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message 1: by Leiko (last edited May 09, 2009 10:37AM) (new)

Leiko Xantara (arrogant_protector) | 61 comments Mod
To all vampire hunters (members):

I need some more experienced vampire hunters (mods). To get this job, you need to be on a lot, know a lot (or be able to find a lot) of information on vampires. You also need to be able to tell people to stay on topic, and remove offending, off topic, or just plain stupid comments. And no copying information off other sites or groups. You'll also have to give voice to information, not sound like a robot. If you are willing to do this, please post that you would here!

message 2: by Yui (new)

Yui (ilovegrendel) | 9 comments Mod
first, I am not really the random kind of person who just blurts out this lame thing in the middle of a conversation.
second, i am on so much and i am on Goodreads everyday. I get to use the computer at school, and everytime, i go to goodreads.
third, i hate swear words. so i will definately remove them.
fourth, i am responsible. i never forget about the groups that i moderate.
fifth, i love vampires and i did vampire history in 3rd grade and i did a vampire essay on vampires in 4th grade. i did a cryptozoology research in 5th grade.
sixth, i would like to be a mod. :]

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message 4: by Alexandrya (new)

Alexandrya Hunter | 2 comments i really want to be a real vampire hunter(but i would like to be a mod to),like one that kills,because my older sister was killed by a vampire...i know that because i was there...and it was her boyfriend...i swore on my soul that i would kill that vampire and all others if i can get to them...i have been training since she died...i was i was 12 and she was 15...not a soul knows about that bloodsucking,vampire except ill look up info if that's what it takes to get closer to killing that son-of-a-biscuit-eating-bull dog (look,look,look i didn't cuss!!!) (BTW I'm 14 since yesterday)

message 5: by Carefulibite (new)

Carefulibite | 2 comments Im actually looking for a hunter but only to talk...I am a vampire. Not a stupid one but a curious one. I like asking questions and getting asked. Now I would like to speak with a real slayer who wont only talk about killing me. Yes you can think about it all you want.

message 6: by Jonathan (last edited Nov 26, 2012 07:53AM) (new)

Jonathan (megamanex) | 3 comments Ok, I can help you with that Alexandrya

message 7: by A137 (new)

A137 | 1 comments I would be good at that
1. I'm on every night
2. I hate those wretched creatures
3. Not to boast but I'm a werewolf (good at killing them)
4. I hate swearwords
5. I have a good reason to hate vampires
as one of my friends tried to kill me (he was one)

message 8: by Douglas (new)

Douglas | 5 comments I will help you all if i can.
Send me a list of weapons you have alexandrya.
I have been hunting those monsters for a long time.
Talk to me everyone.

ciao, Douglas

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