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1st meeting of 1984

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Tova Mackay (bookexogorth) | 6 comments Mod
So greet first meeting! Missed seeing some of you guys!
We discussed a lot of great stuff! Some very relevant and some not so relevant but still super fun.
One point I brought up was Orwell's use of Eyes, watching, gazing, staring, seeing, spectacles. It was neat how important he makes these things within the book. It's almost as if there is a society within the society made up of different but similar rules. Everyone communicates via their eyes, you are being watched and are watching. Your government is watching you and seeing everything well limiting your own sight. A really neat thing that I was delighted to notice was that Goldstein and O'brien both wear spectacles!!! Oh what a fun thing for Orwell to do! The two people I can see Winston hooking up with are both men wearing spectacles... and as Weber so succinctly put it, these two men are wearing spectacles as a symbol of their being able to really "see" what is going on and not be blinded by the government!
If anyone wants to discuss/post any points I missed please do so!

Mitchell Botting | 2 comments I do concur, 'twas quite radical to the max. The discussion about Shakespeare was enlightening, and we'll have more interesting content to make groovy conjectures about. Which is the max.

Mitchell Botting | 2 comments To the max...

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Tova Mackay (bookexogorth) | 6 comments Mod
Tates to the max Mitch! I read ahead a wee bit over the weekend and it is just so neat how Orwell connects all the stuff

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