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sup? here is where u can talk and brag bout your cat tell us everything

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Hi, ok

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im really mad at my cat hes old and has intesttinal issues (if u know what i mean) and he threw-up in my fav hat!

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Ewww but poor kitty :(

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My cat has mental issues

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yeah i know its cause my dad feeds him bad stuff(human food) i told him not to but he wouldnt listen what kind of mental issues

PageSageRageParker the Mighty (White Chocolate) (theoriginal) i have two kitties! I have a sabel one named koko (she is utterly insane) and a big fluffy white and brown tabby named Marie. she is very fluffy and spoiled.

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yeah so is beauty, its kinda funny with our old cat Buster, he will walk around and beauty will stalk him and then he will run and she will think she's not gonna catch up with him and so she goes full speed and then he'll stop, she will run into him, its happened a million times ints hilar to watch!

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Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) my kitty girl (she has a real name we just call her by that, i think it's grimalkin), her hair is sooooo silky and smooth and she walks and sits like a princess. she hasn't been the same since my mom decided to get a dog. and my older cat, kitty boy (i think his real name is grey, but again we don't call our cats by their real names), is very talkative.

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oh, my friends cat, socks or sox idk, anyway she is soooooooooooooooooo talkitive,and i get so uncomfortable bc our cats r not and if they are its a message like-"dont u DARE touch me" or "wth r u doing-FEED ME!!!!!" so yeah, i really want to get a siamese and i have heard they are talkers so i better get used to it

message 12: by Lyla (new)

Lyla Neko (scourgelyla) Hi! I have 7, yes 7 cats! 5 are little kittens! I have there momma'-Mario and there mommas' best friend-Cupcake. the kittens names are Sweetkit/paw/heart, Tigerkit/paw/claw, Jaggedkit/paw/tooth, Nightkit/paw/fur and Darkkit/paw/stripe! (As you can tell I LOVE warriors! I call Mario Scartail and Cupcake Blackheart-BlackHEART cause she's mean and prissy and she has a very dark heart!) LOL! XD

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Maya (mrskitty) | 11 comments Mod
my god 7 cats wow i have 3 cats 2 black and white and 1 tabby charlie, moggie and pip they are so cute they always get up to mischief moggie is the troublemaker, pip is the thief and charlie is the sly one lol

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OOOOOOOOOOO! i love that name for a kitty! charlie! hehe sorry......socks or sox died :( it was sooooooo stupid! my friend that had the cat, well her mom found that cat peeing and pooping everywhere and then put it to sleep! i mean they could've given it to someone and it probably wouldn't have the problem because they hav kitten and a very VERY energetic dog that probably made it angry! so i thought was really dumb to kill socks... poor socks :****(****

message 15: by Maya (new)

Maya (mrskitty) | 11 comments Mod
thanks aww poor socks

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message 17: by Ali (new)

Ali (alidavidson) I have two cats. Lily and Lexie. Lily.. she likes cheeze-itz...and she turns off and on lights by jumping up and flipping them.. she's also make a good batter on a baseball team...

message 18: by Ali (new)

Ali (alidavidson) gigi wrote: "OOOOOOOOOOO! i love that name for a kitty! charlie! hehe sorry......socks or sox died :( it was sooooooo stupid! my friend that had the cat, well her mom found that cat peeing and pooping everywher..."

My cat was doing that!! It was probably a bladder infection or some behavioral issue they could've treated. That is not fair. They took the life of poor socks/sox for no reason whatsoever...

message 19: by Maya (new)

Maya (mrskitty) | 11 comments Mod
my cat moggie thinks it funny to jump on my head every morning to wake me up lol well i suppose it is until i get a headache after it lol

message 20: by Ali (new)

Ali (alidavidson) same!! and when she gets on top of my head puts my hair in her mouth and pulls!!! when i push her away she comes over and bites my nose

message 21: by Maya (new)

Maya (mrskitty) | 11 comments Mod
lol oh my god my other cat pip he starts with biting me then he licks me as if to say im sorry but then he bits me again lol and he has loudest meow as well its so cute

message 22: by Ali (new)

Ali (alidavidson) haha, my cat (the one who doesn't wake me up in the morning, i have two) does that same thing (with the licking). It is pretty unusual for her to bite me, though... she is the 'good' one... for all i know...

message 23: by Maya (new)

Maya (mrskitty) | 11 comments Mod
lol aw shes cute

message 24: by Ali (new)

Ali (alidavidson) haha... wat color is ur kitteh?

message 25: by Maya (new)

Maya (mrskitty) | 11 comments Mod
i have 3 moggie who jumps on my head is a tabby he is very frisky and hyper there is charlie he is the eldest he is black and white he is nine next february and he the quiet one but he can be sly to lol and the youngest is pip he is black and white too and he is the thief he steals the others food even after he is fed himself lol

message 26: by Ali (new)

Ali (alidavidson) haha!!

i have to grey and brown (one of them has a white chin) kittehs who are turning 4 in a couple weeks! :)

theyre cute! they were abandoned and were found on the side of the street along with 4 (i think) other kittens. There was a cat around 3 years old who was taking care of them!! God bless that cat! haha!!!

Lily, the 'evil-ish' one, does the lights and biting my nose and pulling my hair thing! She likes to steal your cheeze itz, doritos, and cheetos. She also likes to share ice cream with you. A lot of times while i am eating cereal, she'll come and drink the milk.. haha! Lexie, my other cat, lays on my bed ALL DAY, no kidding... She is turning into a fatty... lol! She used to be so small. Her head is particularly large and not in proportion with the rest of her! lol! She is still a cutie though! I think that they are Christians! You know how cats lay with their tongues stickin out when they like something? Yeah, they lay on the Bible ALL the time like that. They roll around all over it! lol!

Lily has a bladder infection right now. She is on two different meds, behavioral and one just for the infection. She has been high lately, lol. Tis funny!

Btw, your kittehs sound cuttte!

message 27: by Maya (new)

Maya (mrskitty) | 11 comments Mod
thanks aww lol oh ya the bed cats favourite sleeping place lol but i make sure my cats sleep in their own baskets and they actually obey me ......... well, sometimes lol aww poor lily hope she is doing fine with the bladder infection charlie had inflammation in his paw pads a few years ago and he was on lots of meds which included steroids and oh my god you should of seen how fat he got when he was on them lol he was huge but he looked so cute but he all back to normal now

message 28: by Ali (new)

Ali (alidavidson) haha!!! Cuz of my cat's infection she lost a TON of weight (lily) and then somehow the used-to-be-shy one got really fat, which was not normal. I think when lily got sick, lexie saw her chance to be in charge and took it.. though lily deserved a little of that.. she used to hog the food bowl lol! i believe you said your cats had done that before...

message 29: by Maya (new)

Maya (mrskitty) | 11 comments Mod
lol ya pip he is the thief straight after he finishes he's own food he walks straight over and starts eating from the other cats bowls even if the others are still eating he just shoves them away lol

message 30: by Ali (new)

Ali (alidavidson) haha...

how old is pip?

or did you already tell me that...?

message 31: by Maya (new)

Maya (mrskitty) | 11 comments Mod
he is 2

message 32: by Ali (new)

Ali (alidavidson) awww!!

message 33: by Maya (new)

Maya (mrskitty) | 11 comments Mod
wow havent been here for a while i brought my cat pip to the vet last week he's breathing was abnormal the vet said he might of been poisoned and he had a huge hairball he was given 2 injections and this laxative paste to remove the hairball he is doing much better now back to his old ways again thank god :))))

message 34: by Maya (new)

Maya (mrskitty) | 11 comments Mod
lol my cat moggie drinks out of the toilet sometimes too and then when i try to give him water he just turns his nose away from it lol

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