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What does it mean when they say they want to be "friends"

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message 1: by Dodd (new)

Dodd | 127 comments I'm not clear what the designation of "Friend" means and how that effects the exchange of information on this site.

Any clues? I don't want to appear too friendly. And I don't want to be un-friendly. And I don't want anyone to think I am too easy because I say I want to be their friend.

For all of my new "Friends," I haven't seen any information exchange that is different from what it was before.

message 2: by Muzzlehatch (new)

Muzzlehatch | 168 comments I can't tell that it makes any difference to those within a group like this one. I've friended a bunch of people anyway, but I don't see any real reason to do so or not.

message 3: by Frank (new)

Frank Hays (logicalfrank) | 40 comments I've been getting updates in my email about what you've all been rating and adding to your shelves. I think it is also for networking purposes and just for fun.

message 4: by Claude S (new)

Claude S | 200 comments i dunno.. cracks me up with all the updates. "Frank is now friends with muzzlehatch.." reminds me of kindergarden or something

message 5: by Frank (new)

Frank Hays (logicalfrank) | 40 comments Well, we were friends until he stole my Micro Machines.

message 6: by Claude S (new)

Claude S | 200 comments uh oh... I just added a friend named "Sarah" that I thought was an RBer...(without thinking). Now I get a bookmail from her saying thanks for adding me. And I somehow added all her friends. This is creeping me out.

message 7: by Jason (new)

Jason | 39 comments You should always be careful when grown men say they want to be your "friend".

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