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Athena♥ (lips_of_an_angel) Ready...Set...Roleplay!

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Zyra brushed through her hair as she sat on her bed. It was a new day and she had nothing much to do. Perhaps she could slip away and wander the streets. She loved being out on the streets, at most times.

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♥Jenny♥ | 325 comments Issa was in Zyra's room sweeping the floor.

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"Hello Issa." Zyra said standing up and walking over to where her robes lay.

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♥Jenny♥ | 325 comments Issa smiled at Zyra but didn't say anything.

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Jade knocked on the door to Zyra's room.

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♥Jenny♥ | 325 comments Issa walked up to the door and opened it for her princess.

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"sorry to desturb you, your hiness, but your father requested your presence."

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♥Jenny♥ | 325 comments Celia was just walking around the hallways lost in thought.

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"Thank you" Zyra said. She slipped on a few necklaces and put sandles on and followed Jade to her father.

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Jessica (glass_slippers) Thabit was wandering down the hall, after he had helped the Pharohs wife write a letter to the Pharoh himself and he bumbed into Celia

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♥Jenny♥ | 325 comments "Oh Thabit. I'm sorry" Celia said.

message 13: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (glass_slippers) Thabit smiled "Celia, no it was my fault"

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♥Jenny♥ | 325 comments Celia smiled "So where are you off to in such a hurry?" she asked him

message 15: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (glass_slippers) "I, Thabit, oh nowhere in particular"

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♥Jenny♥ | 325 comments Celia smiled "Off to see Zyra again?" she chuckled. Celia new he had a crush on her.

message 17: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (glass_slippers) Thabit blushed "uh?"

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♥Jenny♥ | 325 comments Celia laughed "Do not play dum with me"

message 19: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (glass_slippers) Thabit pulled out the letter, "I have to give your father this" he blushed again

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♥Jenny♥ | 325 comments "May I read it?" Celia asked

message 21: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (glass_slippers) "Your Mother told me not to let anyone read it"

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♥Jenny♥ | 325 comments Celia looked down, "Perhaps you could tell me" she asked smiling

message 23: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (glass_slippers) Thabit hated it when people outsmarted him
"You really want to know?"

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♥Jenny♥ | 325 comments Celia nodded.

message 25: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (glass_slippers) Thabit blushed, "ok here goes 'My Scarab is Missing'"

message 26: by ♥Jenny♥ (new)

♥Jenny♥ | 325 comments "Is that all?"

message 27: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (glass_slippers) "it was The Scarab!!!"

message 28: by ♥Jenny♥ (new)

♥Jenny♥ | 325 comments ((is it the actal bug?))

message 29: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (glass_slippers) ((nah an ancient carving in a precious saphire - sound good?))

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♥Jenny♥ | 325 comments ((yep))
"But how could she just lose it?" Celia asked

message 31: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (glass_slippers) "I do not know that Celia, but I do know that it went missing from her box"

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♥Jenny♥ | 325 comments "You mean to tell me someone stole it?"

message 33: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (glass_slippers) "That is what I am telling"

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♥Jenny♥ | 325 comments Celia smiled "Thank you for letting me know" she said

message 35: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (glass_slippers) Thabit blushed again, Celia had this habbit of making him feel worthy

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♥Jenny♥ | 325 comments Celia smiled "Mind if I acompany you to the throne room?" Celia asked. "Father has asked me to join him for a meeting or something like that"

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Jessica (glass_slippers) "Ah if you must, but you must keep this talking a secret"

((GTG BYE sorry))

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♥Jenny♥ | 325 comments Celia nodded, "Yes, that I shall" she said as they started to walk towards the throne room.

((Its okay, BYE))

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Jade walked into the Pharoah's throne room, bowed to the Pharoah and to his daughter and left.

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"You needed to speak with me father?" Zyra asked, she kept her voice quiet, but stron. Her father sometimes scared her.

message 41: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (glass_slippers) "Zyra, I needed to speak to you about your mothers, Scarab. I heard you were the last to see it." the pharoh looked apon his daughter with his dark eyes

message 42: by [deleted user] (new)

"Um," Zyra said uncertainly. "I was looking at it yesterday, but then mother called for me to straighten my room and I shouldnt rely on the servants so much."

message 43: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (glass_slippers) "hmmm," the Pharoh thought deeply then called Thabit
"Thabit come here," Thabit hurried over
"Yes my Pharoh?" Thabit knelt before the Pharoh
"can you please write to my wife what has happened today in this room today."
"Yes my Pharoh" Thabit turned to Zyra and bowed his head and then turn back to the Pharoh, bowed and exited the throne room
The Pharoh opened his mouth and dismissed everone from his sight

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Zyra bowed slightly and left the room quickly. An unease filled her. She really had no idea what had happened with her mothers Scarab, she had looked at it and then left the area. With out much elese to do Zyra made her way to her room.

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Jessica (glass_slippers) Thabit was standing in a corridor and wasn't paying much attention to his surroundings when Zyra bumped into him, "I am deeply sorry," he bowed and turned to leave

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♥Jenny♥ | 325 comments Celia thought that she rather not enter the throne room hearing her fathers rage which had also seemed to scar her so he quicly slipped into her room which was 5 rooms across Zyra's room.

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"Oh no its my fault Thabbit." Zyra smiled, "I was to busy thinking over wastful things."

message 48: by [deleted user] (new)

Jade came in trew the door next the the Pharoah's throne and stood "I would not trust the young my leage, I would quetion her more thouroly."

message 49: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (glass_slippers) Thabit blushed deeply when Zyra smiled. He stuttered "i must leave now to seek out your mother"

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"Of course," Zyra said, and she made her way to her room once more.

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