM ) Jan 31, 2013 09:26AM   0 votes
Loved the series but the last book did not complete the story. There is so much that could have been explained in 800 pages. To keep it brief I'll only give the three main things that bothered me the most.

1) Murtagh-Nasuada relationship was constructed then completely dismissed as if no such thing had occurred. At least there should have been some dialogue between them after Galbatorix was handled.

Coming into the scene towards the end of the book, Firnen, is the largest disappointment. He should have had a much MORE IMPORTANT ROLE in the book. Paolini should have centered more events around him so that he would actually have an impact on the story.

3) Galbatorix Confrontation
Me and hundreds of eager fans have been waiting for this to take place. We knew it would happen but we did not know how. Well I was expecting so much. This could have been so good but it was completely rushed. Every book of the inheritance cycle is extremely long. The language used is verbose. BUT WHY WAS THIS SO SHORT?
There should have been much more information about Galbatorix and his confrontation with Eragon considering the length of each damn book.

I didnt hate the ending perse, but i did have a few (ay, tons) of dislikes about it:

1) Arya. Elf, Dragon rider, and Queen. I mean COME ON! If this were a video game, she'd be that undefeatable character that all players want to be!

2)Murtaugh. Altough I found the solution to the 'Murtaugh-problem' quite reasonable. (I mean, he needs his space! He was up there, with the evil folk, now he's down here, a nobody. Plus he has to develop an actual relation with Thorn, we never saw much of him here, which upset me, but i think thats because so far, thorn isn't a character as much as a tool.) But I'm still upset as to how Paolini just ignored him like that. I saw so much potential for him (and Nasuada, AND THORN!)

3) Sloan and Elva. I'd much rather not copy-and-paste my thoughts here from this other thread, so I'll just throw in a link. (see Mistreatment of Sloan and Elva.)

4)Galbatorix! UGHHH! Again, link: (The Showdown against Galbatorix.) Boy, these things really do come in handy!

1)Eragon and Arya. Most people didn't like thier ending, but I have to agree with Wg when he (/she/it...sorry, Wg, I'm not entirely sure what you are...(and this is where pps come in handy (then adaing I'm one to speak))) said that they weren't ready for a relationship, so suck it up buttercups and lets move on shall we?

2) Roran. He stayed 'mortal' and is not a dragon rider. AWESOME! (I'd throw in another link explaining my views, but i'm getting tired of doing that =P)

(I'd list more, but im too lazy =P those were the main ones though)

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Weston Glory I agree people should move on, especially as Paolini has already made it clear that Eragon and Arya's relationship didn't end on that boat by a long s ...more
Feb 06, 2013 07:37AM

I was so mad. I have also reread the series, which made me even more upset. What was Christopher Paolini thinking with the whole, "Eragon must leave and never see his family or Arya again." I was so excited but it ruined the whole book!!!!!!

I didn't really like the last book for many reasons and how it ended was one of them. I hate when series don't resolve the right way.

I agree with everyone on the dissapointing ending. One can't help but wonder if he has plans for another books series with the same characters, he did leave a lot of loose ends.

I thought the book ending was fine!

I completely agree with the ones hating the ending. Me too! I was so disapointed!!! After waiting ages for the book, I honestly felt like throwing it into a wall when I read the ending. I mean REALLY?!?! What is with this ending. Screw you Christopher Paolini!

I echo your sentiments. The lasy book was horrible. The ending was just a total let down and it took me forever to get through it. I usually inhale and devour the books I love. This one took me weeks to read. Arya and Eragon's romance was totally lacking and I so wanted them to end up together. It would have been the most natural ending. The resolution was running away to a land they didn't even know was inhabitable. ugh!

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