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message 1: by Diana (last edited Jun 01, 2009 02:23PM) (new)

Diana | 76 comments Mod
(The series with asterisks I haven't read all the way, which might skew the results)

1. Alex Rider*
2. Shadow Children (Among the Hidden)
3. 39 Clues*
4. Fablehaven
5. Chronicles of Narnia*
6. Artemis Fowl
7. Kingdom Keepers
8. Warrior Heir Series
9. Hatchet Series
10. Charlie Bone
11. Twilight*
12. Pendragon*
13. Septimus Heap
14. Inkheart*
15. Uglies
16. Leven Thumps*
17. Books of Bayern (The Goose Girl)
18. Harry Potter
19. Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites
20. Inheritance Cycle (Eragon)*
21. Maximum Ride
22. The Alchemyst
23. Airborn
24. Percy Jackson

1. Alex Rider v. Shadow Children=Alex Rider
2. 39 Clues v. Fablehaven=Fablehaven
3. Narnia v. Artemis Fowl=Artemis Fowl
4. Kingdom Keepers v. Warrior Heir=Warrior Heir
5. Hatchet v. Charlie Bone=Charlie Bone
6. Twilight v. Pendragon=Pendragon
7. Septimus Heap v. Inkheart=Septimus Heap
8. Uglies v. Leven Thumps=Leven Thumps
9. Books of Bayern v. Harry Potter=Harry Potter
10.Tennis Shoes v. Eragon=Eragon
11. Maximum Ride v. Alchemyst= Maximum Ride
12. Airborn v. Percy Jackson=Percy Jackson

1. Alex Rider v. Fablehaven=Alex Rider
2. Artemis Fowl v. Warrior Heir=Artemis Fowl
3. Charlie Bone v. Pendragon=Charlie Bone
4. Septimus Heap v. Leven Thumps=Septimus Heap
5. Harry Potter v. Eragon=Harry Potter
6. Maximum Ride v. Percy Jackson=Percy Jackson

1. Alex Rider v. Artemis Fowl=Artemis Fowl
2. Charlie Bone v. Septimus Heap= Septimus Heap
3. Harry Potter v. Percy Jackson=Percy Jackson

1. Artemis Fowl v. Septimus Heap=Artemis Fowl
2. Percy Jackson

1. Artemis Fowl v. Percy Jackson=PERCY JACKSON

message 2: by Edie (new)

Edie | 12 comments (this is not in the order of best to worst...theyre just random)

4-Percy Jackson

and those are my fave series!! WHOOO! can't wait 4 Fablehaven Keys To the Demon Prison to come out...WHOO!!

message 3: by Aksheeya (last edited Jan 04, 2010 06:44AM) (new)

Aksheeya Aksheeya Well.........I personally think House of Night Series should also be included. And also, those ratings, I hope are strictly personal choices, for I kind of dont agree with some of them (And I mean the main list, not Eldie!)

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