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Have you met the author or asked them questions about their stories?

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message 1: by Steven (last edited Jan 07, 2008 04:35AM) (new)

Steven | 9 comments Since I wrote my two autobiographies I have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of people from various locations around the globe. Sometimes in the flesh (not the bare flesh I might add!)and sometimes via email or a website. A couple of the people I met were author's of books. One was a former World Boxing Champion called Terry Marsh (I was at his world title fight in 1987). Although he was also an ex Marine like myself, I didn't know him when I served as he's a little older than I am. However, I did receive an invite to his world title fight along with other marines who did serve with him.

The other author I met asked me to read his raw manuscript and to write a small review which he placed on the back cover. I felt quite pleased about that.

Above all, I was absolutely delighted to be able to ask any questions about what I had read inside their books.

So taking what I learn't from that, if any of you have read or plan to read my books, please feel free to ask any relevant questions. Which I will answer honestly and openly. This can be on the forum groups, via private messages or in an email.

I would imagine many of the other author's on this site would be only too obliging to do this too. It will certainly create some interesting discussions.

All the very best

Steven Preece
Author of
Amongst The Marines
Always A Marine

message 2: by pop (new)

pop I'll be happy to take questions when I get famous, I hope. At least I hope I become a famous author, whether or not I like taking questions. LOL. I got to meet one of my favorite authors, at a signing, and we have become net friends. It takes him a while to respond to my emails, of course, he's as busy as can be with signings and what not, but he always does, personally. I like that. I don't imagine he answers everyone's, that would be a real chore since he probably gets thousands.

message 3: by Beth (new)

Beth I'm a mystery author, and LOOONG before my first book was published, I made a concerted effort to meet as many mystery authors as possible, especially those in my own state. I went to their signings and bought their books while chatting with them, I attended writing conferences and mystery fan conventions and talked to them there. I joined some mystery reader email loops. All of this meant that when I got my first book contract and needed established authors to blurb my book, I felt comfortable in asking a few of my author friends to do so. Particularly in the mystery writing community, I've found the authors to be gracious and generous in sharing what they've learned along the way.

message 4: by Lawriter (new)

Lawriter | 8 comments I met Stephen J. Cannell and he was very cool. Here he is, in a video book trailer for Three Shirt Deal:

message 5: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (nlojeda) | 18 comments I met and hung out with Janet Evanovich (and her daughter Alex) after a book signing about 5 years ago. It was my birthday and I asked what they were doing after the signing and we ended up going out for dinner and drinks (she insisted on paying). We had a great time. She is a lovely person and a fantastic author.

message 6: by T.K. (new)

T.K. Kenyon | 15 comments I am reminded of that old saw (Mark Twain, perhaps?) that wanting to meet an author because you like their work is like wanting to meet a goose because you like pate.

I've been lucky to meet some of my real heroes and even be friends with them. The above quote is true, however. People are not their books.

I've had some folks write to me after Rabid was published, and I've been lax about writing back, mainly due to time constraints. I like talking to readers, but I'm concerned that I'll be a disappointment. Quite a few people have asked if one of the characters in my book is based on me, ("Are you Leila?") and I'm not. Leila was described by one reader "as the woman who every man wants to meet yet should run away from as fast as they can if they do."

TK Kenyon

Author of RABID: A Novel "a genre-bending story, part thriller, part literary slapdown." -- Booklist starred review

and CALLOUS: A Novel. Coming in May, 2008

message 7: by Sally (new)

Sally My friend Cindy Woodsmall has published two books of a trilogy; When the Heart Cries and When the Morning Comes. These books are about the Amish and what happens when their protected world accidentally intersects with the outside.
Cindy grew up near the Amish and had an Amish friend that greatly influenced her writing. I had many questions about her past. Not having known prior about Cindy's childhood, it explained a lot about how she was as a mother and an individual. I was fascinated!
Cindy and I have discussed how the story is going to end in the third book. She leaves the reader totally hanging. I want to influence her decision and I want her to tell me the end, even though the manuscript is already at the publishers. She tells nothing.
As a side note, she used my ex-husband as one of the characters and did not even change his name!

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I've met SARK at one of her book signings and that was a blast. I even got a picture with her. She's so incredibly sweet and an amazing woman! I own all her books and got one of my books signed.

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