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message 1: by Sara W (new)

Sara W (sarawesq) | 2153 comments Feel free to discuss anything about the book in this thread. If you (and others) are here, you (and they) have finished the book, so don't worry about posting spoilers. If you haven't finished the book, you may not want to read anything here yet!

message 2: by April Ann (new)

April Ann (bloomer) | 83 comments I almost finished! This may have to be a reread someday. There is so much information!

message 3: by Tanzanite (new)

Tanzanite | 76 comments I tried to read this last year and couldn't finish it. I thought it started off promising enough, but the farther I read, the less I cared about any of the characters until I finally just quit.

message 4: by Sara W (new)

Sara W (sarawesq) | 2153 comments Yeah, I hate to say it, but I'm stopping at chapter 7. Maybe I'll go back to it one day and finish, but right now I just can't because I'm not engaged in the story. I agree with you Tanzanite that it started off pretty promising, but even in the beginning I got a little bored during certain sections. I'm not sure that I really like Rutherfurd. I'll have to try London again or maybe Russka since people seem to really like those books.

message 5: by Misfit (new)

Misfit | 696 comments I've read two of Rutherford's novels, London and The Forest and that's enough. I don't like the skipping generations, you just start caring about the characters and they're gone again. His style is too much like Michener and if I'm looking for that there's still plenty of his books to read.

message 6: by Sara W (new)

Sara W (sarawesq) | 2153 comments I don't necessarily mind the skipping generations if it's one generation per chapter, but I don't understand why he spent three chapters with the same characters at the beginning of the book. By that point, I was invested in the characters, and he just dropped them. I know that's his style, and it's not too bad when it's one chapter because it's more like a short story. I have read half of London though and didn't really care for it all that much, so I may simply dislike Rutherfurd.

message 7: by Michele Nell (new)

Michele Nell | 11 comments I love Rutherford. He is in my top 3 historical fiction authors. Reading the Princes of Ireland really helped me in understanding the history of Ireland and many things which are still going on today there.

The Forest and London are 2 of my favorite books. I will admit that I didn't make it through Russka because I couldn't pronounce the names well enough to keep track of what was going on.

At the same time, I think it is good that not everyone likes him just as there are authors I personally don't like, such as Philippa Gregory who I think takes too many liberties at writing historical fiction.

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