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Career planning to increase your profitability.

Career Planning tool & Career Search

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Tremendous job satisfaction can be traced to childhood experiences and values that led a person to choose a particular career and vocation. Many adults opt to pursue a career seeking parental approval and recognition. Such was the case with my mother, as her father had instructed her to be a nurse or school teacher. She was an educator teaching junior high schoolers for 30 years.

Other levels of satisfaction are also traced to childhood experiences and values, including those sometimes negative. For instance when a child feels excessively controlled and harnessed during their youth, it is quite common for them as an adult to pursue a career that allows them self-expression and self-actualization to break free from their agonizing childhood and parental domination.

In either case satisfaction is occurring be it by reason of compliance and indirectly cultivating the parental relationship occupationally, or breaking free to find one's own individuality and hopefully eventually obtain parental respect and equality.

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