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March 22 Meeting Book Change

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message 1: by Laura (new)

Laura (lauraslay) | 6 comments Readicide has been sold out until recently in many bookstores. We have decided to postpone the discussion of this book until the April meeting. We will be discussing The Boy in the Striped Pajamas at the March 22 meeting instead. Hope you can make it!

message 2: by Kip (new)

Kip (kipnettles) | 4 comments I have an xtra copy of readicide that I would love 2 sell 2 someone. I can bring it 2 this meeting.

message 3: by Leslie (new)

Leslie (lesliepatterson) | 2 comments Kip, have you had a taker for that copy of readicide???


message 4: by Kip (new)

Kip (kipnettles) | 4 comments nope. u know someone who wants one?

message 5: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Laura, Could you post your address one more time for me? The old event that had it on there is no longer viewable, and while I think I can get close, I need the address to be sure I can get there. Thanks!

message 6: by Kip (new)

Kip (kipnettles) | 4 comments yeah, where n the heck r we meeting?

message 7: by Laura (new)

Laura (lauraslay) | 6 comments Kip wrote: "yeah, where n the heck r we meeting?"

We are meeting at my house. 2:00 pm

1937 Spring Drive, Roanoke, 76262
817-379-7305 or 817-296-9368

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