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I NEED to discuss this!!! SPOILERS!!!

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I KNEW Chis would be the traitor but I am still confused why Amy's dad let him join up and trusted him in the first place!!!!!! And didn't tell anyone!!!!!!!! And damn Beth Revis really killed like everyone! Poor Amy!!!!!!!!!!! The whole mission for nothing!!!! No parents left!!! I mean they found a way to travel to the planet in a week and other people got there first. So her spaceship was pointless. And even if the first Eldest guy or whatever he was figured out they wanted to make them slave labor I still think it was dumb to keep everyone on the ship indefinitely. It was just crazy chaos and lies!!!!!! And the hybrids did not need to kill all 499 people to get them not to take that shuttle to the weapon?!?! That made no sense. Why didn't one of them just go up there and destroy it?!?!? Chris said that her dad knew all along. Their first scouting out to the probe and they found him. Chris said he was the only survivor from the colony or something and then he joined them and Amy's dad never told anyone. That is what confused me. Amy's dad put him in charge of Amy and said that he was a trusted man?!?! Like why?!?! The book just threw me for a loop! I can actually understand the treaty since they really didn't have any other choice since Amy's group doesn't have the resources to fight them and this is the only way for peace. Amy still hates them but to keep all her people safe they have to try to get along. So can Amy not reverse the hybrid thing? They can reverse the permanent effects of phydus and I thought that meant they can cure her to but no?! I wonder if Elder will change himself for her so they match? lol Will their kids be half hybrid? lol Just been pondering so many things since I finished!

Sierra Franklin I did think that the whole mission was pointless which was disappointing. I didn't get why FRX never tried to actually go on Godspeed even though they figured the people died out.

Killing 499 people was completely pointless, they could've just blew the ship up like they did the shuttle. I felt like they was killing with no remorse but expected understanding and sympathy...which they didn't get from me. If they were so willing to cowardly kill so many then, whats to stop them in the future?? I was actually disappointed that Elder decided to risk the surviving lives of people on the word of the murderer of his people because of Amy. He was willing to risk the lives of a thousand for one... obvious he didn't know the importance of detaching personally feeling for effective leadership. Quite frankly, he lucked out.

And I didn't why Amy's dad put Chris in a trusted position with Amy. I suspect that before the big fight at the end, Amy's dad would've preferred her to date Chris instead of Elder. Her dad and the other eatherborns displayed a lot of racist like attitudes towards the shipborns. He didn't like 'shipborn' Elder with his daughter-a person she knows and trust- but he was comfortable with her being with a hybrid that he just met on an already hostile planet. HMPF! Her dad didn't seem like an smart or even good leader, and barely a good father.

And I highly doubt there will be peace in that colony.

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W The whole point of killing the people was intimidation. I'm pretty sure it was even mentioned that they COULD have just blown up the shuttle, but they chose instead to kill them. Also, I'm not sure that it was specified WHEN the shuttle pods were sabotaged; it almost seemed as if they had been set up like that for awhile, to kill members of FRX, not necessarily citizens of the Goodspeed (whom the rebels wouldn't have known were coming anyways).

Also, although Amy's dad knew that Chris was not from the Goodspeed, he didn't know that he was a hybrid; he just thought he was another human from FRX's first colony there (not realizing that FRX had genetically modified those colonists), and therefore not only did Amy's dad think that Chris worked for FRX, but that he was the person there that would have the MOST knowledge of the world and its dangers and be able to help protect Amy and her mom.

Jennifer W wrote: "The whole point of killing the people was intimidation. I'm pretty sure it was even mentioned that they COULD have just blown up the shuttle, but they chose instead to kill them. Also, I'm not su..."

But her Dad should have still been suspicious as to how there was only ONE survivor left. Especially when people started being murdered. I understand letting him join their group and using him for information but I think his guard should have been up and Chris should not have been in such a trusted position.

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Vee Gretzinger wait.. did you guys actually like this book?

Jennifer LOVED this book! I was up all night reading it!

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Vee Gretzinger Oh

Anna Jennifer wrote: "Amy's dad put him in charge of Amy and said that he was a trusted man?!?! Like why?!?!"

probably he thought chris knew the planet better so he can protect amy + her mother better.

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