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Brodie I LOVE HORSES :)  (canterwoodcrestlover) | 31 comments here we will talk about horse breeds

Brodie I LOVE HORSES :)  (canterwoodcrestlover) | 31 comments did you know there is
bashkir curly
gypsy vannner
spotted saddle horse
american saddlebred
kiger mustang
pony of the americas
kentucky mt. horse
cleveland bay
norwegian fjord
rocky mountain horse

Brodie I LOVE HORSES :)  (canterwoodcrestlover) | 31 comments my horse dolly is.......

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Rachel (hopeless-wanderer) Brodie ( YOLO) I LOVE HORSES :) if you love horses wrote: "my horse dolly is.......

I'm sorry! :'(

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Hi--I am publishing The Little Book of Horse Quotes in the next few weeks. It is a collection of 365 quotes edited by Gina Pecho and Jessica Pecho with the Illinois Horse Rescue to Will County.

I will do a Goodreads Giveaway in September. The proceeds from the book will support the rescue organization.

Any ideas on how to get the word out on the book to horse lovers everywhere??

Thank you in advance.

Kathy Welton

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