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Rules for the Group Bookshelf

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message 1: by Claude S (new)

Claude S | 200 comments What are the rules for the bookshelf? Recommended books? Books everybody is currently reading? Books for discussion? I added Moviegoer because it's a favorite but really there's no reason that it's there.

message 2: by Muzzlehatch (new)

Muzzlehatch | 168 comments I don't know about hard-and-fast "rules", but I think we should try to pick books that are 'relatively' accessibly and available -- i.e. I'm not going to pick Delany's 1000-page semi-coherent DHALGREN or some out-of-print work by William Hope Hodgson -- and that we think might have some appeal to multiple readers. No to works on string theory that only PHDs are going to understand; yes to works on cosmology by people like Carl Sagan or Stephen J Gould. That sort of thing.

message 3: by Brandon (new)

Brandon (bbbrr) | 18 comments I added Tree of Smoke, simply because I'm currently reading it (and will likely finish it tomorrow), and it won the National Book Award for fiction this past year. It's one of those rare Vietnam novels that can appeal to both those that love the sub-genre, AND those that typically hate it, which by itself is a startling achievement.

message 4: by Frank (new)

Frank Hays (logicalfrank) | 40 comments Why not save it for authors/books that are or have been discussed on the RateBeer forums?

message 5: by Claude S (new)

Claude S | 200 comments anybody want to do the real bookclub thing and assign a book to read? That might be difficult to work into my lineup tho

message 6: by grantonio (new)

grantonio | 24 comments So what purpose is the bookshelf supposed to serve? Is there any way to comment on the books or ask questions about them? Otherwise they're just sort of...there.

Confederacy of Dunces is on my list to read. Which, incidentally, I should put up here, too. I just keep it as a text file on my home computer, currently.

message 7: by Claude S (new)

Claude S | 200 comments maybe it could just be suggested reading for the group.

message 8: by Frank (new)

Frank Hays (logicalfrank) | 40 comments That works. We will just have to agree to behave ourselves and not just throw every single thing we like up there.

By the way, as far as an actual book club thing, I'd be up for it but probably would pick and chose if I wanted to read a book from it.

message 9: by William (new)

William (acknud) I think the bookshelf would be open to books of interest. I agree we shouldn't just flood it. I may be interested in the bookclub deal. I know I need to broaden my horizens but some of you read some heavy stuff. It might force me to read something different.

message 10: by William (new)

William (acknud) Regarding the bookshelf: How long should books hang out there? Should they be taken as suggestions and changed on the first of every month or in some other rotation? I added the ones there to my to-read list but there is no telling when I will get to them. I did take the suggestion on the Yellowstone book and it is next on my list.

message 11: by Claude S (new)

Claude S | 200 comments I removed the Moviegoers. Personally, I'm going to restrict it to the last book I read, and whether or not I would recommend it to the group.

message 12: by Frank (new)

Frank Hays (logicalfrank) | 40 comments I think it would be cool if we each put up one per month and changed our pick every month. Sort of like the "staff favorites" section at video stores.

message 13: by Jacob (new)

Jacob | 17 comments I second Frank's idea. Have a rotating selection of one of your favorite books each month. If we were doing the classic book club with this where we'd all read the same book (really, what a selection that'd be with this group) that bookshelf would be easier, but I like the "staff favorites" idea.

message 14: by Muzzlehatch (last edited Feb 25, 2009 03:34AM) (new)

Muzzlehatch | 168 comments I third Frank's idea. I think somebody already mentioned picking up "The Watchmen" so it's done its work. Since the group started just a few days into January, we should change 'em all on or about February 1st, sound good?

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