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loveing ramona

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Kevin she's SMART.

Amel yeah

Mary JL Not only is Ramona smart, the story is realistic.

When I was a kid a lot of children books never showed any conflict. Sometimes Ramona and Beezus really get along and sometimes--they squabble a bit. That's real.

And Ramona is such a net, well delveloped series that she can appeal to all ages. I first read a "Ramona" book when I was 30!

Amel omg

Amiee Ramona series r so much " life-like" i luv em'!

Amel yeah

Amiee she is cool! pretty amart

Amiee i mean'smart'

Amel yeah

Amiee yep,i like her

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Amel thats just weird

Amiee what is weird??

message 13: by Amel (new) - rated it 5 stars

Amel nothing

Amiee but then i did u write??

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Amel yeah

Jessica Clement 30 years ago I was totally hooked on the Ramona books. From Ramona and Beezus to Ramona the Imp I loved them all. I think it's great kids are still reading them today.

Kiran I loved the series of Ramona.They are really good to read especially when u are sad.

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