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Diane | 12814 comments AFRICA

Africa (General)
Solo: A James Bond Novel
Tarzan of the Apes

Algerian Childhood
Algerian White
The Almond (x2)
The Barbary Figs
Beau Geste (x3)
The Bridges of Constantine (x2)
Capture My Heart
Children of the New World (x6)
Dispute Over a Very Italian Piglet
Donkey Heart Monkey Mind
Double Blank (x3)
A Dying Colonialism
The Eight (x6)
Exile and the Kingdom
Exterminate All The Brutes
Fantasia (x4)
The First Man
The First Wave
Flute of Sand: Experiences with the Mysterious Ouled Nail
Forbidden Vision
The German Mujahid
A Handful of Honey
A Happy Death (x2)
Harraga (x2)
I, Nadia: Wife of a Terrorist
The Immoralist (x2)
In the Shadow of Islam
In the Name of God
The Last Summer of Reason (x4)
The Lost Sisterhood
The Lovers of Algeria
The Magician's Wife (x2)
Memory in the Flesh (x2)
The Meursault Investigation (x6)
Morituri (x2)
No Teu Deserto
Off On A Comet
Operation Mincemeat: How a Dead Man and a Bizarre Plan Fooled the Nazis and Assured an Allied Victory
A Passion for the Impossible: The Life of Lilias Trotter (x2)
The Plague (x29)
The Question (x2)
The Rabbi's Cat
The Sheltering Sky (x5)
A Sister to Scheherazade
Sole nero
The Stranger (AKA The Outsider) (x52)
Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates
Tuareg (x2)
What the Day Owes the Night (x3)
With Every Letter (x2)
Women of Algiers in Their Apartment (x2)
The Wretched of the Earth

Another Day of Life (x3)
Band-Aid for a Broken Leg
Blood On The Tracks: A Rail Journey From Angola To Mozambique
The Book of Chameleons (x14)
The Cabinda Incident (x2)
A Certain Curve of Horn: The Hundred-Year Quest for the Giant Sable Antelope of Angola (x3)
Culture Shock and Canapes: Adventures of a Diplomatic Wife in Africa
A General Theory of Oblivion (x6)
Golden Fox
Good Morning Comrades (x3)
The Land at the End of the World (x5)
The Loves of Joao Vencio
My Father's Wives
No One Can Stop the Rain (x2)
Nzingha: Warrior Queen of Matamba, Angola, Africa, 1595 (x4)
Rainy Season
The Return of the Water Spirit
South of nowhere: A novel
Three Stars Over Luanda
Transparent City

Ascension Island
The Devil's Ashpit: and other Tales of Ascension Island (x3)

The Big Killing
Blood Is Dirt
Butterfly Fish
A Darkening Stain (x2)
Dawn to Dusk: Folk Tales from Benin
Halfhyde at the Bight of Benin
History and Culture of Benin republic (x2)
I Didn't Know He Wanted More
Instruments of Darkness (x2)
Life & Afterlife in Benin
Only One Cowry: A Dahomean Tale
Say You're One of Them (x3)
Show Me the Magic: Travels Round Benin by Taxi (x2)
The Slave Dancer
Snares Without End (x2)
Thread of Gold Beads (x2)
To Benin and Back
The Viceroy of Ouidah (x4)
Why Goats Smell Bad and Other Stories from Benin
Why Monkeys Live in Trees and Other Stories from Benin (x3)

Blue Shoes and Happiness (x17)
A Carrion Death (x5)
The Collector of Treasures and Other Botswana Village Tales
Colour Bar: The Triumph of Seretse Khama and His Nation
Cry of the Kalahari (x3)
Deadly Harvest (x2)
Death of the Mantis
Don't Look Behind You!: A Safari Guide's Encounters (x2)
The Double Comfort Safari Club (x12)
Edge of the Rain
The Full Cupboard of Life (x12)
The Girl Who Married a Lion: And Other Tales from Africa (x4)
The Good Husband of Zebra Drive (x13)
The Great Cake Mystery
The Handsome Man's Deluxe Café (x8)
The House of Unexpected Sisters (x2)
In the Company of Cheerful Ladies (x13)
Kalahari (x2)
The Kalahari Typing School for Men (x13)
The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection (x10)
The Living Blood
Maru (x7)
The Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon (x13)
The Miracle at Speedy Motors (x15)
Morality for Beautiful Girls (x20)
Nisa: The Life and Words of a !Kung Woman (x4)
The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (x48)
Precious and Grace (x4)
Precious Ramotswe, detective
A Question of Power (x4)
The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party (x11)
Saturday Is for Funerals
The Second Death Of Goodluck Tinubu
Serowe, Village of the Rain Wind (x2)
Tea Time for the Traditionally Built (x12)
Tears of the Giraffe (x26)
Twenty Chickens For A Saddle (x4)
Whatever You Do, Don't Run: True Tales of a Botswana Safari Guide (x13)
When Rain Clouds Gather (x2)
White Dog Fell from the Sky (x4)
The Woman Who Walked in Sunshine (x4)

Burkina Faso
Adventures in Burkina
Folktales from the Moose of Burkina Faso (x3)
I Dansé: Welcome to Burkina Faso
Of Water and the Spirit (x6)
Outlaw (x5)
The Parachute Drop
Thomas Sankara: Africa's Upright Man
Thomas Sankara Speaks: The Burkina Faso Revolution, 1983-87
Welcoming Spirit Home: Ancient Teachings for Pregnancy, Children and Family
Zigzag to Timbuktu

Crazy River: A Journey to the Source of the Nile
How a Boy Survived Genocide
Hugging the Chimps: Adventures in Burundi
Princesse Des Rugo, Mon Histoire (x2)
Red Clay of Burund
The Running Man (x2)
Small Country (x14)
Strength in What Remains: A Journey of Remembrance and Forgiveness (x11)
This Voice in My Heart (x3)
The True Sources of the Nile (x2)
Weep Not, Refugee (x3)
The Wild Boy of Burundi (x3)

Across the Cameroons: A Story of War and Adventure
African Music: A People's Art
The Amputated Memory
Behold the Dreamers (x2)
Cameroon with Egbert (x2)
Cruel City: A Novel
The Crystal World (x2)
De Vierde Vrouw
Dog Days: An Animal Chronicle
The Fiddler on Pantico Run
The Fortune-Tellers
Houseboy (x6)
How to Cook Your Husband the African Way (x3)
The Informationist
Kindred Beings: What Seventy-Three Chimpanzees Taught Me About Life, Love, and Connection (x2)
The Last Great Ape: A Journey Through Africa and a Fight for the Heart of the Continent
Mango Elephants in the Sun: How Life in an African Village Let Me Be in My Skin (x3)
Marco Effekten (AKA Erwartung)
Mount Pleasant (x2)
Mission to Kala (x3)
The Overloaded Ark (x2)
The Poor Christ of Bomba (x4)
The Sacred Door and Other Stories: Cameroon Folktales of the Beba
The Season of Shadows
The Sun Hath Looked Upon Me
Triple Agent, Double Cross
The Usurper: And Other Stories (x2)
The White Man of God
A Woman of Africa
Yefon: The Red Necklace
A Zoo in My Luggage (x3)

Canary Islands
Bloody Jack: Being an Account of the Curious Adventures of Mary "Jacky" Faber, Ship's Boy
Canary Island Song (x3)
Deep Black: Death Wave
Dog Days In The Fortunate Islands: A new life in hidden Tenerife
The Drago Tree
Even More Ketchup than Salsa: The Final Dollop
The Hermit
Kit Musgrave's Luck
Lanzarote (x3)
La niebla y la doncella
More Ketchup Than Salsa - Confessions of a Tenerife Barman (x5)
Notes From The Canary Islands
Tenth Year of the Ship
Thousand-Mile Song: Whale Music In a Sea of Sound
Too Much Trouble in Paradise
The Witch's Market

Cape Verde
The Fortunate Isles: A Study in African Transformation
História, História: Two Years in the Cape Verde Islands (x5)
History and Tourism in Cape Verde, Culture and Tradition
The Last Will & Testament of Senhor da Silva Araújo (x10)
L'isola fantastica
Red Sand
Spin Move (x2)

Central African Republic
Africa Overland
African Tales: Folklore of the Central African Republic (x6)
Central African Republic Violence and Genocide
The Day of Creation
The Emperor and the Elephants: A Peace Corps Volunteer's Story (x2)
Five Weeks in a Balloon
The Good News Must Go Out
Havoc (x3)
Mrs. Pollifax and the Lion Killer (x8)
Ships of the Desert
Song from the Forest: My Life Among the Ba-Benjelle Pygmies (x2)
State of Rebellion
They Called Me Mama

African Rice Heart
Angry Wind: Through Muslim Black Africa by Truck, Bus, Boat, and Camel
Every Woman's Right: An Emotional Account of a Lifesaving Visit to Africa (x3)
Exils croisés
Malaria Dreams: An African Adventure (x3)
My Travels Through Chad
Nasara (x2)
Rain School (x4)
The Roots of Heaven (x4)
A Teenager in the Chad Civil War: A Memoir of Survival, 1982-1986
Told by Starlight in Chad
Two Against the Sahara: On Camelback from Nouakchott to the Nile (x2)
Under Chad's Spell (x3)

Any Way The Wind Blows (x2)
A Fish Caught in Time: The Search for the Coelacanth (x6)
The Kaffir of the Karthala
Last of the pirates: The Search for Bob Denard
Marriage In Domoni

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Diane | 12814 comments AFRICA (Continued)

Congo (Repuplic)
African Psycho (x2)
Black Moses (x3)
Bonobo Handshake
Brazzaville Beach (x7)
Broken Glass (x4)
The Fire of Origins
Heart of Darkness (x2)
Johnny Mad Dog
The Lights of Pointe-Noire (x2)
Little Boys Come from the Stars
Memoirs of a Porcupine (x2)
Stanley: The Impossible Life of Africa's Greatest Explorer
Ten Days in Brazzaville
Titouan Congo Kinshasa
Tomorrow I'll Be Twenty (x2)
Zanzibar to Timbuktu

Congo (DRC)
The American Mission
Batwing, Vol. 1: The Lost Kingdom
A Bend in the River (x10)
Blood River: A Journey to Africa's Broken Heart (x7)
Bonobo Handshake: A Memoir of Love and Adventure in the Congo (x7)
The Boy Who Stole the Leopard's Spots
Bug Music: How Insects Gave Us Rhythm and Noise
Congo (x16)
Congo Dawn
The Curve of the World
The Dream of the Celt
East of the Sun
The Fight
The Girl Who Married an Eagle
Heart of Darkness (x34)
The Heart of the Leopard Children
In the Footsteps of Mr. Kurtz (x3)
King Leopold's Ghost (x13)
Mama Koko and the Hundred Gunmen (x2)
The Mission Song
Monkey for Sale
The Poisonwood Bible (x46)
The Ponds of Kalambayi (x3)
The Rings of Saturn
Seven Houses in France (x2)
The Six Sacred Stones (x2)
Tarzan of the Apes
A Thousand Sisters: My Journey into the Worst Place on Earth to Be a Woman (x3)
Tram 83
The Witch Doctor's Wife (x7)

Cote d'Ivoire
Allah is Not Obliged
As the Crow Flies (x4)
Aya (x14)
Aya: Life in Yop City (x5)
Aya of Yop City
The Big Killing
The Bitter Side of Sweet (x2)
Chocolate Nations: Living and Dying for Cocoa in West Africa
Forest of Memories
Nine Hills to Nambonkaha (x5)
Padre!: A Place Whose Rules Rearrange Your Own
Queen Pokou
Shadow of Betrayal (x2)
The Wind of Chance
The Witch's List

The Catch (x5)
Djibouti (x12)
In the United States of Africa (x2)
The Land Without Shadows (x3)
Lone Dhow
Passage of Tears (x2)
Saving Safa: Rescuing a Little Girl from FGM
Transit (x3)

Adrift on the Nile
Akhenaten: Dweller in Truth (x3)
The Alchemist (x15)
Alexandria (x2)
And Then All Hell Broke Loose
Antony and Cleopatra (x3)
Antony and Cleopatra (x2)
The Ape Who Guards the Balance
The Arabian Nights
Around the World in Eighty Days (x3)
Apricots on the Nile
Arab Spring Dreams
Arabian Nights and Days (x2)
As You Desire
Aunt Safiyya and the Monastery (x2)
The Automobile Club of Egypt (x2)
Balthazar (x2)
Beer in the Snooker Club
Before the Throne
Blind Reef
The Book of Epiphanies
The Book of Saladin
A Border Passage (x2)
Brooklyn Heights
The Butterfly Mosque (x5)
Caesar and Cleopatra
The Cairo Affair
Cairo Modern (x3)
Cairo: Memoir of a City Transformed
Cairo: My City, Our Revolution
The Camel of Destruction
Chicago: A Modern Arabic Novel (x3)
Children of the Alley (x5)
Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt (x7)
Cigars of the Pharaoh
Cleopatra: A Biography
Cleopatra: A Life (x26)
Cleopatra Confesses (x2)
Cleopatra's Daughter (x4)
Cleopatra's Shadows
Cleopatra's Sister (x5)
Cress (x2)
Crocodile on the Sandbank (x30)
The Curse of the Cheese Pyramid
The Curse of the Pharaohs (x15)
Daughters of Isis: Women of Ancient Egypt
Daughter of the Gods
Dead Men's Hearts
Death Comes As the End (x11)
Death on the Nile (x17)
Death on Tour (x2)
Desert God
Distant View of a Minaret and Other Stories
Dogstar Rising
Doomed Queens
Dreamers of the Day (x3)
The Egyptian
The English Patient (x6)
Evel Knievel Days: A Novel
Face to Face with Jesus
The Falcon at the Portal
Falcon of Abydos: Oracle of the Nile
The Fig Tree Murder
The Golden Chariot
The Golden Goblet
The Golden Scales
Guardian of the Horizon (x3)
A Guide for the Perplexed
The Harafish
Heart of the Night
Heaven's Mirror: Quest for the Lost Civilization
The Heretic Queen (x9)
Hidden Girl
The Hippopotamus Pool (x4)
Hope of the Pharaoh
Hunefer and His Book of the Dead
I Think of You: Stories
I Want to Get Married!
In an Antique Land
In the Eye of the Sun (x2)
Ink and Bone (x2)
Iris And Ruby (x3)
The Jackal's Head (x3)
Jasmine Nights (x3)
The Journey of Ibn Fattouma (x2)
Justine (x5)
Karnak Café (x2)
Khan al-Khalili
Kids, Camels, & Cairo
Killing Rommel
Khufu's Wisdom
La tomba maledetta
The Last Watchman of Old Cairo
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Vol. 1
The Legion
Liberation Square: Inside the Egyptian Revolution
Little Egypt
The Mamur Zapt and the Donkey-vous
The Mamur Zapt and the Return of the Carpet
The Man from Bashmour
The Man in the White Sharkskin Suit (x2)
The Map of Love (x7)
The Memoirs of Cleopatra
The Memory Painter
Midaq Alley (x8)
The Mingrelian Conspiracy
Mirage: Napoleon's Scientists and the Unveiling of Egypt (x3)
Miramar (x3)
Missing in Egypt
Mistress Of Nothing (x3)
Moon of Israel
Moon Tiger (x7)
The Mummy
The Mummy Case (x9)
Murder in the Place of Anubis (x2)
The Murder of King Tut (x8)
Nefer the Silent
Nefertiti (x16)
The Night of the Dog
Oleander, Jacaranda (x2)
Palace of Desire (x3)
Palace Walk (x7)
The Queue (x2)
Ramses: The Son of Light
Red Land, Black Land: Daily Life in Ancient Egypt
The Red Tent (x9)
The Rise and Fall of Alexandria
River God (x6)
A River in the Sky (x2)
Seeing a Large Cat
The Sekhmet Bed (x2)
The Serpent's Shadow
The Seven Days of Man
Shadows on the Nile (x2)
The Sinners
Sipping from the Nile: My Exodus From Egypt
The Smell Of It & Other Stories (x2)
The Snake Catcher's Daughter
Sugar Street (x4)
Sunset Oasis
The Tale of Nefret
Taxi (x2)
The Teacher of Cheops
Timeless (x9)
Tomb of the Golden Bird (x2)
Treasures Of Tutankhamun
The Tree Of Life
Tweets from Tahrir
The Twelve Rooms of the Nile
Under the Pyramids
Utopia (x2)
The Vampire Lestat
Walking Through Fire: A Life of Nawal El Saadawi
The Wedding Song (x3)
Where We Belong
Wind, Sand and Stars
Woman at Point Zero (x10)
The Yacoubian Building (x8)
Zarafa: A Giraffe's True Story

Equatorial Guinea
By Night the Mountain Burns (x4)
Chromosome 6 (x3)
The Informationist (x13)
Palm Trees in the Snow (x4)
Shadows of Your Black Memory
Tropical Gangster (x3)
The Wonga Coup (x2)

Black Mamba Boy (x3)
The Devil in God's Land: An Eritrean Play
El Niño
The Good Italian (x2)
Heart of Fire: One Girl's Extraordinary Journey from Child Soldier to Soul Singer
I Didn't Do It for You: How the World Betrayed a Small African Nation (x3)
In Ethiopia With a Mule
Joining Africa: From Anthills to Asmara
My Fathers' Daughter (x5)
Ninety-Three Days: A Journey to Freedom
A Painful Season & a Stubborn Hope: The Odyssey of an Eritrean Mother
Song of the Nightingale
Three Eritrean Plays

The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears
Beneath the Lion's Gaze: A Novel (x7)
The Best Beekeeper of Lalibela
Black Dove, White Raven
Corto Maltese in Africa
Cry Of The Giraffe (x4)
Cutting for Stone (x41)
The Danakil Diary: Journeys Through Abyssinia
The Emperor (x2)
An Ethiopian Romance (x2)
The Girl in the Road (x4)
Held at a Distance: My Rediscovery of Ethiopia
How to Read the Air
In Search of King Solomon's Mines (x3)
La grande A
Lalibela's Wise Man
Escaping the Lion and the Leopard
The Lion's Whiskers and Other Ethiopian Tales
No Biking in the House Without a Helmet
Notes from the Hyena's Belly: An Ethiopian Boyhood (x3)
The Quest (x2)
The Rarest Bird in the World: The Search for the Nechisar Nightjar
Rasselas (x5)
Say You're One of Them
The Storyteller's Beads (x3)
Sweetness in the Belly (x9)
The Templar Legacy
There Is No Me Without You: One Woman's Odyssey (x4)
The Various Flavours Of Coffee
Yes, Chef: A Memoir (x4)
Yohannes Ishi (x2)

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Diane | 12814 comments AFRICA (Continued)

Batouala (x2)
Between Man and Beast (x3)
The Congo and the Cameroons
Ebola: The Natural and Human History of a Deadly Virus
A Hippo Banquet
Jane (x2)
Jealousy (x2)
Journeys and Journals: Five Centuries of Travel Writing
Mema (x3)
One Dry Season (x5)
Say You're One of Them
Tarzan of the Apes
Travels in West Africa
Tropic Moon (x9)

Folk Tales and Fables from the Gambia. Vol 1 (x2)
The Gambia: Land of the Mandinka
Innocent Questions
Our Grandmothers' Drums (x2)
Reading the Ceiling (x6)
The Sun Will Soon Shine
Swing Time (x2)
Tano and Binti
Tubob: Two Years in West Africa with the Peace Corps
The Village On The Edge Of The World

African Love Stories: An Anthology
All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes (x2)
AMA (x2)
Ananse and the Lizard
Anowa (x2)
The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born (x4)
Changes: A Love Story (x3)
Children of the Street (x6)
The Cobra's Heart
Death at the Voyager Hotel
Death by His Grace
The Dilemma of a Ghost
Ghana Must Go (x8)
Gold of Our Fathers
Homegoing (x25)
King Peggy (x4)
Murder at Cape Three Points (x4)
My First Coup d'Etat
My Name is Butterfly
New Dawn
No Sweetness Here and Other Stories (x2)
Our Sister Killjoy
The Prophet of Zongo Street
The Seasons of Beento Blackbird
Seven Spools of Thread: A Kwanzaa Story
The Shadow of the Sun
Slave Ship (x2)
Tail of the Blue Bird
This Side Jordan (x2)
Two Thousand Seasons
The Two Hearts of Kwasi Boachi
Wife of the Gods (x19)
A Woman in Her Prime

Chasing the Devil
The Dark Child (x9)
The Guardian of the Word
The King of Kahel (x4)
La luna che mi seguiva
The Radiance of the King (x5)
The Ringtone and the Drum
The Sacred Hunter
To Timbuktu: A Journey Down the Niger

Claim No Easy Victories: The Legacy of Amilcar Cabral (x2)
The Cobra
Fighting Two Colonialisms: Women in Guinea-Bissau
Frank's Independence Day
Hidden Agendas
The Outsider: My Life in Intrigue
Revolution in Guinea (x2)
The Ringtone and the Drum (x2)
Tired of Weeping: Mother Love, Child Death, and Poverty in Guinea-Bissau
The Ultimate Tragedy
Unity and Struggle (x2)

Adé: A Love Story
The African Poison Murders
The Ashford Affair (x8)
The Baboon King
Bill Bryson's African Diary (x5)
Black Star Nairobi
The Bolter (x5)
Born Free (x4)
Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain
Brother: A Story of Hope and Survival from Africa's Rebel Heart
Burn My Heart (x2)
The Camel Bookmobile (x9)
The Challenge for Africa
A Change in Altitude
Circling the Sun (x12)
City of Thorns (x5)
Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness
The Constant Gardener (x7)
The Crocodile's Last Embrace
Dance of the Jakaranda
De roep van de mapori
Deadly Safari
Death in Kenya
Decolonising the Mind
Devil on the Cross
Discovering Home
Dreams in a Time of War (x5)
Dust (x3)
Elephants' Graveyard
Facing the Lion: Growing Up Maasai on the African Savanna (x2)
The Flame Trees of Thika (x6)
Forest of the Pygmies (x2)
From the Ngong Hills
Going Down River Road
A Grain of Wheat (x4)
Green City in the Sun (x2)
Green Hills of Africa
A Guide to the Beasts of East Africa
A Guide to the Birds of East Africa (x12)
Henderson the Rain King
The Hot Zone (x2)
Hour of the Red God (x2)
I Dreamed of Africa (x3)
The In-Between World of Vikram Lall
In Full Flight: A Story of Africa and Atonement
In the House of the Interpreter
It Happened On the Way to War (x3)
It's Our Turn to Eat
Las reinas de África
The Last Maasai Warriors
Last Orders at Harrods (x2)
Listening for Lions (x2)
Lion in the Evening
Looking for Lovedua
Love, Africa: Two Roads Home
Love, Life, and Elephants (x3)
Mama Panya's Pancakes
The Man-Eaters of Tsavo
Mark of the Lion (x5)
Murder on Safari
My Year with Eleanor: A Memoir
The Mzungu Boy
Nairobi Heat (x6)
Nellie: Letters from Africa
One Day I Will Write About This Place (x6)
Our Secret, Siri Aang
Out of Africa (x22)
Out of Africa and Shadows on the Grass (x2)
People of the Lake
Petals of Blood (x3)
Possessing the Secret of Joy
A Primate's Memoir: A Neuroscientist's Unconventional Life Among the Baboons (x2)
The River Between (x5)
Running with the Kenyans: Passion, Adventure, and the Secrets of the Fastest People on Earth (x3)
Say You're One of Them (x3)
Seeds of Change: Planting a Path to Peace
Shadows on the Grass
A Spear of Summer Grass (x4)
Stalking Ivory
Strange Gods
Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth
Tears of the Maasai
Treasure of the Golden Cheetah
Unbowed (x9)
A Visit from the Goon Squad
Wangari's Trees of Peace
Warrior Princess
Weep Not, Child (x4)
Weight of Whispers
West with the Night (x17)
The White Masai
White Mischief
Who Will Catch Us As We Fall (x3)
Wildflower: An Extraordinary Life and Untimely Death in Africa
The Winter Rose (x3)
Wizard of the Crow (x3)
ZURI Africa. An orphan. A love story. (x2)

Abroad In Lesotho
Basali! Stories by and about Women in Lesotho
Chaka (x5)
The Dark Kingdoms: The Impact Of White Civilization On Three Great African Monarchies (x2)
In a Strange Room (x2)
Letter to Country
Little Suns
Moorosi: A South African King's Battle for Survival
The Mountain School (x2)
She Plays with the Darkness (x3)
Singing Away the Hunger (x5)

6 For A Dozen
Accident of Birth: A Novel
And Still Peace Did Not Come: A Memoir of Reconciliation (x2)
Another America: The Story of Liberia and the Former Slaves Who Ruled It
Beyond The Mango Tree (x5)
Blue Clay People: Seasons on Africa's Fragile Edge
Called for Life: How Loving Our Neighbor Led Us into the Heart of the Ebola Epidemic
Chasing the Devil
The Color Purple (x5)
The Darling (x2)
Dream Country
Driving the Birds
Head, Body, Legs: A Story from Liberia
The House at Sugar Beach (x15)
Journey Without Maps (x3)
The Last Temptation of Dr. Dalton
Mamba Point
Mighty Be Our Powers: How Sisterhood, Prayer, and Sex Changed a Nation at War (x6)
Son of a Gun
This Child Will Be Great: Memoir of a Remarkable Life by Africa's First Woman President (x3)

The Aeneid
Anatomy of a Disappearance (x3)
Anubis: A Desert Novel (x2)
The Arab of the Future: A Childhood in the Middle East (x3)
The Bleeding of the Stone (x2)
Desert Watch
Fountains in the Sand
Gaddafi's Child Soldier
Gaddafi's Harem
Gold Dust
The Green Book
Homeless Rats (x3)
I Am Justice: A Journey Out of Africa
In Love and War
In the Country of Men (x20)
The Little Prince (x5)
The Madmen of Benghazi
The Media Relations Department of Hizbollah Wishes You a Happy Birthday
Morning Sea
The Rapture of the Nerds
The Return: Fathers, Sons, and the Land in Between (x5)
The Shadows of Ghadames (x5)
The Seven Veils of Seth (x2)
Theodora: Actress, Empress, Whore
Tomorrow to Be Brave: A Memoir of the Only Woman Ever to Serve in the French Foreign Legion
Under Fire: A Night of Terror and Courage in Benghazi

Antipode: Seasons with the Extraordinary Wildlife and Culture of Madagascar (x2)
The Aye-Aye and I (x3)
Beyond the Rice Fields (x3)
Debt: The First 5,000 Years
The Eighth Continent: Life, Death and Discovery in the Lost World of Madagascar (x2)
The Eye of the Tiger
Female Caligula: Ranavalona, the Mad Queen of Madagascar (x2)
Flashman's Lady
Hot Ice (x3)
Lords and Lemurs
Madagascar: The Eighth Continent
The Madagascar I Love
Madagascar Travels (x3)
Menace sur Madagascar
Over the Lip of the World: Among the Storytellers of Madagascar
The Sapphire Sea (x2)
Sotto il cielo del Madagascar
Zaboravljeni robovi Tromelina

African Wonderland
The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind (x27)
The Chattering Wagtails of Mikuyu Prison
The Detainee
The Heaven Shop (x4)
Jingala: A Novel About Africa
Laugh with the Moon (x5)
The Lower River (x10)
Malawi A Place Apart (x2)
Of Chameleons and Gods
Smouldering Charcoal
soft magic.
Venture to the Interior

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Diane | 12814 comments AFRICA

Avventure in Africa
The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu (x9)
The Basilisk's Lair
The Book of Negroes
Caught in the Storm
Cruelest Journey: Six Hundred Miles To Timbuktu (x4)
Dancing Skeletons
Footprints In The Sand (x3)
The Fortunes of Wangrin (x2)
The Landgrabbers
The Lieutenant of Kouta
The Lonely Desert
Monique and the Mango Rains (x19)
Mungo Parks
Sahara (x4)
Saids Geschichte
Sundiata (x2)
Timbuctoo (x2)
To the Moon and Timbuktu
Walking with Abel
Zanzibar to Timbuktu

Angels of Mauritania and the Curse of the Language (x2)
Beyond the Last Oasis (x2)
Confessions of an Eco-Sinner
Das Floß der Medusa
The Fearful Void (x2)
Global Restructuring And Peripheral States
Guantánamo Diary (x5)
Impossible Journey: Two Against The Sahara
The Okora Mask
Race to Dakar
Running Man
Silent Terror
Skeletons on the Zahara (x4)
To the Moon and Timbuktu (x2)
Travels in Mauritania (x5)
Ubuntu: One Woman's Motorcycle Odyssey
Under An African Sky

360 Degrees Longitude
Blue Bay Palace
Darwin's Wink
The Discovery of Jeanne Baret
Dodo Destiny (x2)
Eve Out of Her Ruins (x4)
The Forgotten Sea (x2)
Georges (x6)
Golden Bats And Pink Pigeons (x6)
The Last Brother (x12)
The Mauritius Command (x2)
Me Before You (x6)
The Prisoner of Paradise (x3)
The Prospector
The Rape Of Sita (x2)
River of Smoke
Snow Beach (x2)

Hunting Pirate Heaven

The Alchemist (x9)
The Beduins' Gazelle
Blood and Guts in High School
The Bottom of the Jar
The Boy Who Set the Fire
By Bus To The Sahara
The Caliph's House: A Year in Casablanca (x22)
Cleopatra's Daughter
Daughter of Smoke & Bone
Days of Blood & Starlight
A Distant Episode
The Diver's Clothes Lie Empty (x2)
Dreams Of Trespass: Tales Of A Harem Girlhood (x8)
Etc Etc Amen
For Bread Alone (x2)
The Forgiven
The Fourth Queen (x2)
The Game of Forgetting
Games Traitors Play
Garment of Shadows (x7)
Girls of the Factory: A Year with the Garment Workers of Morocco
A Handful of Honey
The Happy Marriage
Hideous Kinky (x10)
Hope & Other Dangerous Pursuits (x8)
Horses of God (x2)
A House in Fez (x5)
In Arabian Nights (x2)
In Morocco (x2)
Islam Observed: Religious Development in Morocco and Indonesia
King of the Wind (x5)
The Last Friend
Leaving Tangier (x2)
Leo Africanus (x5)
Let it Come Down (x2)
A Life Full Of Holes
The Lioness of Morocco
Lulu in Marrakech (x2)
The Moor's Account (x8)
Mrs. Pollifax and the Whirling Dervish (x5)
Naked Lunch (x2)
The Nonexistent Knight
A Palace in the Old Village (x3)
The Pleasure of Your Kiss
Points in Time
The Sacred Night
The Saffron Gate
The Salt Road (x4)
Salvation Army
The Sand Child (x2)
Scheherazade Goes West
Secret Son (x9)
The Sheltering Sky (x10)
Silent Day in Tangier
The Spider's House (x2)
Stolen Lives: Twenty Years in a Desert Jail (x9)
The Stories of Paul Bowles
The Storyteller of Marrakesh (x5)
The Sultan's Wife
Tangerine (x2)
Tea at the Grand Tazi
The Tenth Gift (x4)
This Blinding Absence of Light
The Time in Between
The Travels of Ibn Battutah
Tyttö joka nielaisi
The Voices of Marrakesh (x3)
Wedding By The Sea
White Gold
The Wild Boys (x3)
A Year in Marrakesh
Year of the Elephant: A Moroccan Woman's Journey (x2)

Chronicler of the Winds (x6)
Confession of the Lioness (x5)
Dark Star Safari
Dolphin Song (x2)
Dumba Nengue, Run for Your Life
A Girl Named Disaster (x4)
Half a Life
Hot Ice
Kennedy's Brain
The Last Flight of The Flamingo
Mozambique Mysteries
Neighbours: The Story of a Murder (x2)
Niemand weet waar ik ben
Niketche: A Story of Polygamy
Old Stories
Playing with Fire (x2)
A River Called Time (x4)
Scribbling the Cat
Secrets in the Fire (x3)
A Shattering of Silence
Sleepwalking Land (x4)
This Angry Land
A Time to Die
A Treacherous Paradise (x5)
The Tuner of Silences (x2)
Under the Frangipani (x5)
We Killed Mangy-Dog and Other Stories
A Window on Eternity

The 3 Little Dassies
An Absolute Deception
The Beautiful Screaming Of Pigs (x2)
Binti (x2)
The Black Rhinos of Namibia (x3)
Daniel (x4)
Don't Look Behind You!: A Safari Guide's Encounters
East Wind
The Elephant's Secret Sense
The Elephant's Tale
The Hour of the Jackal (x2)
The Kaiser's Holocaust
The Lost World of the Kalahari
Mama Namibia (x3)
My Father's Wives
The Old Way: A Story of the First People
The Purple Violet of Oshaantu
Savannahs & Sunsets
The Second Coming of Mavala Shikongo
Skeleton Coast (x3)
Soul of a Lion (x4)

Angry Wind: Through Muslim Black Africa by Truck, Bus, Boat, and Camel (x2)
Bemba: An African Adventure
Bridge Over Niger
Dhaka to Dakar Book 3
Dispatches from the Edge (x2)
Disturbance-Loving Species
The Epic of Askia Mohammed
Harmattan (x4)
Illegal (x2)
In Sorcery's Shadow
Nomads of Niger
The Nomad's Path: Travels in the Sahel
The Power of the Between
Riding the Demon (x4)
Still Waters in Niger (x3)
Story of the Niger
Stranger in the Village of the Sick

The African Trilogy
Akata Witch (x3)
Aké: The Years of Childhood
Always Yours
Americanah (x26)
An African Affair (x2)
And After Many Days
Anthills of the Savannah (x2)
Arrow of God (x4)
Arrows of Rain
The Bacchae of Euripides: A Communion Rite
Beasts of No Nation (x5)
Becoming Abigail (x4)
The Book of Phoenix
Brick Brannigan is Knee-Deep in Peril!
The Bride Price
The Chibok Girls
Chike and the River (x2)
Children of Blood and Bone
The Concubine (x2)
Confessions of a Microfinance Heretic
Cross Country
Dangerous Love
Daughters Who Walk This Path (x2)
Dear Ijeawele, or a Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions (x3)
Death and the King's Horseman (x3)
The Drummer Boy
The Education of a British-Protected Child (x2)
Every Day Is for the Thief (x8)
Everything Good Will Come (x3)
Eze Goes to College
The Famished Road (x6)
The Fishermen (x14)
Foreign Gods, Inc. (x6)
Garram the Hunter
Girls at War and Other Stories
GraceLand (x4)
Half of a Yellow Sun (x54)
Hands Washing Water
Happiness, Like Water (x3)
Home and Exile
I Do Not Come to You by Chance
The Icarus Girl
Imagine This
The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano
The Interpreters
Jagua Nana
The Joys of Motherhood (x4)
Kongi's Harvest
Lagoon (x3)
The Life of Olaudah Equiano
The Lion and the Jewel (x3)
Little Bee (x10)
Looking for Transwonderland: Travels in Nigeria (x3)
A Man of the People
Mary Slessor: Forward Into Calabar
Measuring Time
No Longer at Ease (x9)
Oil on Water (x3)
On Black Sisters Street (x4)
One Man, One Wife
The Other Hand (x3)
The Other Side of Truth (x2)
The Palm-Wine Drinkard
The Palm-Wine Drinkard & My Life in the Bush of Ghosts
People of the City
The Prophet of Zongo Street
Purple Hibiscus (x25)
Sanders of the River
Say You're One of Them (x3)
Second Class Citizen
The Secret Lives of Baba Segi's Wives (x12)
The Shadow Speaker
The Slave Girl
Song for Night
Songs of Enchantment
The Spider King's Daughter
Stay with Me (x2)
A Swamp Full of Dollars
Taduno's Song
The Tale of the Cow Tail & Other Stories from the African Diaspora
There Are No Names for Red
There Was a Country: A Personal History of Biafra
The Thing Around Your Neck (x21)
Things Fall Apart (x59)
This House is Not for Sale (x2)
Tiny Sunbirds, Far Away (x7)
Treachery in the Yard
Under the Udala Trees (x10)
Waiting for an Angel
Walking with Shadows
We Should All Be Feminists (x3)
Welcome to Lagos (x3)
Wild Seed
Zahrah the Windseeker (x2)

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Diane | 12814 comments AFRICA

Bonnes Vacances!: A Crazy Family Adventure in the French Territories
Bourbon Island 1730 (x2)
Dead Sexy: A Novel
Don't Let Go
Indiana (x2)
Second Chance (x2)
Traditional Recipes of Reunion Island

Baking Cakes in Kigali (x23)
Be You. Do Good.
The Blue Sweater (x2)
Broken Memory: A Story of Rwanda (x2)
Chasing Chaos: My Decade In and Out of Humanitarian Aid
Deogratias, A Tale of Rwanda (x3)
Embracing Survival (x2)
Emergency Sex (And Other Desperate Measures): True Stories from a War Zone
The Girl Who Smiled Beads
The Go-Away Bird
God Sleeps in Rwanda: A Journey of Transformation (x3)
Gorillas in the Mist (x6)
In The Shadow of 10,000 Hills (x3)
Inside the Hotel Rwanda
Land of Second Chances: The Impossible Rise of Rwanda's Cycling Team
Land of a Thousand Hills: My Life in Rwanda (x2)
Led by Faith: Rising from the Ashes of the Rwandan Genocide
Left to Tell: Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust (x11)
Machete Season: The Killers in Rwanda Speak (x2)
The Men Who Killed Me: Rwandan Survivors of Sexual Violence (x2)
Murambi, The Book of Bones (x2)
One Hundred Days
An Ordinary Man: An Autobiography (x4)
Our Lady of Kibeho: Mary Speaks to the World from the Heart of Africa (x2)
Our Lady of the Nile (x6)
Over a Thousand Hills I Walk with You (x2)
Road Trip Rwanda: A Journey Into the New Heart of Africa
Running the Rift (x13)
Say You're One of Them
Season of Blood: A Rwandan Journey
The Shadow of Imana
The Shadow of the Sun (x2)
Shake Hands with the Devil: The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda
Strength in What Remains: A Journey of Remembrance and Forgiveness
A Sunday at the Pool in Kigali (x10)
Surviving the Slaughter: The Ordeal of a Rwandan Refugee in Zaire
A Thousand Hills to Heaven: Love, Hope, and a Restaurant in Rwanda (x2)
A Thousand Sisters: My Journey into the Worst Place on Earth to Be a Woman
We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families (x17)
Woman in the Mists: The Story of Dian Fossey and the Mountain Gorillas of Africa

Saint Helena
Betsy and the Emperor
The Monsters of St. Helena
Napoleon Bonaparte - Englands Prisoner
Piracy, Turtles and Flying Foxes
Recollections of the Emperor Napoleon

São Tome and Principe
Chocolate Islands: Cocoa, Slavery, and Colonial Africa (x4)
Equator (x3)
The High Mountains of Portugal
Island Moors: Two African Short Stories
Native Dance: An African Story (x2)
Ossobó: Essays On The Literature Of São Tomé And Principe
São Tome: Journey to the Abyss--Portugal's Stolen Children (x2)
São Tomé e Príncipe

The Abandoned Baobab: The Autobiography of a Senegalese Woman
Africa Junction
Ambiguous Adventure
Fisherman's Blues: A West African Community at Sea
God's Bits of Wood (x5)
However Long the Night (x2)
Islam and Democracy after the Arab Spring
The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl
Redemption in Indigo (x6)
Running in Flip-Flops
Scarlet Song
So Long a Letter (x25)
The Spider Stone
Tales of Amadou Koumba
Three Strong Women (x6)
Tribal Scars and Other Stories
Under the Neem Tree (x2)
Vita a spirale
Xala (x5)

Brothers of the Sea (x2)
Butler Did It! (x2)
The Edge of Eden (x7)
For Your Eyes Only
Grk: Operation Tortoise
He Sleeps
Journey to Death (x2)
The Seychelles Affair (x2)
Seychelles Sunset
Voices: Short stories from the Seychelles Islands (x2)

Sierra Leone
Ancestor Stones (x4)
The Bite of the Mango (x5)
Blood Diamonds: Tracing the Deadly Path of the World's Most Precious Stones (x2)
The Book of Negroes (x2)
The Devil That Danced on the Water: A Daughter's Quest (x3)
The Devil's Feather (x2)
Diamond Frog
The Heart Of The Matter (x16)
The Lady's Command (x2)
Last Man Standing (x2)
The Laughing Monsters
A Long Way Gone (x34)
The Memory of Love (x10)
No Condition Is Permanent
Radiance of Tomorrow (x10)
Someone Knows My Name (AKA The Book of Negroes: A Novel)
The Street Boy
Tarzan of the Apes (x2)

Aavikon tyttäret
Black Hawk Down: A Story of Modern War (x3)
Black Mamba Boy (x3)
Bloodline: A Sigma Force Novel
Born in the Big Rains: A Memoir of Somalia and Survival (x2)
Call Me American: A Memoir (x2)
Crossbones (x3)
Dead Centre
Desert Dawn (x2)
Desert Flower: The Extraordinary Journey of a Desert Nomad (x5)
Don't Tell Me You're Afraid
The Farther Shore
From a Crooked Rib (x2)
Getting Somalia Wrong?: Faith, War and Hope in a Shattered State
Hiding in Plain Sight (x3)
A House in the Sky (x19)
Il latte è buono
Infidel (x21)
Keeping Hope Alive: One Woman: 90,000 Lives Changed (x4)
Light Up the Night
Links (x3)
Nomad: From Islam to America: A Personal Journey Through the Clash of Civilizations (x2)
An Olympic Dream: The Story of Samia Yusuf Omar
The Orchard of Lost Souls (x9)
The Pirates of Somalia: Inside Their Hidden World (x4)
Pirates of the 21st Century: How Modern-Day Buccaneers are Terrorising the World's Oceans
The Somali Doctrine
Sweet and Sour Milk (x2)
The Way of the Knife

New Wind in a Dry Land
The Prophet's Camel Bell

South Africa
Agaat (x3)
All the Colors We Will See: Reflections on Barriers, Brokenness, and Finding Our Way
Another Year in Africa
Apartheid Guns and Money
The Bang-Bang Club: Snapshots from a Hidden War (x2)
A Beautiful Place To Die (x9)
Beethoven Was One-Sixteenth Black (x2)
Bitter Fruit
Black Order: A Sigma Force Novel
Blessed Are The Dead (x3)
Blood Safari (x3)
Born a Crime: Stories From a South African Childhood (x13)
Burger's Daughter (x2)
The Butterfly Lion (x2)
Cape Greed
Cathedral of the Wild: An African Journey Home (x2)
Child of the River
Coconut (x2)
Come Sunday: A Novel
The Conservationist (x2)
Country Of My Skull (x2)
The Crooked Path
Cry, the Beloved Country (x28)
Dark Star Safari
Devil's Peak (x5)
Diamonds Gold & War
Disgrace (x25)
Down Second Avenue
A Dry White Season (x3)
The Elephant Whisperer
Empire of Ivory
An Eye for Color
The Fallen
Favorite African Folktales
The Fever Tree (x3)
Get a Life (x2)
The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden (x5)
The Golden Notebook (x4)
The Grass is Singing (x2)
Heart of the Hunter
The Heart of Redness
The Housemaid's Daughter (x3)
Hum If You Don’t Know the Words (x2)
In a Strange Room (x4)
In the Heart of the Country (x2)
It Rains in February: A Wife's Memoir of Love and Loss (x2)
Jock of the Bushveld
Journey to Jo'burg: A South African Story
July's People (x5)
Jump and Other Stories
Jungfrau and Other Short Stories
Kaffir Boy (x5)
King Solomon's Mines (x2)
The Last Rhinos
The Last Road Trip 
Let the Dead Lie (x6)
Life and Times of Michael K (x8)
Long Walk to Freedom (x12)
Love in Black and White: The Triumph of Love Over Predjudice and Taboo
The Man in the Brown Suit (x9)
Mandela: An Audio History
May We Be Forgiven (x7)
A Medal for Murder (x3)
Mixed Blood: A Thriller (x2)
The Monster's Daughter
Moxyland (x3)
The October Killings (x2)
Out of Bounds
Philida (x3)
The Power of One (x13)
The Praying Nun - A Slave Shipwreck Saga
Present Darkness
The Prime Origins Guide To Exploring Kruger: Your Key To Unlocking Africa's Wildlife Treasure
The Queen of Diamonds
Random Violence (x2)
Recipes for Love and Murder (x2)
Red Earth
The Restless Supermarket
Rock Alphabet
The Servants' Quarters
She Left Me the Gun
A Sinless Season
Stories by English Authors: Africa
The Story of an African Farm (x2)
Summertime (x3)
Tandia (x2)
A Thousand Tales of Johannesburg
To My Children's Children
Waiting for the Barbarians (x7)
Wake Up Dead: A Thriller
We Are All the Same
The West Rand Jive Cats Boxing Club
What We Lose
When She Was White: The True Story of a Family Divided by Race
When the Lion Feeds (x3)
The White Giraffe (x3)
The White Lioness (x4)
White Lightning
The White Lioness (x2)
The Woman Next Door (x3)
World of Strangers
A Year In The Wild: A Riotous Novel
Zoo City (x6)

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Diane | 12814 comments AFRICA

South Sudan
Beneath the Darkening Sky
Emma's War
God Grew Tired Of Us
The Good Braider (x2)
A Long Walk to Water (x11)
Running for My Life (x4)
They Poured Fire on Us From the Sky
The Scarification: The Facial Scarification in South Sudan
Songs of a War Boy
There Is a Country: New Fiction from the New Nation of South Sudan (x3)
What is the What (x2)
Woman of God (x2)

Alek: From Sudanese Refugee to International Supermodel
The Black Nile
Cities Without Palms
Darfur: The Ambiguous Genocide
Devil Came on Horseback
Emma's War (x2)
An Ethiopian Romance
The Four Feathers (x2)
An Honourable Man
The Kindness of Enemies (x2)
The Last Camel Died at Noon (x4)
A Long Walk to Water (x4)
The Long Way Home: Nobody Goes that Way
Lyrics Alley (x9)
Minaret (x6)
My Uncle Oswald
Old Serpent Nile
On Target
Passport through Darkness
The Red Pencil
Replicator Run
Season of Migration to the North (x22)
The Seventh Plague
Tears of the Desert: A Memoir of Survival in Darfur (x2)
They Poured Fire on Us From the Sky (x2)
Shoot to Thrill
Siege of Khartoum
Slave: My True Story (x4)
Standing at the Crossroads
Tears of the Desert (x6)
They Poured Fire on Us From the Sky (x3)
The Third Gate (x2)
The Translator
The Translator: A Tribesman's Memoir of Darfur (x5)
War Child: A Child Soldier's Story (x2)
The Wedding of Zein (x5)
What is the What (x11)
Who Fears Death (x8)

Adventures in Swaziland
Box Seat to History: Memoir of a Peace Corps Volunteer
Cape Town to Kruger: Backpacker Travels in South Africa and Swaziland
Culture Shock and Canapes: Adventures of a Diplomatic Wife in Africa (x3)
Es gibt Dinge, die kann man nicht erzählen
If You Can Walk, You Can Dance
Love and Death in the Kingdom of Swaziland
Palace of Gold
The Rattle of Seeds
Weeding the Flowerbeds (x3)
When Hoopoes Go to Heaven (x6)
Wild Lives of Africa
Zoo Story: Life in the Garden of Captives (x3)

Admiring Silence (x2)
The Africa Bar
The African Queen (x6)
Alt annet enn sannheten
Auf dem Strom
The Book of Secrets
By the Sea
Crazy River: A Journey to the Source of the Nile (x3)
Death in Zanzibar (x3)
Desertion (x4)
Exile (x2)
The Girl Who Saw Lions (x2)
Going Solo
Gorge: My Journey Up Kilimanjaro at 300 Pounds
Green Hills Of Africa
How I Found Livingstone in Central Africa
The Hunter's Wife
An Ice-Cream War
In the Shadow of Man
Kid Moses
Kissing Kilimanjaro: Leaving It All on Top of Africa
Lightland: A Soul's Journey
The Lion Hunter: A Short Adventure Story
Listening for Lions (x4)
Long Way Down
Lost Empire
The Magic of Saida (x2)
Memoirs of an Arabian Princess from Zanzibar (x2)
Memory of Departure
My Life with the Chimpanzees (x2)
Our House in Arusha (x3)
The Perfect Wife
Picture Perfect (x3)
The Shadow of the Sun
The Snows of Kilimanjaro and Other Stories (x9)
Through A Window (x3)
Trade Wind
Uhuru Street: Short Stories (x3)
Village in Uhuru
Who Is Jane Goodall?
The Zanzibar Chest

Almost Sleeping My Way to Timbuktu
An African in Greenland (x4)
Cola Cola Jazz
Cord of Blood: Possession and the Making of Voodoo
Dirty Feet (x3)
Do They Hear You When You Cry (x11)
Greetings from Jungleland (x2)
Instruments of Darkness
Journey to the End of the Night
Letters from Togo
Swing Time (x4)
The Village of Waiting (x3)

Tristan da Cunha
Three Years in Tristan Da Cunha (x2)

Tromelin Island
Between the Tides: In Search of Sea Turtles

The African Quest (x5)
The Bad Mother
Benny and Omar (x3)
The Blue Manuscript
The Colonizer and the Colonized (x3)
The Couscous Genie: Three Tunisian Tales
East From Tunis
A Foreign Country (x2)
Fountains in the Sand
The Great Sea
Hope Has Two Daughters
The Immoralist (x7)
Les Racines Du Mandarinier
Lion Mountain
The Lost Sisterhood
Pillar of Salt (x2)
The Perfumed Garden
The Rising Tide: A Novel of World War II
The Road Back to Paris
Salammbô (x2)
Things (x2)
To the Ends of the Earth
The Tremor of Forgery (x3)
With Every Letter
A Woman of Carthage

Abyssinian Chronicles (x2)
All Our Names (x2)
Ascend The Nile
The Boy Who Runs
Child of Dandelions (x4)
Child to Soldier
A Distant Grief: The Real Story Behind the Martyrdom of Christians in Uganda
Divine Collision
First Comes Love, Then Comes Malaria (x2)
Girl Soldier: A Story of Hope for Northern Uganda's Children (x2)
A Good African Story: How a Small Company Built a Global Coffee Brand
In a Free State (x3)
Jambula Tree: And Other Stories
Kisses from Katie (x10)
The Last King of Scotland (x13)
The Making of the "African Queen" (x2)
Mama Jude
My Driver
Operation Thunderbolt
The Price of Stones (x2)
The Queen of Katwe (x3)
The Rift Walker
Robert Ludlum's The Ares Decision
Sitwe Joseph Goes to School
Snakepit (x3)
Song of Lawino & Song of Ocol (x2)
A Storm Blew in from Paradise
The Teeth May Smile but the Heart Does Not Forget
Thirty Girls (x3)
Trailing: A Memoir
Tropical Fish: Tales From Entebbe (x4)
Waiting: A Novel of Uganda's Hidden War (x4)
War Brothers: The Graphic Novel (x4)

West Africa
Amaryllis in Blueberry
The Cow-Tail Switch: And Other West African Stories

Western Sahara
Glory in a Camel's Eye
I Dream of Genies
Oasis (x3)
Sahara (x3)
See How Much I Love You (x3)
Silent Territory - Seven Stories on Western Sahara (x2)
Skeletons on the Zahara
Sufferings in Africa
Western Sahara: Anatomy of a Stalemate

Baking Cakes in Kigali
Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness (x9)
The Contract
A Cowrie of Hope (x2)
Dancing to a Different Rhythm
Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight
Empire of Ivory (x2)
The Eye of the Elephant (x2)
The Eye of the Leopard (x5)
The First Signs: Unlocking the Mysteries of the World’s Oldest Symbols
The Garden of Burning Sand (x2)
King Solomon's Mines
Leaving Before the Rains Come (x6)
The Legacy
Mrs. Pollifax on Safari (x8)
Patchwork (x3)
The Running Sky: A Bird-Watching Life
Scribbling the Cat (x4)
Secrets of the Savanna
Sundowner Ubuntu
The Terrible Thing that Happened to Barnaby Brocket
The Tongue of the Dumb
The Unheard: A Memoir of Deafness and Africa (x3)
Warrior Princess: Fighting for Life with Courage and Hope

By the Sea
Memoirs of an Arabian Princess from Zanzibar
Zanzibar Uhuru

The Book of Memory (x4)
The Book of Not: Stopping the Time
The Boy Next Door (x5)
The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind
Child Of Africa
Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness (x3)
The Cry of the Go-Away Bird (x2)
The Death of Rex Nhongo
Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight (x19)
The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm
An Elegy for Easterly (x3)
Elephant Song (x3)
A Falcon Flies (x2)
The Girl Who Married a Lion: and Other Tales from Africa (x4)
The Golden Notebook (x2)
The Grass is Singing (x11)
The Hairdresser of Harare (x4)
Half the Sky
The Hangman's Replacement
I Will Always Write Back: How One Letter Changed Two Lives
In the Shadow of the Tokolosh
Journey to the Vanished City
King Solomon's Mines (x12)
The Last Leopard (x2)
The Last Resort (x5)
Lettah's Gift
Love in the Driest Season (x6)
Mukiwa (x8)
Nervous Conditions (x16)
Now Is the Time for Running
Out of Shadows
Rainbow's End (x4)
Roses Under the Miombo Trees
Rotten Row
Seventh Street Alchemy
She (x3)
Silent Thunder: In the Presence of Elephants
The Sleeping Pool
Still Life With Elephant
The Stone Virgins: A Novel (x2)
Storms Over Africa
The Voluptuous Delights of Peanut Butter and Jam
We Need New Names (x22)
West of the moon
When a Crocodile Eats the Sun (x9)
Where We Have Hope: A Memoir of Zimbabwe (x2)
The White Shadow
Without a Name and Under the Tongue
Zenzele: A Letter for My Daughter (x6)

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Diane | 12814 comments ASIA/EURASIA

Blind Descent
Eight Pieces of Empire
The First Toast is to Peace
Sandro of Chegem

300 Dias En Afganistan
The Afghan Campaign
Afghanistan: A Military History from Alexander the Great to the War Against the Taliban
Afghanistan and the Anglo-Russian Dispute
Agent 6 (x4)
An American Bride in Kabul
And the Mountains Echoed (x35)
The Angel With One Hundred Wings
Ashley's War
Behind the Burqa:
Black Widow, Volume 2
Bleeding Afghanistan
The Blind Man's Garden (x5)
Blue is the Colour of Heaven
The Bookseller of Kabul (x20)
Born Under a Million Shadows (x2)
Brava, Valentine
The Breadwinner (x7)
Caravans (x5)
Chaos in Kabul
Chicken Street
City of Screams
A Cup of Friendship (x7)
Deadly Strain
Dining with al-Qaeda
The Dressmaker Of Khair Khana (x15)
Earth and Ashes (x5)
El Niño Vjetar od stotinu i dvadeset dana
The End of Manners
Extreme Measures
Farishta (x3)
The Favored Daughter
Fire For Effect
Forbidden Lessons in a Kabul Guesthouse
Games Without Rules: The Often Interrupted History of Afghanistan (x2)
Green on Blue
The Honey Thief (x2)
Kabul Beauty School (x14)
The Kite Runner (x50)
The Knife
The Last Kestrel
Lie Down With Lions (x3)
Lipstick in Afghanistan (x2)
The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul (x7)
Lone Survivor (x3)
The Man Who Would Be King (x2)
Maria Grazia Cutuli
The Moonlit Cage
My Forbidden Face (x2)
No Easy Day
One Bullet Away: The Making of a Marine Officer
The Other Side of the Sky
The Patience Stone (x11)
The Pearl that Broke Its Shell (x16)
The Photographer (x4)
The Places in Between (x2)
Return of a King: The Battle for Afghanistan
Sea Prayer
The Secret Sky (x2)
The Sewing Circles of Herat
Shooting Kabul (x2)
A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush
The Story of My Life: An Afghan Girl on the Other Side of the Sky (x3)
The Storyteller's Daughter (x2)
Swallows Of Kabul (x5)
The Taliban Cricket Club (x3)
Tanner's Virgin
The Thousand Rooms of Dreams and Fear (x3)
A Thousand Splendid Suns (x52)
The Underground Girls of Kabul (x8)
An Unexpected Light: Travels in Afghanistan
Waiting for the Taliban (x3)
Wanting Mor
War (x4)
War Dogs
The Wasted Vigil (x2)
We Are Afghan Women (x2)
When the Moon is Low (x4)
The Widow's Husband
The Wind Blows Away Our Words
A Woman Among Warlords
Words in the Dust (x2)
The World is a Carpet: Four Seasons in an Afghan Village
Zoya's Story (x4)

Andaman Islands
Island's End (x4)
The Land of Naked People

Ambassador Morgenthau's Story
Armenia: Portraits of Survival and Hope
Armenia, Australia the Great War
Armenian Golgotha
Armenian Poems (x2)
An Armenian Sketchbook (x5)
As the Poppies Bloomed (x3)
Black Dog of Fate (x3)
Bosphorus Nights
The Burning Tigris
The Caucasus: An Introduction
Children of Armenia
The Crossing Place: A Journey Among the Armenians (x3)
Das Ungeheuer
Family of Shadows
Forgotten Fire (x3)
Gilgamesh (x3)
I Am There: Armenia
Martyred Armenia
Modern Armenian Prose
Nobody's Child
Orhan's Inheritance
Passage to Ararat
The Sandcastle Girls
Skylark Farm
The Spice Box Letters
A Summer Without Dawn
Survivors: An Oral History Of The Armenian Genocide
The Towers of Trebizond

Asia (Country unknown)
A Thousand Beginnings and Endings

Ali and Nino (x18)
The Colonel's Mistake (x4)
Gentlemen of the Road (x4)
The Human Sea
The Orientalist (x2)
The Orphan Sky (x3)
Red Memories (x2)
Solar Plexus, A Baku Saga in Four Parts
Sons of the Conquerors
Unruly Places

The Angels Die
Bangladesh: A Nation Polarized or Divided?
Banker to the Poor (x10 )
Beloved Strangers
Bitter Sweets (x2)
The Blood Telegram
The Bones of Grace
Brick Lane (x11)
Bright Lines
Building Social Business
The Crescent and the Pen
Dhaka Dust: Poems
A Golden Age (x13)
The Good Muslim (x7)
The Hungry Tide (x10)
It Rained All Night
Lajja: Shame (x4)
The Love Letter and Other Stories
My Kind of Girl
The Newlyweds (x7)
Revenge (x2)
Spiral Road
Sultana's Dream
White Teeth
The Zoya Factor

Beneath Blossom Rain
Beyond the Sky and the Earth (x8)
Buttertea at Sunrise (x2)
The Circle of Karma (x2)
The Cuckoo and the Pigeon: A Collection of folktales from Bhutan
Dawa: The Story of a Stray Dog in Bhutan (x2)
Dragon Bones: Two Years Beneath the Skin of a Himalayan Kingdom
The Dragon's Voice: How Modern Media Found Bhutan
Dreams of the Peaceful Dragon: Journey into Bhutan
Folktales Of Bhutan
Kingdom of the Golden Dragon
Little Buddah
The Living Road
Married to Bhutan (x11)
Radio Shangri-La: What I Learned in Bhutan, the Happiest Kingdom on Earth (x12)
Tsomo's karma
Yakking with the Thunder Dragon: Walking Bhutan's epic Snowman Trek

British Indian Island Territory
A Chagos Story

The Awakening
B.I.S.A. (Brunei Secret Intelligence Agency): Eventually (x2)
Brunei History and Monarchy
Don't Tell Mum I Work On The Rigs, She Thinks I'm A Piano Player In A Whorehouse (x2)
The Last Harem (x2)
Some Girls: My Life in a Harem (x9)
Survivor!: The Ultimate Game
Thievin' Pitch
Tribute to Brunei and Other Poems (x2)
Written in Black (x2)

Burma/Myanmar (Also: Myanmar)
The Art of Hearing Heartbeats (x18)
Being Benevolence
The Bridge Over the River Kwai (x3)
Burma Boy
Burma Chronicles (x8)
Burma/Myanmar: What Everyone Needs to Know
The Burma Spring: Aung San Suu Kyi and the New Struggle for the Soul of a Nation
Burma Surgeon
Burma Surgeon Returns
Burmese Days (x17)
City of the Dagger
Dragon Mountain
Elephant Company (x5)
Elephant Moon (x2)
Elephant Run (x4)
Finding George Orwell in Burma (x5)
Freedom from Fear
From Burma to Myanmar
From the Land of Green Ghosts (x4)
A Gesture Life
The Glass Palace (x8)
The Golden Land
A History of Modern Burma
In Search of Buddha's Daughters
Incident at Badamya
The Jewel Trader of Pegu (x5)
The Jungle
The Lands of Charm and Cruelty
Letters from Burma (x5)
Miss Burma
The Monsoon Bride
The Narrow Road to the Deep North (x3)
Of Cats And Kings
The Piano Tuner (x9)
The Promise (x2)
Quartered Safe Out Here
Return of the White Book
The River of Lost Footsteps
Saving Fish from Drowning (x14)
Smile As They Bow
A Well-Tempered Heart (x2)

Angkor: Cambodia's Wondrous Khmer Temples
Cambodia Noir
Cambodia: A Report from a Stricken Land
Children of the River
The Clay Marble
Death in the Rainy Season
Derailed in Uncle Ho's Victory Garden
The Disappeared (x5)
Dogs at the Perimeter (x4)
First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers (x23)
The Gate
Her Father's Daughter
A History of Cambodia
Hold Fast
Holiday in Cambodia (x2)
Hunters in the Dark
I Am Radar
Impact (x2)
In the Shadow of the Banyan (x29)
Killing Fields
The King's Last Song (x3)
Lucky Child: A Daughter of Cambodia Reunites with the Sister She Left Behind (x4)
The Map of Lost Memories (x7)
Music of the Ghosts (x2)
My Survival in the Killing Fields
My War with the CIA: The Memoirs of Prince Norodom Sihanouk
Never Fall Down (x6)
Off the Rails in Phnom Penh: Into the Dark Heart of Guns, Girls, and Ganja
One crowded hour:
The Rent Collector
The Road of Lost Innocence: The True Story of a Cambodian Heroine (x7)
The Secret Sharer
Serann and the Prince of Angkor: A Cambodian Cinderella Story
Song for an Approaching Storm
Stay Alive, My Son (x2)
The Stone Goddess (x2)
The Stones Cry Out: A Cambodian Childhood, 1975-1980 (x2)
Survival in the Killing Fields (x2)
Temple of a Thousand Faces (x3)
Temples & Tuk Tuks: Travels in Cambodia (x2)
Unpolished Gem
Well Read and Dead
What Color Is Your Jockstrap?: Funny Men and Women Write from the Road
When Broken Glass Floats: Growing Up Under the Khmer Rouge (x5)
White Crocodile

Chechnya: To the Heart of a Conflict
A Constellation of Vital Phenomena (x14)
Hadji Murat
The Oath: A Surgeon under Fire

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Diane | 12814 comments ASIA

All That Work and Still No Boys
All the Flowers in Shanghai (x5)
All Under Heaven (x2)
The Analects (x2)
The Art of War (x9)
The Ballad of a Small Player
Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress (x27)
The Banquet Bug
The Barefoot Lawyer
Becoming Madame Mao (x4)
Behind the Wall: A Journey Through China (x3)
Beijing Bastard
Beijing Coma (x2)
Beijing Confidential
Beijing Doll (x2)
Beijing Tai Tai
Big Breasts and Wide Hips (x3)
Big in China
The Binding Chair or, A Visit from the Foot Emancipation Society (x2)
The Boat to Redemption (x2)
The Bonesetter's Daughter (x14)
Bound (x5)
Bound Feet & Western Dress
Boxers (x10)
Boy in the Twilight (x2)
Bridge of Birds (x10)
Brothers (Da Chen) (x2)
Brothers (Yu Hua) (x2)
Butterfly Swords (x3)
Buying a Fishing Rod for My Grandfather
The Carnal Prayer Mat (x2)
Chengli and the Silk Road Caravan
Chenxi and the Foreigner
China Rich Girlfriend (x7)
The Chinese Gold Murders
The Chinese Lake Murders
China in Ten Words (x3)
China Mountain Zhang (x4)
Chinese Cinderella: The True Story of an Unwanted Daughter (x11)
The Chinese Gold Murders
Chronicle of a Blood Merchant (x2)
Chu Ju's House (x2)
Cinder (x9)
Cinnamon and Gunpowder
Cion Cion Blu
City of Tranquil Light
Colors of the Mountain (x5)
Comment Wang Fô Fut Sauvé
The Concubine's Daughter (x4)
Confessions: An Innnocent Life in Communist China
A Cook's Tour
The Cooked Seed (x2)
The Corpse Walker (x3)
Country Driving: A Journey Through China from Farm to Factory (x6)
The Crab-Flower Club
The Crazed (x3)
Cries in the Drizzle
The Crippled Tree
The Dark Road (x2)
Day of the Dragon King
Death of a Red Heroine (x9)
The Debt of Tears
Decoded (x3)
The Devil of Nanking
Dialogues in Paradise
Diary of a Madman and Other Stories (x2)
The Diary of Ma Yan
A Dictionary of Maqiao (x2)
The Distant Land of My Father (x2)
Do Not Say We Have Nothing (x3)
Don't Cry, Tai Lake
Dragon Seed (x3)
Dragon Springs Road (x2)
Dream of Ding Village (x2)
The Dream of the Red Chamber (x3)
The Dreamer Wakes
Dreaming in Chinese (x6)
Dreams of Joy (x17)
Drugs for the mind
East Wind: West Wind (x7)
The Emperor's Tomb (x4)
Empire of the Sun (x6)
Empress (x2)
Empress Dowager Cixi (x7)
The Empress of Bright Moon
Empress Orchid (x10)
Enigma of China (x2)
Eurasian Crossroads: A History of Xinjiang
The Eye of Jade
Factory Girls: From Village to City in a Changing China (x10)
Falling Leaves (x6)
The Far Side of the Sky
Farewell My Concubine (x3)
The Fat Years (x4)
Feather in the Storm
Finding Gobi
First Pass Under Heaven
Five Spice Street
Five Star Billionaire (x3)
Flood of Fire
The Flowers of War
The Forbidden Orchid
A Free Life (x2)
Fried Eggs with Chopsticks (x2)
Frog (x3)
The Garlic Ballads (x6)
The Girl Who Played Go (x5)
The Girl Who Wrote in Silk
God is Red (x2)
Gold Boy, Emerald Girl (x4)
The Golden Days
The Good Earth (x18)
The Good Women of China: Hidden Voices (x9)
The Great Call of China (x2)
Half of Man Is Woman (x2)
A Heart for Freedom
Her Father's Daughter
The History of Bees (x2)
A House Divided (x4)
A Hundred Flowers (x8)
The Hundred Secret Senses (x13)
I Am China (x4)
In the Lap of the Gods
In the Pond
The Incarnations (x3)
Invisible Cities
Iron and Silk (x6)
The Joy Luck Club (x16)
Kinder Than Solitude (x2)
Kitchen Chinese (x4)
The Kitchen God's Wife (x13)
A Lady Cyclist's Guide to Kashgar (x9)
Lady of Ch'iao Kuo (x2)
The Lake Ching Murders
The Last Chinese Chef (x10)
The Last Days of Old Beijing (x4)
The Last Empress (x3)
Leaden Wings (x2)
Leaving Mother Lake
Les dix enfants que madame Ming n'a jamais eus
Letter from Peking (x2)
Life and Death are Wearing Me Out (x3)
Life and Death in Shanghai (x7)
The Little Red Guard (x2)
Little Soldiers
The Lost and Forgotten Languages of Shanghai
Lost In Translation (x5)
Lost on Planet China (x11)
Love in a Fallen City (x3)
A Loyal Character Dancer (x3)
Lust, Caution and Other Stories
Madame Liu
The Man from Beijing
The Man Who Loved China (x4)
Man's Fate
The Mao Case (x2)
Mao: The Unknown Story (x3)
Mao's Last Dancer (x13)
Message from an Unknown Chinese Mother (x3)
Miss Chopsticks (x4)
Mission to Cathay
Monkey: The Journey to the West (x7)
The Moon in the Palace
The Moon Opera (x4)
Mr. Muo's Travelling Couch (x2)
Mrs. Pollifax on the China Station (x2)
Nanjing Requiem
Nightfall Over Shanghai
The Noodle Maker
North of Beautiful
Ocean of Words: Stories (x2)
Once on a Moonless Night
The Painted Veil (x3)
The Painter From Shanghai (x2)
The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories (x2)
Pavilion of Women (x7)
Peach Blossom Pavillion (x2)
Pearl of China (x8)
Peony (x2)
Peony in Love (x19)
The Peony Pavilion: Mudan ting
Plastic: A Toxic Love Story
The Private Life of Chairman Mao (x3)
Pump Six and Other Stories
Put carice
Rabbit in the Moon
Raise the Red Lantern (x3)
The Rape of Nanking (x5)
Red Azalea (x5)
Red China Blues: My Long March From Mao to Now
Red Dust: A Path Through China
Red Flower of China
Red Lotus (x3)
Red Mandarin Dress (x8)
Red Scarf Girl (x6)
Red Sorghum (x5)
The Red Thread (x4)
The Republic of Wine (x2)
Rickshaw Boy (x4)
Riding the Iron Rooster
The Risk Agent
The River at the Center of the World (x2)
River of Smoke (x2)
River Town: Two Years on the Yangtze (x9)
The Russian Concubine (x6)
Safely Home (x2)
The Scavenger's Daughters
The Serpent's Children
Serve the People: A Stir-Fried Journey Through China (x2)
Shanghai Baby (x2)
Shanghai Diary
Shanghai Girls (x15)
Shanghai Redemption
Shanghai Tango
Shark's Fin And Sichuan Pepper: A Sweet-Sour Memoir of Eating in China (x4)
Shen of The Sea
Shenzhen: A Travelogue from China
Shifu, You'll Do Anything for a Laugh (x3)
Silent Operas
Silent Tears: A Journey of Hope in a Chinese Orphanage (x6)
Silver Phoenix (x3)
Six Records of a Floating Life
Smoke and Mirrors : An Experience of China
Snake Agent (x2)
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (x28)
Song of the Silk Road
Soul Mountain (x3)
Sounds of the River: A Young Man's University Days in Beijing
Starry River of the Sky (x5)
Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio (x2)
Tai-Pan (x7)
The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane (x4)
A Thousand Years of Good Prayers: Stories (x4)
A Thread of Sky
The Three-Body Problem (x13)
The Three-Inch Golden Lotus: A Novel on Foot Binding
The Three Kingdoms: The Sacred Oath (x4)
The Three Kingdoms: The Sleeping Dragon (x2)
The Three Kingdoms: Welcome The Tiger (x2)
Three Sisters
Three Souls
Throne of Jade
To Live (x3)
Traditional Chinese Folktales
The Travels of Marco Polo
A Tree Grows in Daicheng
The True Story of Ah Q (x2)
Twenty Fragments of a Ravenous Youth (x6)
Under Heaven (x8)
Under the Red Flag
Une rencontre à Pékin
The Vagrants (x7)
The Valley of Amazement (x7)
Vertical Motion (x2)
Village of Stone
Waiting (x12)
Walking Home From Mongolia
War Trash (x3)
The Warning Voice
The Water Margin
When Red Is Black (x2)
When We Were Orphans (x5)
Where the Mountain Meets the Moon (x6)
The White Lama
Wild Ginger
Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China (x30)
The Woman Warrior (x2)
Women of the Silk (x8)
The Worst Desert On Earth: Crossing The Taklamakan
Written on Water
Year Of the Golden Dragon
Years of Red Dust: Stories of Shanghai (x2)
Yhden lapsen kansa
Young Fu of the Upper Yangtze

Blind Descent (x2)
Bread and Ashes
Georgian Folk Tales (x3)
The Girl King
A Hero of Our Time (x8)
The Knight in the Panther's Skin
L'Autre Joseph
A Man Was Going Down the Road
Minu Gruusia
My Dear Son
One More Year (x2)
Öster om avgrunden
Red Station
Stories I Stole
The Sunny Night (x2)
A Time of Miracles (x6)
The Travel Mate
Twenty Letters to a Friend
Waiting for the Electricity
Young Stalin

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Diane | 12814 comments ASIA/EURASIA (Continued)

Hong Kong
Around the World in Eighty Days
Avenue of Mysteries
The Borrowed
The Chinese Fire Drill
The Distant Land of My Father
Dragon Bones (x2)
The Expatriates
The Great Fire
Gweilo: Memories Of A Hong Kong Childhood
Hong Kong Noir
Hong Konged
Hummingbirds Fly Backwards
Kowloon Tong: A Novel of Hong Kong (x3)
The Language of Threads (x4)
Love in a Fallen City
The Man in the Wooden Hat (x5)
Mrs. Pollifax and the Hong Kong Buddha (x4)
The Nine Dragons (x2)
Noble House (x5)
The Painted Veil (x17)
The Piano Teacher (x23)
Running with the Tiger
Subway Girl
The Tofu Quilt
The Unwalled City (x2)
White Ghost Girls (x4)
White Tiger (x2)
The Wishing Trees
With My Back to the East

The Accidental Apprentice (x2)
Ad antiche fonti
The Algebra Of Infinite Justice (x2)
Alice in Deadland (x2)
All Quiet in Vikaspuri
The Angry River
Animal's People (x8)
The Answer to the Riddle Is Me
Are You Experienced?
Around India in 80 Trains
Around the World in Eighty Days (x4)
The Beautiful and the Damned
Beautiful Thing: Inside the Secret World of Bombay's Dance Bars
Before the Rains
Behind the Beautiful Forevers (x33)
Beneath a Marble Sky (x5)
Bengal Nights
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (x12)
The Betrayal of the Blood Lily (x4)
Between the Assassinations (x7)
The Blind Man's Garden
The Blue Notebook (x4)
A Bollywood Affair (x4)
Bombay Ice
A Breath of Fresh Air (x5)
Broken Republic
The Broken Rules of Ten
Brotherhood: Dharma, Destiny, and the American Dream
The Bus Stopped
By The Sabarmati
The Calcutta Chromosome
The Case of the Love Commandos (x4)
The Case of the Man Who Died Laughing (x2)
The Case of the Missing Servant (x19)
The Cat's Table
A Chance to Die
Chasing the Monsoon (x5)
A Christian Walks in the Footsteps of the Buddha
A Christmas Garland
The City of Devi (x4)
City of Djinns (x4)
The City of Joy (x5)
The Color of Our Sky
Confession of a Buddhist Atheist
A Curious Indian Cadaver
Cut Like Wound
The Dalai Lama's Cat
Damourov život
The Dark Holds No Terrors
Dark Road to Darjeeling (x4)
Dearly Departed
Deep River
Desirable Daughters
Diamond: The History of a Cold-Blooded Love Affair
The Duke of Shadows
The East India Company
East of the Sun (x3)
East, West: Stories (x3)
Eat, Pray, Love (x2)
eFiction India Vol. 1
En Iniya Iyandhira
The Enchantress Of Florence (x6)
English, August: An Indian Story (x2)
Engraved in Stone
Family Matters
The Far Cry
Fasting, Feasting (x2)
Fields of Gold
Fifteen Lanes
A Fine Balance (x28)
Five Past Midnight in Bhopal (x3)
Flute of Vrindavan
Following Fish: Travels Around the Indian Coast
Forbidden Jewel of India
The Forgotten Daughter (x3)
Freedom at Midnight
The Game
A Game of Chess: Classic Assamese Stories
Games at Twilight
Gandhi: a March to the Sea
Ghachar Ghochar (x2)
The Girl in the Garden (x5)
Gitanjali: Song Offerings
The Glass Palace
The God of Small Things (x28)
A Good Indian Wife (x6)
A Great and Terrible Beauty
The Great ARC
The Great Derangement
The Ground Beneath Her Feet
Guardian of the Dawn
The Guide (x4)
Haroun and the Sea of Stories
Haunting Bombay
Heat and Dust (x3)
Helium (x2)
Henna for the Broken Hearted
H.M.S. Surprise
Holy Cow: An Indian Adventure (x10)
The Holder of the World
Holy Cow: An Indian Adventure
The Home and the World (x4)
The Hotel at the End of the World
The House of Blue Mangoes
How I Braved Anu Aunty & Co-Founded A Million Dollar Company
Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard
The Hundred-Foot Journey
A Hundred Hands
The Hungry Tide (x5)
The Holder of the World
Idris : Keeper of the Light
In Spite of the Gods (x2)
India: A Wounded Civilization
India Dishonoured
The India Fan (x4)
India Was One
Indian Summer
Indian Tango
The Indian Tycoon's Marriage Deal
The Inheritance of Loss (x16)
Interpreter of Maladies (x19)
Jaya: A Retelling of the Mahabharata (x2)
The Jewel in the Crown (x5)
The Jungle Book (x23)
Kama Sutra
Kanaiyazhiyin Kanavu
Kashmir Saivism
The Kashmir Shawl (x3)
The Kashmir Trap
Keeping Corner
Kim (x6)
Kolaiyuthir kaalam
Krsna: The Supreme Personality of Godhead
Ladies Coupé (x2)
The Last Song of Dusk (x2)
Le Jardin de Badalpour
The Last Kashmiri Rose (x2)
Last Man in Tower (x7)
The Last Mughal
Life of Pi (x33)
The Life You Want
The Lives of Others
A Long Way Home (x2)
Love and Longing in Bombay
Love Muffin and Chai Latte
The Lowland (x23)
Luka and the Fire of Life (x4)
Lunatic In My Head
Malgudi Days (x4)
Man-Eaters of Kumaon (x2)
The Man Who Would Be King (x4)
The Mango Season
The Many Conditions of Love
The Marriage Bureau for Rich People (x11)
Marrying Anita
Maximum City
Meendum Jeeno
The Menagerie and Other Byomkesh Bakshi Mysteries
The Midnight Palace (x4)
The Midnight Rose (x2)
Midnight's Children (x27)
Milk and Honey
Miss New India (x5)
Mistress: A Novel
The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
The Moor's Last Sigh (x3)
The Mother I Never Knew
Mrs Ali's Road to Happiness
My Kind of Girl
Naan Enbathum Nee Enbathum
The Namesake (x9)
Navarasa by Lotus
A Necessary Evil
Nectar in a Sieve (x6)
Nine Lives
No Full Stops in India
Nylon Kayiru
Of Marriageable Age
Oleander Girl (x7)
One Night at the Call Center (x2)
The One She Was Warned About
oru manidhan oru vidu oru ulagam
The Painter of Signs
The Palace of Illusions (x5)
The Palace Tiger (x2)
A Passage to India (x17)
Perpetual City
Private India (x3)
Q & A (x15)
The Ramayana
A Rising Man
River of Smoke
A River Sutra
Sacred Games (x5)
Sacred River
Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children
Samskara: A Rite for a Dead Man
Saraswati Park
The Satanic Verses (x10)
Saturday Date
Sea of Poppies (x22)
Secret Daughter (x17)
The Secret Garden
Secrets & Saris
The Selector of Souls (x2)
Shadow Fighter
The Shadow Lines (x3)
shadow men
Shalimar the Clown
Shantaram (x6)
She Comes to Take Her Rights
Siddhartha (x12)
Sideways on a Scooter (x2)
The Siege of Krishnapur (x7)
Sister of My Heart (x11)
Sisters of the Sari
Six Suspects (x4)
The Sleeping Dictionary
Slumdog Millionaire (x2)
Sold (x2)
Someone Else's Garden
A Son Of The Circus (x2)
The Space Between Us (x20)
The Strangler Vine
Such a Long Journey
A Suitable Boy (x16)
Sultana's Dream
Sunlight on a Broken Column
Taj Mahal
Tamarind Mem
The Tea Gardens
Teatime for the Firefly (x4)
Teresa of Calcutta
Ticket to India
A Tiger for Malgudi
Tiger Hills
Tiger's Quest (x2)
To the Elephant Graveyard
Toothbrush People
The Toss of a Lemon
Trail of Broken Wings (x3)
Train to Pakistan (x4)
The Tusk That Did the Damage (x2)
The Twentieth Wife (x4)
Twilight in Delhi
Two Under the Indian Sun
The Tyre (x2)
Unaccustomed Earth (x11)
The Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra (x2)
Untouchable (x3)
The Vendor of Sweets
Vittu Vidu Karuppa
Voyagers Into the Unknown
Waiting for the Mahatma
A Walk Across the Sun (x7)
We That Are Young
The Wedding Wallah
The Weight of Heaven (x3)
What the Body Remembers (x3)
White Cargo
The White Tiger (x38)
The Widows of Malabar Hill (x2)
The Wildings
William Carey: Obliged to Go
The World We Found (x9)
Younguncle Comes to Town
Yuganta (x2)

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Diane | 12814 comments ASIA (Continued)

Indonesia (Also: Bali; Java)
Almayer's Folly
Amok (x2)
Balada Becak atau Sebuah Riwayat Melodi Yus-Riri
A Bali Conspiracy Most Foul (x6)
Balinese Masks
Beauty Is a Wound (x2)
The Black Lake (x2)
Black Water
Borobudur: Golden Tales of the Buddhas
Bulu Perindu
Child of All Nations (x2)
The Chosen
Dark Horizons
Don't Tell Mum I Work On The Rigs, She Thinks I'm A Piano Player In A Whorehouse
Dreams from My Father
Earth Dance
Eat, Pray, Love (x19)
The Fish Girl
Footsteps (x2)
Forever a Stranger and Other Stories
The Fugitive (x2)
The Girl from the Coast (x2)
House of Glass (x2)
The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared (x3)
In the Time of Madness
Into the Heart of Borneo (x2)
The Island of Dr. Moreau (x4)
Jaavalaisia legendoja
Journey to the End of the Whale
Knowing Southeast Asian Subjects
Krakatoa: The Day the World Exploded (x12)
Letters of a Javanese Princess
Lintang Kemukus Dini Hari
Lord Jim
Lost in Shangri-la (x5)
The Lunatic Express
Man Tiger (x6)
Man Who Wanted to be Happy
Map Of The Invisible World
Max Havelaar (x3)
The Moonlit Garden
Nathaniel's Nutmeg
Neighbourhood Tales
The Original Dream
The Painted Alphabet
The Paradise Guest House (x2)
The Persimmon Tree (x3)
The Rainbow Troops (x2)
Rajapala & Ken Sulasih
The Red Dancer
Reflections of Eden: My Years with the Orangutans of Borneo
Robohnya Surau Kami
Rock Courtship
Root of All Evil
Saman (x2)
Savage Harvest (x4)
A Singular Woman
Sitti Nurbaya: A Love Unrealized
Solar Lottery
Song of Survival: Women Interned (x2)
Stranger in the Forest: On Foot Across Borneo
Tales from Djakarta
Tales of a Female Nomad
A Taste for Green Tangerines
The Ten Thousand Things (x7)
This Earth of Mankind (x8)
Tiger Stone
The Twenty-One Balloons (x2)
Twilight in Jakarta (x2)
Whisper No Lies
The Windup Girl
The Year of Living Dangerously (x2)

1Q84 (x19)
2:46: Aftershocks: Stories from the Japan Earthquake (x2)
Abandon the Old in Tokyo (x2)
Above the East China Sea
Across the Nightingale Floor (x12)
After Dark (x16)
After the Quake (x20)
All She Was Worth (x2)
All You Need Is Kill (x2)
Almost Transparent Blue (x2)
Amrita (x3)
Apparitions: Ghosts of Old Edo
The Ark Sakura (x2)
An Artist of the Floating World (x13)
Asleep (x5)
At Home in Japan
Audition (x5)
Autobiography of a Geisha
Basho: The Complete Haiku
Battle Royale (x10)
Beauty and Sadness (x4)
Beyond the Blossoming Fields
The Big Wave
Birthday Stories (x3)
Black Rain (x7)
Blade of the Samurai (x2)
Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman (x9)
Blood of Tyrants (x2)
The Book of Five Rings (x3)
The Book of Tea (x4)
Botchan (x6)
The Box Man
The Boy in the Earth
The Bridegroom Was a Dog
A Brief History of the Samurai
The Briefcase
The Budding Tree
The Changeling
Children Of The A Bomb
The Chrysanthemum Chain
Claws of the Cat
Cloud of Sparrows
Coin Locker Babies
Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage (x18)
The Commoner (x3)
Conduct Unbecoming
Confessions of a Mask (x6)
The Crazy Iris and Other Stories of the Atomic Aftermath
The Crimson Labyrinth
Dance Dance Dance (x10)
Dark Water (x2)
Daughter of the Sword
Daughters of the Samura
Dave Barry Does Japan
Death by Water
Death Note, Volume 1
The Decagon House Murders
The Devil of Nanking
The Devil's Cormorant
The Devotion of Suspect X (x11)
Diary of a Mad Old Man
Diary of a Tokyo Teen
A Dictionary of Mutual Understanding
A Distant Neighborhood
The Diving Pool
The Dragon King's Palace
A Drifting Life
The Earthquake Bird
Echoes of an Angel
Eine Liebe In Nagasaki
The Elephant Vanishes (x9)
The Essential Akutagawa
Exit A
An Exquisite Sense of What Is Beautiful
The Fall of Japan
Fallen Words
Faust 1
Fear and Trembling (x6)
Fiabe giapponesi
Finding the Sky
First Snow on Fuji
Fishing for Stars
Forbidden Colors
The Gate
Geisha: A Life (x8)
Genshiken Omnibus 1
The Girl from the Well
Glass Geishas
The Great Fire (x3)
The Great Passage
Grotesque (x5)
The Guest Cat (x5)
Gulliver's Travels
The Gun
Haiku: An Anthology of Japanese Poems
Haiku: Japanese Art and Poetry
Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World (x11)
Hard Rain
The Hare With Amber Eyes
Hear the Wind Sing
Hiroshima Mon Amour
Hokkaido Highway Blues
Hotel Iris (x8)
House of the Sleeping Beauties and Other Stories
A House Somewhere
The Housekeeper and the Professor (x24)
How to Be an American Housewife
The Hunting Gun
I Am a Cat (x2)
Ico: Castle in the Mist
In Black and White
In Praise of Shadows
In the Miso Soup (x9)
Inspector Imanishi Investigates (x3)
Inubaka: Crazy for Dogs, Volume 9
Japanese Fairy Tales
Japanese Inn
Japanese Pilgrimage
Japanland: A Year in Search of Wa
Journey Under the Midnight Sun
Kafka on the Shore (x23)
Kasho no Yume
Kaze Hikaru, Volume 1
The Key
Kitchen (x16)
Kokoro (x4)
Kwaidan: Japanese Ghost Stories
L'apprentie Geisha
La cena degli addii
La Librairie Tanabe
La Nostalgie heureuse
The Lake (x3)
The Last Leaves Falling
The Last Train from Hiroshima (x2)
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (x2)
Listening to Stone
Lost Girls and Love Hotels
Lost in a Good Book
The Makioka Sisters (x4)
Malice (x8)
The Master of Go
Memoirs of a Geisha (x44)
Men Without Women
A Modern History of Japan
The Monster on the Road Is Me
A Mortal Song
Moshi moshi
Murder at Mt. Fuji
My Mother Is a Tractor
The Night Parade (x2)
Nip the Buds, Shoot the Kids (x4)
Nocturne of Remembrance
Norwegian Wood (x28)
Of Honor and Love
Of Nightingales That Weep
One Hundred Years of Vicissitude
Othello, Volume 4
Otogizoshi: The Fairy Tale Book of Dazai Osamu
Out (x12)
A Pale View Of Hills (x15)
People Who Eat Darkness (x9)
A Personal Matter (x3)
Pinball, 1973
Pioggia sul viso
Plum Wine
Pretty Good Number One: An American Family Eats Tokyo
Rain Fall
Rashomon and Other Stories (x4)
The Reason I Jump (x2)
Revenge (x7)
Reverberations from Fukushima
Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes
The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea (x2)
The Salaryman's Wife (x8)
Salvation of a Saint (x6)
The Samurai Banner of Furin Kazan
Samurai Shortstop (x4)
The Samurai's Garden (x2)
Samurai William
Shockwave: Countdown to Hiroshima
Shōgun (x11)
The Shogun's Daughter
The Shogun's Queen
Silence (x8)
Silk (x8)
Snakes and Earrings
Snow Country (x12)
The Snow Empress
Some Prefer Nettles (x3)
The Sound of the Mountain
The Sound of Waves (x9)
South of the Border, West of the Sun
Spring Snow
Sputnik Sweetheart (x10)
The Strange Library
Strong in the Rain
A Tale for the Time Being (x12)
The Tale of Genji (x4)
The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter (x2)
The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet (x11)
Thousand Cranes (x8)
Tokyo Fiancée (x2)
Tokyo Vice
Tonan no Tsubasa
Tony Takitani
Totto-chan: The Little Girl at the Window
The Translation of Love
The Translator
True Path of the Ninja
The Typist (x2)
Unbroken (x29)
The Vampire With the Dragon Tattoo
Whale Warrior
When You Were Here
Where the Dead Pause, and the Japanese Say Goodbye (x4)
A Wild Sheep Chase (x10)
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle (x21)
The Woman in the Dunes
The World of the Shining Prince
Wrong About Japan
You Only Live Twice
Zen at War
Zen Attitude

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Diane | 12814 comments ASIA (Continued)

Kashmir (Including Ladakh)
Ancient Futures: Learning from Ladakh
Chef: A Novel (x2)
The Collaborator

Apples Are from Kazakhstan: The Land that Disappeared (x8)
At Home on the Kazakh Steppe
Captain of the Steppe
Dans la combi de Thomas Pesquet
The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years (x2)
The Dead Lake (x2)
Death on the Silk Road
Drinking Camel's Milk in the Yurt - Expat Stories from Kazakhstan (x4)
The Faculty of Useless Knowledge
The Eye of God
Half a World Away (x6)
In Search of Kazakhstan: The Land That Disappeared
Jamilia (x2)
Laika (x2)
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life
Murderers in Mausoleums
Once in Kazakhstan: The Snow Leopard Emerges
One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich (x12)
The Silent Steppe: The Memoir of a Kazakh Nomad Under Stalin
Stories of the Steppes: Kazakh Folktales Retold
Under the Wolf's Nest. A Turkic Rhapsody
Woman in Exile: My Life in Kazakhstan (x2)
The Zahir (x2)

Black Wind
Cloud Atlas
The Coldest Winter: America and the Korean War
The Color of Earth (x2)
Fox Girl
Lark and Termite
The Living Reed (x2)
Mash: A Novel About Three Army Doctors (x2)
A Single Shard (x3)
Tongue: A Novel
The Vegetarian
When My Name Was Keoko

Korea (North)
The Accidental Further Adventures of the Hundred-Year-Old Man
The Accusation: Forbidden Stories from Inside North Korea
The Aquariums of Pyongyang (x8)
The Beloved Daughter
The Calligrapher's Daughter
A Corpse in the Koryo (x6)
Dear Leader: Poet, Spy, Escapee--A Look Inside North Korea (x2)
Diktaattorin keittiömestari
Escape from Camp 14 (x12)
Falling Off the Map: Some Lonely Places of the World
The Ginseng Hunter
The Girl with Seven Names: A North Korean Defector’s Story (x7)
The Great Leader and the Fighter Pilot
Hidden Moon
How I Became a North Korean
I Have the Right to Destroy Myself
If I Perish
The Impossible State: North Korea, Past and Future
In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl's Journey to Freedom (x4)
Jia (x3)
Kuunmong: The Cloud Dream of the Nine
My Holiday in North Korea: The Funniest/Worst Place on Earth
North of the DMZ: Essays on Daily Life in North Korea
Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea (x22)
The Orphan Master's Son (x30)
Pyongyang: A Journey in North Korea (x12)
Retreat, Hell!
A River in Darkness: One Man's Escape from North Korea (x4)
A Single Shard (x4)
Somewhere Inside: One Sister's Captivity in North Korea and the Other's Fight to Bring Her Home (x4)
Star of the North
The Tears of My Soul: The True Story of a North Korean Spy
This Is Paradise: Stories (x4)
A Thousand Miles to Freedom: My Escape from North Korea (x4)
Under the Loving Care of the Fatherly Leader: North Korea and the Kim Dynasty (x2)
Without You, There Is No Us: My Time with the Sons of North Korea's Elite (x2)
Year of Impossible Goodbyes
Your Republic Is Calling You (x5)

Korea (South)
The Calligrapher's Daughter (x14)
Cloud Atlas
The Color of Earth
The Color of Water
Couleur de peau : miel, Tome 1
The Dance of the Spirits
The Darkest Summer
The Dog Who Dared to Dream
The Drop Box
Echoes of the White Giraffe (x2)
Everything Belongs to Us
First You Shave Your Head
Flat Water Tuesday
Forgotten Country (x2)
Fortune Smiles
The Girl Who Wrote Loneliness
Godwits: Long-Haul Champions
The Good Son
The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly (x6)
House of the Winds
Human Acts (x3)
If You Leave Me
I'll Be Right There (x3)
The Kite Fighters
The Korean Cinderella
The Korean Word For Butterfly
The Koreans: Who They Are, What They Want, Where Their Future Lies
La regola del quadro
The Language of Blood
Lark & Termite
Living Reed: A Novel of Korea (x3)
Maninbo: Peace & War
The New Year
One Thousand Chestnut Trees
Please Look After Mom (x26)
Pop Goes Korea: Behind the Revolution in Movies, Music, and Internet Culture
The Rainy Spell
The Red Queen (x6)
Secondhand World
Seesaw Girl
The Shadow Hour
A Single Shard (x16)
The Smartest Kids in the World: And How They Got That Way
So Far from the Bamboo Grove (x2)
The Surrendered (x3)
This Burns My Heart (x3)
Three Days in That Autumn
The Vegetarian (x16)
The Ville Rat
Waiting for Mama
The White Book
White Chrysanthemum
Your Republic Is Calling You (x3)

100 Letters Home: My Two Years In Kyrgyzstan (x2)
Goodnight, Mr. Lenin: A Journey Through the End of the Soviet Empire
Everyday Life in Central Asia: Past and Present
Farewell Gul'sary (x2)
Jamilia (x12)
A Killing Winter
Kyrgyz Legends
The Last Secrets of the Silk Road
Over the Edge: The True Story of Four American Climbers' Kidnap and Escape in the Mountains of Central Asia
The Place of the Skull
Restless Valley: Revolution, Murder, and Intrigue in the Heart of Central Asia
Roaming Kyrgyzstan: Beyond the Tourist Track
Shadow of the Silk Road (x3)
The Silken Thread
Spy for Hire
This Is Bishkek Baby
Uncertain Light
The White Steamship (x3)

Across the Mekong River (x2)
Anarchy and Old Dogs (x2)
Another Quiet American: Stories of Life in Laos (x2)
Carpe Diem
Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage (x2)
The Coroner's Lunch (x30)
Curse of the Pogo Stick (x5)
Disco For The Departed (x5)
Don't Eat Me
A Dragon Apparent: Travels in Cambodia, Laos & Vietnam
Escaping the Tiger
Folk Stories of the Hmong: Peoples of Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam
A Fortune-Teller Told Me: Earthbound Travels in the Far East
Invasion of Laos, 1971
The Latehomecomer: A Hmong Family Memoir (x2)
Learning to Breathe: One Woman's Journey of Spirit and Survival (x3)
Lost in Laos
Love Songs From A Shallow Grave (x4)
The Merry Misogynist (x4)
Monarchy in South East Asia: The Faces of Tradition in Transition
The Opposite of Hate
The Rat Catchers' Olympics
The River's Tale: A Year on the Mekong (x2)
A Short History of Laos: The Land in Between
Six and a Half Deadly Sins (x3)
Slash And Burn (x3)
Thirty-Three Teeth (x9)
The Vice Consul
The Woman Who Wouldn't Die (x6)
Zero Casualties

The Ballad of a Small Player (x2)
Cinnamon and Gunpowder (x3)
The Color of Tea (x8)
Deep Night
The Forbidden Kingdom (AKA The Forbidden Realm) (x2)
Heart Of Glass
A Man in Macau
Night of Many Dreams (x2)
The Red Pole of Macau (x2)

Almayer's Folly (x2)
The Art of Hearing Heartbeats
Dead in the Dog
Earth Dragon Fire Hare
Evening Is the Whole Day (x8)
A Fortune-Teller Told Me: Earthbound Travels in the Far East
The Garden of Evening Mists (x24)
The Ghost Bride (x21)
The Gift of Rain (x9)
The Harmony Silk Factory (x7)
The House Of Trembling Leaves
In Search of Goliathus Hercules
The Japanese Lover
Kampung Boy (x4)
Lord Jim (x6)
Map of the Invisible World (x6)
Massacre at Parit Sulong
A Merry Senhor in the Malay World1361134
A Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder (x16)
My Life as a Fake
The Plantation (x3)
Proper Islamic Consumption: Shopping Among the Malays in Modern Malaysia
Queen of the Headhunters
The Rape of Martha Teoh & Other Chilling Stories
The Rare Earth Exchange
The Rice Mother (x5)
A River in Borneo
Sandokan: The Tigers of Mompracem (x4)
Sejarah Melayu: The Malay Annals (x2)
The Separation
Stranded (x3)
Stranger in the Forest: On Foot Across Borneo (x2)
The Sunlit Ambush
The Tiger and the Leopardess
A Town Like Alice (x6)
The White Pearl (x2)

Dhon Hiyala and Ali Fulhu
Folk Tales of the Maldives (x2)
Mad Love
On the Island (x19)
Reise auf die Malediven
The Strode Venturer
When The Only Colour Is Blue

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Diane | 12814 comments Asia

All This Belongs to Me
The Blue Sky (x7)
Bones of the Master: A Journey to Secret Mongolia
Book of a Thousand Days (x10)
A Bride's Story, Vol. 1
The Cave of the Yellow Dog
Compartment No. 6
Daughter of Xanadu (x3)
Des Myrtilles Dans La Yourte (x2)
Genghis: Birth of an Empire (x9)
Genghis: Bones of the Hills (x3)
Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World (x12)
Hearing Birds Fly (x2)
Honored Vow (x3)
The Horse Boy (x2)
I Rode a Horse of Milk White Jade (x2)
Invisible Cities (x5)
Khan: Empire of Silver (x3)
Kublai Khan: The Mongol King Who Remade China
La Mort nomade
Les Temps sauvages (x2)
Marvellous Mongolian
Mission Mongolia: Two Men, One Van, No Turning Back
Moron to Moron: Two Men, Two Bikes, One Mongolian Misadventure (x2)
Nomonhan, 1939: The Red Army's Victory That Shaped World War II
Search for the Buried Bomber
The Secret History of the Mongol Queens (x15)
The Shadow Walker
Sorghaghtani of Mongolia
The Tiger Queens: The Women of Genghis Khan (x2)
Time Traveler: In Search of Dinosaurs and Other Fossils from Montana to Mongolia
Treasure Of Khan (x3)
W świecie jurt i szamanów
Warrior (x3)
White Chrysanthemum
Wild East: Travels in the New Mongolia
Wolf Of The Plains (x6)
Wolf Totem (x2)

The Karabakh Problem

The Abominable Snowman
Among Flowers: A Walk in the Himalaya (x4)
Annapurna (x2)
Arresting God in Kathmandu (x2)
The Ascent
Beyond the Summit (x2)
Black Order
Blind Descent: Surviving Alone and Blind on Mount Everest
Buried in the Sky: The Extraordinary Story of the Sherpa Climbers on K2's Deadliest Day
By Any Means
The City Son (x7)
The Climb: Tragic Ambitions on Everest (x3)
Don't Let the Goats Eat the Loquat Trees (x2)
The Eight Mountains
A friend in a thousand
From Heaven Lake: Travels Through Sinkiang and Tibet
The Guru of Love
Himalaya (x3)
Himalayan Holiday
Into the Silence: The Great War, Mallory and the Conquest of Everest
Into Thin Air (x24)
Jonathan: Integral 3
The Kid Who Climbed Everest (x2)
Little Princes: One Man's Promise to Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal (x23)
Minu Nepaal
Miracle Man
No Friends but the Mountains
One More Time: A Novel (x2)
Sacred Love: Erotic art in the temples of Nepal
Schoolhouse In the Clouds
Sold (x11)
Thin Air
Tilled Earth : Stories
Time out for Beginners: 32 Days in a Buddhist Monastery in Nepal
Touching My Father's Soul: A Sherpa's Journey to the Top of Everest
Transformative Travel
white bird
The Will to Climb: Obsession and Commitment and the Quest to Climb Annapurna

The Accidental Fiancee
An Act of Treason
Amal Unbound
Beneath My Mother's Feet
Between Clay and Dust
Between Worlds Essays on culture and belonging
Beyond the North-West Frontier
The Blind Man's Garden (x2)
The Bracelet
Broken Verses
Burnt Shadows
A Case of Exploding Mangoes (x9)
The Convert: A Tale of Exile and Extremism
Devotion and Defiance: My Fight for Justice for Women
Duty Free
Exit West (x3)
Flame: Hackers, Artists, Lovers, and Spies
Freedom at Midnight
The Golden Legend (x2)
The Good Son (x2)
Half the Sky
Home Fire
The House of Djinn
The House Of Fear (x2)
How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia (x3)
I Am Malala (x22)
I Own the Dawn
I Should Have Honor
In the Orchard, the Swallows (x2)
In Xanadu: A Quest
Iqbal (x2)
In Other Rooms, Other Wonders (x4)
K2: Life and Death on the World's Most Dangerous Mountain
Kim (x2)
Land Beyond the River
L'avion du Nanga
Midnight's Children
A Mighty Heart: The Brave Life and Death of My Husband, Danny Pearl
Moth Smoke (x4)
No Way Down: Life and Death on K2 (x2)
Our Lady of Alice Bhatti (x2)
Ours Are the Streets
Radical: My Journey out of Islamist Extremism
Reconciliation: Islam, Democracy, and the West
The Reluctant Fundamentalist (x34)
Season of the Rainbirds (x2)
Shabanu: Daughter of the Wind
The Shadow of the Crescent Moon (x2)
Shame (x5)
Striking Distance
Teen Titans, Vol. 15: Prime of Life
A Thousand Splendid Suns
Three Cups of Tea (x13)
To Live or to Perish Forever: Two Tumultuous Years in Pakistan
Under the Persimmon Tree
The Wandering Falcon (x3)
Wanted Women: Faith, Lies, and the War on Terror
Where the Indus Is Young: Walking to Baltistan
The Wish Maker
Written in the Stars

All the Conspirators
An American Doctor's Odyssey
Banana Heart Summer (x2)
Before Ever After (x3)
Biggest Elvis
The Blue
The Blue Afternoon (x3)
Broken Jewel
Cryptonomicon (x2)
Dream Jungle (x2)
Dusk (x5)
Ermita: A Filipino Novel
Fairy Tale Fail
Falling Together
Fish-Hair Woman
Ghost of Bataan Speaks
Ghost Soldiers: The Epic Account of World War II's Greatest Rescue Mission (x2)
The Great Raid on Cabanatuan
Honor in the Dust
The Hour of Daydreams
Hunt for the Bamboo Rat
Ilustrado (x2)
In the Country
The Jersey Brothers
Just A Kiss Away
Killing Rain
Killing the Rising Sun
The Last Valentine
Leche (x2)
Letters to the Editor
Moondogs (x2)
Monsoon Mansion: A Memoir
Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not) (x4)
The Sea Is Ours: Tales from Steampunk Southeast Asia
Smaller and Smaller Circles
Smile When You're Lying: Confessions of a Rogue Travel Writer
Soledad's Sister
The Solemn Lantern Maker (x2)
Songs of Ourselves: Writings by Filipino Women in English (x2)
Tall Story
The Tesseract (x2)
We Band of Angels: The Untold Story of American Nurses Trapped on Bataan by the Japanese (x2)
When the Elephants Dance (x10)
Who Walk Alone
Wisdom from a Rainforest: The Spiritual Journey of an Anthropologist

All broken up and dancing
The Ambassador's Wife (x2)
Around the World in Eighty Days
The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye
Aunty Lee's Deadly Specials (x2)
Aunty Lee's Delights: (x7)
Beneath the Singapore Sky
The Black Isle (x2)
The Bondmaid (x2)
Bulletproof Buddhists and Other Essays
Crazy Rich Asians (x28)
The Deceived (x3)
The Demon and the City
A Different Sky
Escape from Paradise: From Third World to First
The Feng Shui Detective
Following the Wrong God Home
Four Kiwis and a Falcon
Frog under A Coconut Shell (x2)
From Leonard to Leona: A Singapore Transexual's Journey to Womanhood
The Hour Before Dawn
Inspector Zhang Gets His Wish (x2)
Inspector Zhang Mysteries (x2)
King Rat (x8)
Little Ironies: Stories of Singapore
Meddling and Murder
Memoirs of a DJ: Life in Progress (x2)
The Mile Hi! Club: Memoirs of a Stewardess
Miss Seetoh in the World
The Moonlight Palace (x3)
A Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder
My Kiasu Teenage Life in Singapore (x2)
Not So Stories
The Oddfits
The Other Side Of Paradise
The Red Thread (x2)
Return to a Sexy Island
Rich People Problems
The River's Song
Sarong Party Girls
The Scorpion Child
The Singapore Grip (x5)
The Singapore School of Villainy (x3)
Singapore Transfer
The Singapore Wink
Snake Agent
Soy Sauce for Beginners (x5)
Stamford Raffles Founder Of Modern Singapore
The Thorn of Lion City (x2)
A Tiger in the Kitchen: A Memoir of Food and Family (x4)
The Trader's Wife (x2)
Where the Dawn Comes Up Like Thunder
Wind And Water

South Ossetia
Red Station

Sri Lanka
Anil's Ghost (x16)
The Boat People
Brixton Beach (x2)
Buddhism at Work
The Cat's Table (x4)
Chinaman: The Legend of Pradeep Mathew (x3)
Cinnamon Gardens (x4)
Funny Boy
A Disobedient Girl (x3)
The Fountains of Paradise (x2)
The Hamilton Case (x3)
Island of a Thousand Mirrors (x9)
Love Marriage (x2)
Monsoon Rains and Icicle Drops
Mosquito (x4)
Questions of Travel
Reef (x3)
Running in the Family (x8)
The Sea Inside
Shopaholic and Sister
The Story of a Brief Marriage
Swimming in the Monsoon Sea (x2)
The Tea Planter's Wife
Trouble in Nuala
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
The Unchangeable Spots of Leopards
Wave (x10)
What Lies Between Us

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Diane | 12814 comments ] Asia

不死巫妖 (下)
The Black-Bearded Barbarian
The China Voyage
Dumpling Days (x2)
The Foreigner (x3)
Ghost Month (x2)
Green Island (x2)
Hunt for Jade Dragon
The Lost Colony (x2)
Lucky Girl (x2)
The Red Heart of Jade
Rose, Rose, I Love You
The Stolen Bicycle (x3)
Taiwan Tales: One Country, Eight Stories
Taiwan's Buddhist Nuns
Taiwan's Tzu Chi as Engaged Buddhism
The Third Son (x2)
A Thousand Moons on a Thousand Rivers
A Tragic Beginning: The Taiwan Uprising of February 28, 1947

Beyond the Roof of the World: Music, Prayer, and Healing in the Pamir Mountains
Boat Trip
The Carpet Wars
Deep Black: Death Wave (x2)
The Disobedient Wife (x2)
Garis Batas
The Great Game: The Struggle for Empire in Central Asia
Land Beyond the River: The Untold Story of Central Asia
Mord in Tadschikistan
A Pass Too Far: Travels in Central Asia
Postcards from Stanland: Journeys in Central Asia
The Sandalwood Box: Folk Tales from Tadzhikistan (x3)
Sixteen Seasons*: Stories from a Missionary Family in Tajikistan

Across the Mekong River
Anna and the King of Siam (x3)
The Atlas of Us
Bangkok 8 (x12)
Bangkok Days (x2)
Bangkok Tattoo (x4)
The Beach (x14)
Behind Closed Doors (x2)
Behind the Painting: And Other Stories
Bombay Anna
The Bridge Over the River Kwai (x3)
Catching the Sun
Cockroaches (x16)
Cross Currents (x2)
The Day Of The Wave
The Dying Beach
The Fear Artist (x3)
Fieldwork (x4)
For the Dead
Grandad, There's A Head On The Beach (x4)
The Hot Countries
I Shot the Buddha
It Rains Fishes: Legends, Traditions, and the Joys of Thai Cooking
Killed At The Whim Of A Hat (x9)
The King Never Smiles: A Biography of Thailand's Bhumibol Adulyadej
Ladyboys: The Secret World of Thailand's Third Gender
The Last Executioner: Memoirs Of Thailand's Last Prison Executioner
The Latehomecomer (x4)
Laundry Man
The Lioness in Bloom: Modern Thai Fiction about Women
Love Sick: The Chaotic Lives of Blue Shorts Guys
Mindfulness and Murder (x2)
Mrs. Pollifax and the Golden Triangle (x5)
The Moon in the Mango Tree
Murder at the House of Rooster Happiness
A Nail Through the Heart (x5)
The Narrow Road to the Deep North (x3)
Next Life in the Afternoon: A Journey Through Thailand
Opening the door of your heart and other Buddhist tales of happiness
The Orchid House (x6)
Peek!: A Thai Hide-And-Seek
Platform (x3)
Private Dancer (x2)
The Queen of Patpong (x4)
The Rise & Fall of Great Powers
The Road to Wanting
Scale-Bright (x2)
The Scoreless Thai
The Shadow-Line (x2)
Sightseeing (x7)
Sing To The Dawn (x2)
Star Trek: Khan #3 (x2)
Tales from Thailand
Tangled Threads: A Hmong Girl's Story
The Temple of Dawn
The Thai Amulet
Traveling with Ghosts: A Memoir
Unaccustomed Earth
What the Buddha Never Taught: A 'Behind the Robes" Account of Life in a Thai Forest Monastery (x3)
The Windup Girl
The Wishing Trees
Your Face in Mine

Above All Things (x3)
Across Many Mountains: A Tibetan Family's Epic Journey from Oppression to Freedom
Blood of the Reich: A Novel
Blue Poppies
China Road: A Journey into the Future of a Rising Power
Dalai Lama, My Son (x3)
Daughter of the Mountains (x4)
The Diamond Path: Tibetan and Mongolian Myth
From Heaven Lake: Travels Through Sinkiang and Tibet (x3)
Ghosts of Everest: The Search for Mallory & Irvine
God spoke Tibetan; the epic story
Hell or High Water: Surviving Tibet's Tsangpo River
The Hotel on the Roof of the World
In the Shadow of the Buddha
Jonathan: Integral 1
Journey of Awakening
Lost Horizon (x11)
Murder in the High Himalaya (x3)
My Journey to Lhasa
Paths of Glory
Red Poppies: A Novel of Tibet (x2)
Rogues in Robes
The Secret of Tibet
Seven Years in Tibet (x14)
The Skull Mantra (x7)
Sky Burial: An Epic Love Story of Tibet (x11)
The Snow Lion and the Dragon: China, Tibet, and the Dalai Lama
The Third Eye
The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying
Tibetan Trek
Tin Tin in Tibet (x3)
To a Mountain in Tibet (x4)
Trespassers on the Roof of the World: The Secret Exploration of Tibet
Water Touching Stone (x3)

The Accompanists: A Story about Love (Hadomi) and Music in Timor Leste
Beloved Land
The Canal House (x2)
The Crossing: A Story of East Timor (x3)
The Dili Diaries
East Timor: Genocide in Paradise
Funu: The Unfinished Saga of East Timor
Hello Missus: A Girl's Own Guide to Foreign Affairs
Indelible Scars
Islands of Gold
The Redundancy of Courage (x2)
Shooting Balibo (x2)
Timor Lives! Speeches of Freedom and Independence

A Bride's Story, Vol. 1
A Bride's Story, Vol. 2
Daily Life in Turkmenbashy's Golden Age (x3)
Foreign Devils on the Silk Road
Grimm Fairy Tales Myths & Legends Volume 5
Joe & Azat (x3)
The Leveling (x4)
The Lost Heart of Asia
Sacred Horses: Memoirs of a Turkmen Cowboy
The Tale of Aypi
The Train to Bairam-Ali, Journey Through Turkmenistan (x2)

Americanski Girl (x2)
A Bride's Story, Vol. 1
Cancer Ward
A Carpet Ride to Khiva: Seven Years on the Silk Road (x2)
Chasing the Sea: Lost Among the Ghosts of Empire in Central Asia
A Collection of Uzbek Short Stories
The Dancer from Khiva (x3)
Dreams of Gods & Monsters
Flames of Heaven
The Golden Road to Samarkand
The Great Game: The Struggle for Empire in Central Asia
On the Noodle Roada
Pleased to Be Otherwise
The Possessed: Adventures With Russian Books and the People Who Read Them (x2)
Private Wars
The Railway (x6)
Samarkand (x2)
Silk Road to Ruin: Is Central Asia the New Middle East?
The Tale of Hodja Nasreddin: Disturber of the Peace (x2)
Tashkent: Forging a Soviet City, 1930–1966
The Venetian Betrayal (x2)

Apburtā monēta
The Beauty of Humanity Movement (x8)
The Best We Could Do (x4)
Blood on the Risers
Bloods: An Oral History of the Vietnam War by Black Veterans
The Book of Salt (x3)
Bouddha (x2)
Catfish and Mandala (x6)
Cracker!: The Best Dog in Vietnam (x2)
Daughters of the River Huong
Double Exposure: A Veteran Returns to Vietnam
Dragon House
Dumb Luck
Eating Viet Nam: Dispatches from a Blue Plastic Table
The Eaves of Heaven: A Life in Three Wars
Embers Of War: The Fall of an Empire and the Making of America's Vietnam
Finding Jack: A Novel
Going After Cacciato (x6)
A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain (x8)
The grave at Thu Le
The Headmaster's Wager (x9)
Highways to a War
The House on Dream Street: Memoir of an American Woman in Vietnam
If I Die in a Combat Zone: Box Me Up and Ship Me Home
Inside Out & Back Again (x7)
Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam
Kim; A Gift from Vietnam
The Land I Lost: Adventures of a Boy in Vietnam (x2)
Land with No Sun: A Year in Vietnam with the 173rd Airborne
Laos File
Last Night I Dreamed of Peace: The Diary of Dang Thuy Tram (x2)
The Lotus Eaters (x12)
The Lover (x13)
The Map of Lost Memories (x2)
Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam War (x17)
A Million Shades of Gray (x3)
No Man's Land
Novel Without a Name (x3)
The Novice: A Story of True Love (x2)
Paradise of the Blind (x4)
The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Vietnam War
Poseidon's Steed: The Story of Seahorses
Postcards from Nam (x2)
The Quiet American (x20)
The Reeducation of Cherry Truong
The Refugees (x5)
Roots of Unrest
Ru (x9)
Saïgon - Hanoï
Scalped: Book Four
Secrets Of The Red Lantern: Stories And Recipes From The Heart
She Weeps Each Time You're Born (x2)
The Silk Merchant's Daughter
The Sorrow of War: A Novel of North Vietnam (x4)
Speaking in silence
Such a Lovely Little War: Saigon 1961-63
The Summer Garden
Sunday Menu: Selected Short Stories of Pham Thi Hoai
The Sympathizer (x12)
The Things They Carried (x18)
Ticket to Childhood: A Novel
The Time In Between
Toothbrush People
The Trader of Saigon
True Love: A Practice for Awakening the Heart
The Unwanted: A Memoir of Childhood
Up Country (x2)
Vietnam: A Traveler's Literary Companion
Vietnam: Rising Dragon
Vietnamerica: A Family's Journey (x2)
When Heaven Fell
White Tiger
Word of Honor

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Diane | 12814 comments CARIBBEAN

Every Breath You Take
History of Anguilla and Montserrat, British Virgin Islands
A Trip to the Beach: Living on Island Time in the Caribbean (x8)
Under an English Heaven (x4)
Wonderland (x2)

Annie John (x22)
At the Bottom of the River (x5)
The Boy from Willow Bend (x2)
Dead in the Water
The History of Mary Prince (x3)
Kidnap in the Caribbean
Lucy (x3)
Mr Loverman (x2)
Mr. Potter: A Novel (x5)
Musical Youth
My Brother (x3)
Our Kind of Traitor (x4)
The Quickening
A Small Place (x15)

Fire Mountain: How One Man Survived The World's Worst Volcanic Disaster

An Island Away (x2)
Aruba: The Tragic Untold Story of Natalee Holloway and Corruption in Paradise
Aruba Home Cooking
Dangerous Girls (x6)
Death by Proposal
Does This Island Go To The Bottom?
Out of Her Depth
Tropical Kiss
Trouble in Paradise
Yoga Girl

Bad Monkey (x7)
Bahama Burnout
The Bahama Queen
Bahamarama (x2)
Basket Case (x2)
Continental Drift
The Day Is So Long and the Wages So Small: Music on a Summer Island (x2)
Dolphin Diaries: My 25 Years with Spotted Dolphins in the Bahamas
Drama in the Bahamas
An evening in Guanima: A treasury of folktales from the Bahamas (x2)
The Far Side of the Sun (x5)
Fire on Dark Water
For Your Eyes Only
Full Fathom Five: Ocean Warming and a Father's Legacy
Ghost Night (x2)
Girl Overboard
The Great Wide Sea (x3)
Hurricanes in Paradise
Island (x2)
Island Interlude
The Island of Dangerous Dreams
Islands in the Stream (x3)
Islands in the Sun
Life On A Rock
Lola Carlyle Reveals All (x2)
The Measure of a Man: A Spiritual Autobiography
Morning Girl (x2)
On Stranger Tides (x4)
Passage By Night
Pirate Hunter of the Caribbean
The Possession of Delia Sutherland (x2)
The Queen of Whale Cay
The Republic of Pirates (x3)
Rum Punch (x3)
Sail (x8)
A Salty Piece of Land (x2)
Steel (x2)
Storm Warning
Thine Is The Kingdom
Thunderball (x6)
To Follow the Water: Exploring the Ocean to Discover Climate
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (x4)
War of the Whales: A True Story (x2)
What Manner of Man Is This?: The Duke of Windsor's Years in The Bahamas

Barbados Heat
Bound by the Heart
Captain Blood (x6)
A Caribbean Mystery (x2)
Death By Honeymoon (x3)
Easy in the Islands
The Empress of the Last Days
Flickering Shadows
Growing Up Stupid Under the Union Jack
In the Castle of My Skin (x3)
Island Daze
It So Happen
The Man Who Loved Attending Funerals and Other Stories
No Man in the House
One Dangerous Lady
Pictures of a Dying Man: A Novel
Pig Tails 'n Breadfruit
Playing the Rake's Game
The Polished Hoe (x2)
Redemption in Indigo
The Star Side of Bird Hill (x8)
The Sugar Barons
Sugar in the Blood: A Family's Story of Slavery and Empire (x5)
The Sunshine When She's Gone
Tender Savage
Testimony of an Irish Slave Girl
A Wanted Woman (x2)
Water with Berries

The Cactus Fence
Diving Bonaire
Lonely Planet Diving & Snorkeling Bonaire

Caribbean (General)
The Abigail Affair
Beneath the Veil of Paradise
A Caribbean Mystery
Cat's Cradle
An Embarrassment of Mangoes: A Caribbean Interlude
Love in the Time of Cholera
Pepperpot: Best New Stories from the Caribbean
Robinson Crusoe
A Salty Piece of Land
Storm-Sent: A Mystery of the Sea
Treasure Island (x2)
Wide Sargasso Sea

Cayman Islands
Cayman Cowboys
Cayman Gold
Cries of the Lost (x2)
Death by Jealousy
Down the Cayman Wall
Far Tortuga
The Forever Girl (x2)
Grand Cayman Slam
The Hidden Son (x2)
Murder in the Caymans
The Sea Captain's Wife: A True Story of Love, Race, and War in the Nineteenth Century (x3)
So, You Want To Live On An Island.. (x2)
Swimming Without a Net (x2)

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Diane | 12814 comments CARIBBEAN

33 Revolutions (x2)
90 Miles to Havana
Absolute Solitude: Selected Poems
Adios Hemingway
Adios Muchachos (x3)
The Agüero Sisters
Assata: An Autobiography
The Assault: A Novel
Before Night Falls (x3)
The Beggar's Opera (x3)
Broken Paradise (x4)
Café Nostalgia
Changó's Beads and Two-Tone Shoes
Che: A Graphic Biography
The Color of Summer: or The New Garden of Earthly Delights
A Corner of the World
Cuba (x2)
Cuba: My Revolution (x2)
Cuba Diaries: An American Housewife in Havana (x4)
Cuba Libre
The Cuban Affair (x2)
Cuban Heels (x2)
Dancing to "Almendra" (x2)
Days of Awe
Destiny's Captive
The Distant Marvels
Dirty Blonde and Half-Cuban
Dirty Havana Trilogy (x3)
The Distant Marvels (x4)
Dreaming in Cuban (x7)
Edge of Eternity (x3)
Finding Manana: A Memoir of a Cuban Exodus
The Firefly Letters: A Suffragette's Journey to Cuba
The German Girl
The Girl with the Golden Shoes
The Golden Rendezvous
Guantánamo Diary (x2)
Guantanamo: The War on Human Rights
A Handbook to Luck
The Handsomest Man in Cuba: An Escapade
Havana (x2)
Havana Bay (x4)
Havana Black
Havana Blue (x3)
Havana Fever
Havana Gold
Havana Lost
Havana Red
Hawke (x3)
Hemingway's Boat: Everything He Loved in Life, and Lost, 1934-1961
The History of Cuba
Hostage in Havana
House of Leaves
A Hundred Fires in Cuba
If The Dead Rise Not (x2)
The Island of Eternal Love (x3)
The Island That Dared: Journeys in Cuba
Islands in the Stream (x2)
King of Cuba (x2)
La nada cotidiana / The Daily Nothingness
The Lazarus Rumba: A Novel
The Lightning Dreamer: Cuba's Greatest Abolitionist
Love and Ruin (x2)
Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love (x2)
Memories of a Cuban Kitchen
The Messenger
Michael Palin's Hemingway Adventure
Midnight in Havana (x2)
Monkey Hunting (x3)
Mrs. Hemingway (x2)
Murder in Havana
The Music of Dolphins (x2)
My Havana: Memories of a Cuban Boyhood (x2)
Next Year in Havana (x4)
No Way Home: A Dancer's Journey from the Streets of Havana to the Stages of the World (x2)
North of Havana
The Old Man and the Sea (x53)
One Minute to Midnight
Our Man in Havana (x16)
Pig's Foot
Pirate Freedom
The Prisoner of Guantanamo
Raining Sardines
The Red Umbrella (x8)
Skeleton Key (x5)
The Sugar Island (x2)
Super Extra Grande
The Surrender Tree: Poems of Cuba's Struggle for Freedom (x2)
Take Me With You
Telex from Cuba (x7)
Three Trapped Tigers (x2)
To Have and Have Not (x3)
Tropical Secrets: Holocaust Refugees in Cuba
Waiting for Snow in Havana: Confessions of a Cuban Boy (x2)
Waking up in Cuba
Walking with the Night: The Afro-Cuban World of Santeria
The Wild Book (x2)
World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War
Yocandra in the Paradise of NADA

The Cay (x13)
Contemporary Curacao: A Caribbean Community
The House of Six Doors (x2)
Mijn zuster de negerin
The Other Side of Blue (x3)

Dampier Cay

The Autobiography of My Mother (x6)
Circle of Bones
Home Again: Stories Of Migration And Return
Ode to a Fish Sandwich
The Orchid House (x2)
Taming a Hurricane (x3)
Unburnable (x4)
The Violins of Saint-Jacques
Voyage in the Dark (x3)
Wide Sargasso Sea (x32)

Dominican Republic
Before We Were Free (x7)
Bird of Paradise: How I Became Latina (x2)
The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao (x48)
A Cafecito Story
The Color of My Words (x2)
Drown (x10)
The Eastern Stars: How Baseball Changed the Dominican Town of San Pedro de Macoris (x2)
Empire of Blue Water: Captain Morgan's Great Pirate Army, the Epic Battle for the Americas, and the Catastrophe That Ended the Outlaws' Bloody Reign
The Feast Of The Goat (x11)
Geographies of Home
Girl Overboard
Homecoming: New and Collected Poems
How the García Girls Lost Their Accents (x2)
In the Name of Salome
In the Time of the Butterflies (x26)
Island Beneath the Sea
Jesus Land (x3)
La mucama de Omicunlé
Let It Rain Coffee (x2)
Lieutenant Hornblower (x2)
Pirate Hunters: Treasure, Obsession, and the Search for a Legendary Pirate Ship (x6)
Poison Makers: A Novel
Saving the World (x3)
Something to Declare
Song of the Water Saints: A Novel
Songbird Journeys: Four Seasons In the Lives of Migratory Birds
This Is How You Lose Her (x13)
Yo! (x2)

The Bone Readers (x10)
Caribbean Twilight: Tales of the Supernatural
Death by Divorce
An Embarrassment of Mangoes: A Caribbean Interlude (x10)
The Girl Who Played With Fire (x3)
Pynter Bender
The Spice Necklace: A Food-Lover's Caribbean Adventure (x2)
Sugar Money (x8)
Tales from the Isle of Spice: A Collection of New Caribbean Folk Tales
A Tan and Sandy Silence (x2)
Under the Silk Cotton Tree: A Novel (x5)

Guadeloupe (and Marie-Galante)
Adrift: Seventy-Six Days Lost at Sea
Another Sun
The Bridge of Beyond
Circle of Bones (x3)
Crossing the Mangrove (x5)
Escape Across the Wide Sea
Explosion in a Cathedral
Homo Faber
The Honest Folk of Guadeloupe
The Last Night I Spent with You
Lost White Tribes: Journeys Amongst The Forgotten
A Meditation on Murder (x2)
Tales from the Heart: True Stories from My Childhood
Victoire: My Mother's Mother (x5)
The Zabime Sisters (x2)

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Diane | 12814 comments CARIBBEAN

After the Dance
Alphabet of the Night (x2)
AIDS and Accusation: Haiti and the Geography of Blame
All Souls' Rising
An Aroma of Coffee (x2)
Behind the Mountains
Beneath Tropic Seas
Betrothal in Santo Domingo
The Big Truck That Went By (x3)
Bitter Chocolate
The Boiling Season
Breath, Eyes, Memory (x21)
Brother, I'm Dying (x6)
The Butterfly's Way
Cathedral of the Aug. Heat
Claire of the Sea Light (x10)
The Comedians (x4)
Continental Drift (x2)
Dance on the Volcano
Deadeye Dick
The Dew Breaker (x8)
Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti
Down Among The Dead Men
Drums of Darkness
Emergency Sex (And Other Desperate Measures)
The Enigma of the Return
The Farming of Bones (x10)
God Loves Haiti (x2)
Haiti Noir
Haiti: After the Earthquake
Happy Talk: A Novel
House of Flowers
How To Make Love To A Negro Without Getting Tired
In Darkness
Island Beneath the Sea (x29)
The Kingdom of This World (x9)
Krik? Krak! (x7)
Lost Girls: A Sherry Moore Novel
Love, Anger, Madness: A Haitian Trilogy
The Magic Orange Tree and Other Haitian Folktales
Midnight Moon
Mountains Beyond Mountains (x5)
Mr. Clarinet
On That Day, Everybody Ate (x2)
The Return (x2)
Ruth's Journey
The Salt Roads (x2)
Tell My Horse: Voodoo and Life in Haiti and Jamaica (x2)
An Untamed State (x11)
The Uses of Haiti
Voodoo in My Blood: From Surgeon to Shaman
A Wedding in Haiti (x4)
The World is Moving Around Me: A Memoir of the Haiti Earthquake (x2)

Abeng (x3)
The Angels' Share
Banana Bottom
Before, During, After
The Best of Us
Black Heart of Jamaica
Bloody Jack
The Book of Jamaica (x2)
The Book of Night Women (x8)
A Brief History of Seven Killings (x17)
By Love Possessed
Captain Blood
The Cartographer Tries to Map a Way to Zion
Catch a Fire: The Life of Bob Marley (x2)
The Columbus Affair
Daddy Sharpe
Dancing Lessons
Disposable People
Doctor No (x9)
Empire Of Blue Water
For Your Eyes Only
From Harvey River (x2)
Fruit of the Lemon (x3)
The Goat Woman of Largo Bay
Greenwichtown: A Novel
Greetings From Jamaica, Wish You Were Queer
The Hellion Bride
Here Comes the Sun (x7)
A High Wind in Jamaica (x2)
Hot Summer
How Stella Got Her Groove Back (x3)
Jamaica Blue
Jamaica Me Dead (x2)
Jamaican Me Crazy: A Christmas Escape
John Crow's Devil (x6)
Kingston by Starlight
The Last Warner Woman (x3)
Live and Let Die (x7)
The Long Song (x11)
The Man With the Golden Gun (x4)
Me Dying Trial
The New Moon's Arms
No Telephone to Heaven (x2)
Not Quite Enough
The Other Side of Paradise (x5)
The Pagoda
The Painter
Pao: A Novel (x3)
Pirate Latitudes (x16)
The Pirate's Daughter (x6)
The Rastafarians (x2)
Remote Man
Rule of the Bone
The Same Earth
Shattered Icon
Skin Folk
A Small Gathering of Bones
Small Island (x11)
So Much Things to Say: The Oral History of Bob Marley
Storm Warning
Tell My Horse: Voodoo and Life in Haiti and Jamaica (x2)
The True History of Paradise (x5)
Vengeance at Port Royal
Voyager (x2)
The White Witch of Rosehall
Wide Sargasso Sea (x22)

Chronicle of the Seven Sorrows (x2)
Collected Poems Of Edouard Glissant
The Day Their World Ended (x2)
Der Richter Aus Paris
Hot Countries
The Last Days of St. Pierre (x2)
Mamzelle Dragonfly
The Many Lives & Secret Sorrows of Josephine B.
The Middle Passage
School Days (x2)
Solibo Magnificent (x2)
A Tempest
Texaco (x2)
The Traveller's Tree

At Home with Miss Vanesa (x2)
The Life of Olaudah Equiano
Montserrat On My Mind (x2)
Sold as a Slave
The Volcano, Montserrat and Me

Netherlands Antilles
Surviving Raine

Puerto Rico
21: The Story of Roberto Clemente
Always Ready
Burning Precinct Puerto Rico
Caribbean Moon
Conquistadora (x4)
The Dame
Death in Precinct Puerto Rico
Empire of Dreams
Flight of the Swan
The House on the Lagoon (x2)
If I Bring You Roses
Life and Other Near-Death Experiences
The Meaning of Consuelo: A Novel (x2)
My Beloved World (x3)
Precinct Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico
River of Angels
The Rule Of Nine
The Rum Diary (x4)
The Sparrow
The Time It Snowed in Puerto Rico (x5)
When I Was Puerto Rican (x5)

Saba Sā-bə (x3)

Saint Barts
All I Want Is Everything
Death by Desire
Murder in St. Barts (x2)
Paradise Lost
St. Barts Breakdown (x2)

Saint Eustatius
A Notable Occupation
The Perfidious Parrot

Saint Honore (Fictional)
A Caribbean Mystery (x2)

Saint Kitts and Nevis
All Fruits Ripe (x2)
Caribbean Chemistry: Tales from St. Kitts
The Final Passage (x3)
The Fortunes of Captain Blood
The Lawless and the Lotus
Quitting America (x2)
The Reef (x3)
Ring of the Slave Prince
Rum Punch Regrets (x3)
A State of Independence
Then You Hide

Saint Lucia
Black Widow
A Caribbean Mystery (x6)
Collected Poems, 1948-1984 (x2)
November Remember
Omeros (x3)
Sea Grapes
Selected Poems
The Star-Apple Kingdom (x3)
White Lies

Saint Martin
Gone Bamboo (x2)
Hurricanes, Paradise and Fairy Tales
The Making of an Island: St. Martin
Mermaid - Our Family in Paradise
Murder in the Raw

San Lorenzo (Fictional)
Cat's Cradle

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
About Grace
Between Two Worlds
Bluewater Killer
Double Up
Ghost Stories of Old: A Villagers Tail
Island in the Clouds (x2)
Memoirs of My Childhood: St. Vincent, West Indies
The Moon Is Following Me (x2)
Night Diver (x2)
One Woman's Island
Shakers of St. Vincent

Trinidad and Tobago
Anna In-Between (x2)
Black Rock
Bruised Hibiscus
Butterfly in the Wind
Carnival Music in Trinidad
Decolonial Daughter
The Doctor and the Diva
The Dragon Can't Dance
An Embarrassment of Mangoes
The Enigma of Arrival (x2)
The Fortunate Traveler
A House for Mr Biswas (x7)
The Hummingbird Tree
India: A Wounded Civilization
A Kind of Eden
Light Falling on Bamboo (x2)
The Lonely Londoners
Memoirs of Dr Andrew Moonir Khan
Miguel Street
The Middle Passage
Moving Forward Sideways Like a Crab
My Life as a Banker
The Mystic Masseur
No Pain Like This Body
Pepperpot: Best New Stories from the Caribbean
Robinson Crusoe (x10)
The Suffrage of Elvira
The Swinging Bridge
'Til the Well Runs Dry (x6)
To See Every Bird on Earth
Trinidad Noir
The Wanderers; Or, Adventures in the Wilds of Trinidad and Orinoco
A Wanted Woman
The White Woman on the Green Bicycle (x10)
Wine of Astonishment (x2)
The Year in San Fernando

Turks and Caicos
Food Plane Soup: the Desert Island Letters
Hurricane Mia, a Caribbean Adventure
The Last Pink Bits: Travels
Second Honeymoon
The Unfortunate Potcake (x2)
Water and Light: A Diver's Journey to a Coral Reef

Virgin Islands (BVI)
Calypso Magic
Dangerous Depths
Dark Water Dive
Dive The Virgin Islands
Sun, Sand, Murder
Swimming with the Dead (x6)
Two on the Isle
The Water Rat of Wanchai

Virgin Islands (USVI) (Including St. John, St. Thomas, St. Croix)
Adam and Eva
Afoot on St. Croix
A Broad Reach
The Crimes of Jordan Wise
Crucian Tales (St. Croix)
Death by Marriage (St. Thomas) (x2)
Fish & Chips
The Hamilton Affair
How to Escape from a Leper Colony (x3)
Jim Hawkins and The Curse of Treasure Island
Land of Love and Drowning (x6)
The Marriage of Opposites (x7)
No Virgin Island: A Sabrina Salter Mystery
The Not-Quite States of America
On the Hard in Paradise (St. Thomas) (x2)
Rum & Razors
Sea Hunter
Swimming with the Dead
Tales of St. John and the Caribbean
Timothy of the Cay (St. Thomas) (x2)
Treasure Island (x2)
An Unconventional Courtship
Whatever Happened to Tanganyika?

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Diane | 12814 comments EUROPE

Aland Islands
Helsinki White

The Accident: A Novel
The Accursed Mountains: Journeys in Albania
Agamemnon's Daughter (x2)
Biografi: A Traveler's Tale
Broken April (x13)
Bury Me Standing: The Gypsies and Their Journey
Chronicle in Stone: A Novel (x12)
The Country Where No One Ever Dies
Elegy for Kosovo: A Novel
The Fall of the Stone City (x4)
The Fire
The General of the Dead Army (x2)
The Ghost Rider (x2)
High Albania (x2)
If i were a boy
In Byron's Footsteps
The Keys of Hell
L'amore e gli stracci del tempo
The Lion's Daughter (x2)
The Loser
The Palace of Dreams (x3)
The Secret Rescue (x5)
The Siege
The Silencer
Slow Winter
Spring Flowers, Spring Frost (x7)
The Successor (x6)
Sworn Virgin (x2)
The Three-Arched Bridge (x2)
The Tobacconist
The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax (x12)

Andorra (x6)
Andorra: Max Frisch
Assignment in Andorra
Death Has a Thousand Doors (x4)
If You Dare
The Land of Right Up and Down (x2)
Mr S And The Secrets Of Andorra's Box
The Road to Andorra (x3)
Secrets of the Seven Smallest States of Europe: Andorra, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, San Marino and Vatican City

Above Suspicion
The Accidental Empress (x3)
Adolf H.
The Afternoon of a Writer
Airs Above the Ground (x2)
All the Old Knives: A Novel
Alma Mahler: Or the Art of Being Loved
Alpine Ballad
An der schönen blauen Donau
Anne Frank Remembered:
The Artist's Wife
Auto-da-Fé (x2)
The Beauty And The Sorrow
Becoming Marie Antoinette
Beware of Pity (x2)
Black Rose Alice, Tome 1
The Bone Man (x2)
Burning Secret
Carmilla (x7)
Chess Story (x7)
Come, Sweet Death!
Concrete (x2)
The Confusions of Young Törless (x2)
The Crooked Maid
A Death In Vienna (x7)
Der Hochwald und andere Erzählungen
The Double Game
Dream Story
Ecstasy (x2)
Einen Jux will er sich machen
The Empress and the Cake
The Empty Mirror (x3)
The Exiles Return: A Novel
The Fig Eater (x2)
Freud's Sister (x2)
Funeral in Blue
Girl in the Cellar: The Natascha Kampusch Story (x2)
The Goalie's Anxiety at the Penalty Kick
Grave Consequences
Hands Around
The Hare With Amber Eyes: A Family's Century of Art and Loss (x5)
Homestead (x2)
Hotel Sacher (x2)
How to Fall In Love with a Man Who Lives in a Bush: A Novel
The Immortal Von B.
Indian Summer
Journey into the Past
The Lady in Gold (x3)
The Last Battle: When U.S. and German Soldiers Joined Forces in the Waning Hours of World War II in Europe
Last Days of Mankind
The Left-Handed Woman
Leviathan (x4)
Lieutenant Gustl
The Little Book
The Lord Chandos Letter: And Other Writings
The Loser
Love Virtually (x2)
The Man Without Qualities
Man's Search for Meaning
Marrying Mozart (x4)
A Matter of Breeding
Measure for Measure
The Morning Gift
Mozart's Last Aria (x7)
Mozart's Wife (x2)
The Musician's Daughter
The Mysterious Stranger (x2)
The Nazi Officer's Wife
A Nervous Splendor: Vienna 1888-1889
The Night Circus (x3)
Night Work
Old Masters
Overnight To Innsbruck
The Painted Kiss
People of the Book
Perfect Horse: The Daring U.S. Mission to Rescue the Priceless Stallions Kidnapped by the Nazis
The Piano Teacher (x7)
Portrait of Seduction
The Post-Office Girl (x3)
The Radetzky March (x4)
Requiem in Vienna
The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich (x2)
Rock Crystal (x3)
Schlepping Through the Alps: My Search for Austria's Jewish Past
Sent to the Devil: A Mystery
The Sojourn
Some Girls, Some Hats and Hitler: A True Love Story Rediscovered (x2)
Sonata Mulattica
A Sorrow Beyond Dreams
The Star of Kazan (x2)
The Story of the Trapp Family Singers
The Street of Seven Stars
The Sweetness of Life
Tales From The Vienna Woods And Other Plays
The Third Man (x9)
A Time of Gifts
Veronika Decides to Die
Victor Halfwit: A Winter's Tale
Vienna Blood (x2)
Vienna Bonbons
Vienna Nocturne
Vienna Waltz
The Wall
When Nietzsche Wept
A Whole Life (x3)
Wittgenstein's Nephew
The World of Yesterday (x2)
Yes (x2)

Artemis Rising
Barnacle Love (x2)
Bluebird in Ponta Delgada: A Dan Sylvester Adventure
The Innocents Abroad
The Islands of Magic: Legend, Folk, and Fairy Tales from the Azores
Leviathan: Or The Whale
Natives and Exotics
Sonnets and Poems of Anthero de Quental
The Tenth Island: Finding Joy, Beauty, and Unexpected Love in the Azores (x2)
The Venturesome Voyages of Captain Voss

Balkans (Country not specified)
Kiss of the Butterfly
The Tiger's Wife

Basque Country
The Accordionist's Son (x2)
The Basque History of the World (x2)
Love's Labour's Lost
Meanwhile Take My Hand
Obabakoak: Stories from a Village (x3)
Two Basque Stories

The Belarusian Cookbook
Beloruske narodne bajke
The Bielski Brothers (x2)
Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin
The Bronski House
Burning Lights
Chernobyl Prayer: A Chronicle of the Future
Defiance: The Bielski Partisans (x2)
Der silberne Jaguar
The Dybbuk
Factory of Tears
A Family Madness
The Forest of Souls
The Invisible Life of Ivan Isaenko (x5)
King Stakh's Wild Hunt (x2)
Midnight Pursuits
The Minsk Ghetto 1941-1943
Pack of Wolves
The Promised Land
Tschernobyl Babywie Wir Lernten, Das Atom Zu Lieben
Voices from Chernobyl (x16)
Wave of Terror (x3)
With God in Russia
Your Mouth Is Lovely: A Novel
The Zelmenyaners

11 Days in December: Christmas at the Bulge, 1944 (x4)
The Abyss
The Adventures of Tintin: A Novel
All Quiet on the Western Front (x2)
The Angel Maker (x2)
Becoming Jane Eyre
The Bells of Bruges
The Bitter Road to Freedom
The Blue Bird
The Book of Proper Names
The Bruges Engagement
Bruges-la-Morte and The Death-Throes of Towns
The Campaigners
Cheese (x6)
Cloud Atlas (x7)
The coming of Joachim Stiller
Cross My Heart: And Hope to Live
A Curious Earth
The Dancer at the Gai-Moulin
The Dead of Winter: How Battlefield Investigators, WWII Veterans, and Forensic Scientists Solved the Mystery of the Bulge's Lost Soldiers
The Deadbeats (x3)
The Diary of a Young Girl
Expo 58
A Fish Trapped Inside the Wind
Flawless: Inside the Largest Diamond Heist in History
The Fourth Figure
Gezien de feiten
The Gypsies
The Hanged Man of Saint-Pholien
Harvest of Journeys
Het dwaallicht
Het recht van den sterkste
The Hiding Place
High As the Heavens
Hygiene and the Assassin
I Choose to Live
Imperial Scandal
Inside the Gestapo
Jepp, Who Defied the Stars
L'Affaire Arnolfini: Enquête sur un tableau de Van Eyck
La Femme de Gilles
La nostalgie heureuse
The Lady and the Unicorn (x13)
The Last Compromise
Le crime du comte Neville
Letter to My Mother
The Lion of Flanders (x2)
The Longest Winter
Maigret at the Gai-Moulin
Maigret Goes Home
Mijn België
The Misfortunates (x3)
Monuments Men (x2)
My Aunt Is a Pilot Whale
On Black Sisters Street (x4)
Open City
Ordinary Heroes
The Parable of the Blind
Passchendaele: A New History
Peter Paul Rubens
The Professor
Resistance (x5)
Saint Dymphna : Patron of the Nervous and Emotionally Disturbed
The Secret of the Unicorn
The Sorrow of Belgium
The Square of Revenge (x5)
Stealing the Mystic Lamb: The True Story of the World's Most Coveted Masterpiece
Sulphuric Acid
Summer Before the Dark
Three Novels: Soft Soap , The Leg , Will O' the Wisp
Three Women in a Mirror
The Twins (x3)
U122: The Diary Of A U Boat Commander
Villette (x6)
War and Turpentine
Water Song
Whisper on the Wind (x3)
William - An Englishman
The Witch's Daughter

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Diane | 12814 comments EUROPE

Bosnia and Herzegovina
As If I Am Not There, AKA S. (x2)
As Long as Sarajevo Exists
The Book of My Lives (x3)
Border Crossings - An Aid Worker's Journey Into Bosnia
The Bosnia List: A Memoir of War, Exile, and Return
Bosnian Chronicle (x5)
The Bridge on the Drina (x8)
The Cellist of Sarajevo (x30)
Death and the Dervish (x2)
A Death in Sarajevo
Die Stille ist ein Geräusch
Emergency Sex (And Other Desperate Measures): True Stories from a War Zone
Escape from Bosnia
Fools Rush In: A True Story of Love, War, and Redemption
Geto (x3)
The Great & Calamitous Tale of Johan Thoms
Heart of Danger
How the Soldier Repairs the Gramophone
Lie In The Dark
Like Eating A Stone: Surviving The Past In Bosnia
Logavina Street: Life And Death In A Sarajevo Neighborhood
Mama Leone
My Childhood Under Fire: A Sarajevo Diary
Nowhere Man (x2)
People of the Book (x26)
Rose of Sarajevo
Sarajevo Marlboro (x2)
The Scent of Rain in the Balkans
The Solace of Trees
Terrorist: Gavrilo Princip, the Assassin Who Ignited World War I
Twice Born (x2)
The Unquiet Dead
When Swan Lake Comes to Sarajevo (x2)
The Wolf of Sarajevo
Zlata's Diary: A Child's Life in Wartime Sarajevo (x4)

Angelopolis (x2)
Arms and the Man (x3)
A Ballad for Georg Henig
The Best Alternate History Stories of the 20th Century
The Broken Road: From the Iron Gates to Mount Athos
The Devil's Gorge
East of the West (x5)
The Elusive Mrs. Pollifax (x9)
Everything Happens as It Does (x2)
The Historian (x12)
The Making of June
The Master
Natural Novel
Night Soldiers
Salamoita Helvetistä - Bulgarian runoja
The Shadow Land (x3)
Solo (x6)
Street Without a Name (x5)
The Thief Who Couldn't Sleep
Tracking Marco Polo
The Turkish Gambit (x2)
Under the Yoke
Wedding Night
What Belongs to You (x2)
White Clay
Wunderkind (x2)

Channel Islands
The Charm of the Channel Islands
A Game for Heroes
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (x3)

Campo Santo

There Goes the Bride

April Fool's Day (x4)
The Bone Woman
Cafe Europa: Life After Communism
A Castle in Romagna
Chasing a Croatian Girl: A Survivor's Tale
Croatia Strikes Back
De Kroatische god Mars
Dečko, dama, kreten, drot
Dečko koji obećava
Every Day, Every Hour
Girl at War (x9)
Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh (x2)
Građanin pokorni
The Hired Man (x8)
Hotel Zagorje (x2)
How We Survived Communism and Even Laughed (x3)
Hrvatske narodne bajke
Illyrian Spring
In the Jaws of Life and Other Stories (x2)
The Lines We Leave Behind
The Ministry of Pain
Murder on the Orient Express (x12)
The Museum of Unconditional Surrender (x2)
Ne dao Bog većeg zla
New Europe
Nisam pametan
Nova država Hrvatija 2033
On the Edge of Reason (x2)
The Painter of Battles
The Patriot Threat (x2)
The Return of Philip Latinowicz (x3)
Running Away to Home
The Skeleton Road
Smij i suze starega Splita
The Sound of Blue
The Tiger's Wife (x15)
Twelfth Night (x7)
The Walnut Mansion (x2)
Wizard: The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla
Zagreb, Exit South
Zagreb Noir
The Zahir
Zbog munjolova zaborava i kemijskog sastava ljubavi
Zlatni Mjesec

Czech Republic
All But My Life: A Memoir
The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay
The Amber Room
As White as Snow
Assignment Prague
The Best of Franz Kafka's Short Stories
The Bloodletter's Daughter (x3)
The Book of Laughter and Forgetting (x5)
Born Survivors
The Cabinet of Wonders
The Canceled Czech
The Castle (x3)
City of Dark Magic
City Sister Silver
Clara's War
Closely Watched Trains (x6)
The Complete Stories
The Curtain: An Essay in Seven Parts
Daughter of Smoke & Bone (x17)
Defector in Our Midst
Die for You
Disturbing the Peace: A Conversation with Karel Hvížďala
Dos mujeres en Praga
Drive your Plough over the Bones of the Dead
The End of Lieutenant Boruvka
Far to Go (x2)
Farewell to Prague
The Fifth Servant (x2)
For Such a Time
The Gardener's Year
Gargling With Tar
Giraffe: A Novel (x3)
The Golem (x2) (Singer)
The Golem's Eye
The Good Soldier Švejk (x2)
The Habsburg Empire: A New History
HHhH (x6)
The House on Prague Street
How I Came to Know Fish
I Served the King of England
Innocence; or, Murder on Steep Street
Jednou nohou v blázinci
The Last Bell
Laughable Loves
Letters to a Young Poet
The Little Town Where Time Stood Still
The Lost Wife (x2)
Mafie v Praze
Me, Myself & Prague: An Unreliable Guide to Bohemia (x2)
Mendelssohn is on the Roof
The Metamorphosis (x15)
The Metamorphosis and Other Stories
Midnight Rising
Msta písecké panny