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message 1: by Mark (new)

Mark | 1 comments I am curious as to if anyone else with a Kindle has played with this.

I recently bought a Kindle and absolutely love it, but I will soon be heading overseas for a year or two to finish graduate school. I know that Whispernet will not be available, but would there be a way to manually download books to my computer (From and transfer them manually, or do they have to be downloaded directly to the Kindle?

message 2: by Ernest (new)

Ernest (ernests) | 4 comments As long as you are using a credit card associated to a US address, you should be able to download books through Amazon onto your computer (and then transfer over USB to the Kindle).

The only concern would be countries that block/filter internet traffic due to censorship. This could especially be an issue if you read a lot of "controversial" books.

message 3: by Amy (new)

Amy (the-bink) | 1 comments Livin' in Tokyo - downloading to our Kindle's via USB - no problem! Also, look into an application called Calibre for newsfeeds, magazines, etc.

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