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Fluffyluv99 this book is awsome.i am only 11 and this book facinates me and shows me that i can do what ever i want as long as i really put my heart into it.obert skye is so cool he came to my school and i had never heard of the book before but when he came to my school he talked about it and i was like,naaaaah this book looks to long ill never finish it and thenlater that night i asked my mom to take me out to get it and she did.i loved this book out of any of the books ive ever read.if you like fantasys,youll love this.

Shelby I totally love this book!! I'd never hear of Leven Thumps or Obert Skye but my Uncle got me the book along with a poster(all autographed by the way. Not that you care.) I fell in love with the book imediatly!!! It was totally awesome!!! I've heard rumors of a Leven Thumps movie, I totally hope it's true!!!

Steven It is and its coming out in the summer of 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex i can not wait for his new books to come out!

Kasidee im on the last book! (#5)

Janeen-san I've read these books and they are pretty neat! I loved that toothpick dude :) A movie would be interesting IF they got the dang facts right...

Kasidee ya i read the whole series. did they really make a movie or what...

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