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Water for Elephants
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Kaitlin Surber | 3 comments I chose to read "Water for Elephants" by Sara Gruen. This book takes place during the Great Depression and is about Jacob Jankowski, who was a veternarian and was planning on graduating at Cornell. All of his plans changed when his parents tragically died. Jacob decides to not finish college and is jobless. He finds himself involved in a traveling circus and is accepted to work there as a veternarian. He meets many new people, such as August and Marlena, who are married. Marlena is the beautiful star of the equestrian act and Jacob easily falls for her and their relationship slowly grows stronger. While working with animals, Jacob encounters an elephant named Rosie, who is difficult to train, but he finds a way to connect with her. Jacob faces all of the challenges and problems that go with working in the circus and this quickly becomes his new life. During the book, there is another perspective and this time it is of older Jacob, when he is 90 or 93 in the nursing home. This deals with all of the challenges that he is facing now as he is much older and of all his memories of when he was younger working in the cricus. I would rate this book as a 5/5 and would definitly recommend it because it tells of a great story of a boy who enters a new life in the circus and is very descriptive. It is also intresting because it is in two perspectives of young and old Jacob and something new is always going on. Overall, this book is a vivid and adventurous book that never gets boring.

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