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message 1: by Wes, Moderator (last edited Jan 18, 2011 11:09AM) (new)

Wes (pricerightbooks) | 473 comments Mod
I am no longer an owner of a used bookstore. I decided enough was enough I was making myself sick working so many hours with so many jobs. I decided to end the store. I took the books I thought I would read over the next few years. Took a few book cases home. Then began the laborious task of boxing up 20,000 books. I tried for a long time to sell it and no one would come through with the funds. It took a total of 112 man hours to box up all those books over Christmas weekend. I had goodwill scheduled to pick it up but they backed out and at the last minute Salvation army decided to come get it. It took two truck loads to get all the boxes out of the store.
My neighbor business bought the remaining bookshelves and I turned in my keys this past monday to the landlord after cleaning up what remained.
It's over....
the store is no more...
I felt aweful but now I have so much free time I can actually read more and do the photography I like as my new adventure.
It will take me some time to adjust of not working 70 hours a week for 4 years but I can tell the extra time is going to be fulfilling.
I hope you folks don't shun me to much for this lol.
Thanks for letting me vent,
R.I.P. Price Right Books

message 2: by Flora (new)

Flora Smith (bookwormflo) I am so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine seeing that many books go. But as they say, when one door closes another door opens so hopefully there are great things ahead. I wish you luck.

message 3: by Mike (new)

Mike | 6 comments As one who enjoys hours of wandering in used bookstores, let me thank you for the time you made that possible, even if I never got there. (I actually googled directions to your store while on a trip to Raleigh, NC, but it was a bit far for the time I had). I recently visited the "Cellar Stories Book Store" in Providence RI and found 4 books I have sought for years. You just don't get that feeling of discovery and reward in a B&N. Good luck in your next challenge!

message 4: by Ashley (new)

Ashley (readerandwriter) I'm sorry you had to lose the bookstore. But when one door closes another one opens. You did what was best for you. Good Luck with your future challenges :)

message 5: by Su (new)

Su (cheekysu) | 4 comments How sad. I'm so sorry to hear that.

message 6: by Susan (NY) (new)

Susan (NY) Sorry to hear that you had to give up your store. On the bright side, you now have some more free time to do other things.

message 7: by Wes, Moderator (new)

Wes (pricerightbooks) | 473 comments Mod
I now have tons of free time and I am finishing books again... woo hoo.

message 8: by Tyler Banks (new)

Tyler Banks (capital_tea) | 7 comments This is whats going to start happening more and more, and its sad. Bookstores are becoming showrooms, and less actual marketplaces. With the move to the digitial age, everyone is feeling the pinch. B & N is putting more focus on their digital sales, Borders is going under and proposing if they are able to come back to be more a high end coffeehouse/wineroom/accessories store that also sells books on the side. I heard the otherday that Powell's Books in Portland had to lay off some 30 some people, and that this was the biggest cull of personal that they have ever had to make so far. Small bookstores are going under as you see more and more people going to their bookstores with notepads at the ready to go home and shop the digital store for a better deal, if not just for the convienence of having it on your kindle and not having to carry around the weight of an actual book. I have done this as well, probably 90 percent of my traditional novel purchases have been in the past two years stories that I found amounst the shelves at the local bookstore, and then went home to search for on the E-Store to pick it up for my Reader. I see how stores like B & N and Borders will be able to make this jump, as they are large enough and have the resources to invest in a digital marketplace and use their actual store shelves more as display cases like at a car dealership; But what I really worry about is the small independent neighborhood guy who gives you a cool place around the corner to go commune with those of the literary community that are amoungst your actual Community of living. Really makes you think. I still purchase the occasional used volume at stores like these, because believe it or not, it feels great for the soul, but for two, BOOKS DON'T REQUIRE BATTERIES! its a real pain in the tookass when your at a point where you don't want to put a book down, but you don't really have much choice because your out of battery life... EPIC FAIL really. Always have something in standbye, "Break Back Binding in case of Emergency/Boredom"

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