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Helene Papageorge A visceral response is: what Nikolai Gogol was to the heavy handedness of 19c Russian writers. Bukowski is to Conrad and perhaps even Celine. It is a novel I leave and return to when life allows me. Bukowski's take is very noiresque and at times leaving you to want more. Bitter and hilarous possibly upon reflection --probably like life. Though he was primarily a struggling prolific post/late beat poet and short story writer.

TALES..., I believe, was one of the few attempts at novel writing, BAR FLY his classic was made into a film. The movie to TALES... was NOT well received by critics. Way too unnecessarily graphic and amorphous. A contrast to the novel. His collection of poems: LOVE IS A DOG FROM HELL was made into an art film and released in 1987 by a Belgian company.It was retitled CRAZY LOVE and released in 2004. It is much in keeping with the spirit of Bukowski's writing. Copies can be found through Amazon. That movie too was dark and hilarious upon reflection, but like life, they are horrific when the experiences are first encountered.

He is considered a late beat generation writer for many reasons--Ferlinghetti being among the last of the mohicans.

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Robert Pielke Ahh...but the voice-over for the film was fabulous.

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Loved the book and loved the movie. It was much better than the film version of Barfly.

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Mat Hodges First off,this is a collection of short stories and not a novel. Second Ferlinghetti isn't a late Beat; he's the godfather of the whole movement.

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