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I was wondering if you've been INSPIRED to add any of your books to Kindle? I'm just starting to, and have added the Kindle application to my iPhone (free, unlike the actual device). I think I like it more than I thought I would, but I've only just begun using it.


p.s. Listened to our interview from 2/9 again - great show. Thanks for having me on again!

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Carol Hope (hopeprovider) | 1 comments Thanks for sharing Heather and blessings, Carol

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Gemma (gbenton789) | 1 comments Heather, on your iPhone Kindle, do you have the option to bookmark and add notes? I believe on the Kindle device you can do that...I'm just dreaming for the future.

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Yes, you have those options. You can also change the size/color of the text and sort the books by "Recent" or "Title" or "Author" - it's pretty cool. Smaller screen than the real Kindle, but I love it for previewing books before I buy them. You can have a sample of the Kindle version sent to the iPhone then have the option to buy it.

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Jennifer Conroy | 3 comments "Precious Gifts of Love" ~~ Precious Gifts of Love by C.J. Good ~~ AND ~~ "Little Gifts of Sustainable Contentment" ~~ Little Gifts of Sustainable Contentment by C. J. Good

Author Page:

available on kindle.

I was inspired by these books because I learned to become available to meet the needs of other people. I was shown how to direct loving, nurturing energy towards myself through study and meditation.

I don't try to be everything to everybody. I can just be me.

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