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message 1: by Jason (new)

Jason (darkfiction) | 3233 comments This month, our group read is Prey, by Graham Masterton.

So, let us discuss!

message 2: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Atkinson (darkened_angel) | 797 comments Cool. i love graham masterton. look forward to it.

message 3: by James (new)

James Clifford | 2 comments Hey Jason,
Happy New Year. I am in for Prey.

message 4: by Addy (new) - added it

Addy | 4989 comments Can u get this book on kindle or nook? Cant find it on kindle.

message 5: by Jason (new)

Jason (darkfiction) | 3233 comments Unfortunately, I don't think that there's an eBook version of Prey.

message 6: by Addy (new) - added it

Addy | 4989 comments Ok. Thanks Jason. I will have to skip out on this one.

message 7: by glenda (new) - added it

glenda (ayngelwing) | 1051 comments Have read it. Good one!

Tressa  (moanalisa) | 19935 comments I read it last year and it's very good. Very chilling.

message 9: by Bill (new)

Bill (shiftyj1) | 4892 comments I ordered a paperback copy from Abe Books per Tressa'a suggestion and I only paid $4 for it. Included free shipping too! I should have it by mid to late next week. Looking forward to it!

message 10: by Jason (new)

Jason (darkfiction) | 3233 comments That's awesome, Bill! I love Abebooks.

Christy Letterman Fair | 5 comments It has been a looong time since I read this book. It was one of the first horror books I ever read I believe. Just wanted to let you guys know that this is one of the only books to ever truly scare me. It made me run quickly through the house and make sure the lights were on and stuff like that. LOL. Movies are usually scarier than the books for me but this book is really SCARY! I loved it!! It was my first by this author and it made me read a couple other books he has written but this was my fav!

message 12: by Michaelbrent (new)

Michaelbrent Collings (michaelbrentcollings) | 87 comments I read and enjoyed this book. It picked up quickly and had a writing style that was involving and entertaining. The premise is also fairly unique. That being said, I think the book needed to be about 100 pages longer. Masterton seems like he's trying to do too much too fast. There are some scenes that proceed so quickly they are jarring, especially coming on the heels of some that are perfectly developed and paced.

This isn't to say it's a bad book - I don't finish bad books, and I finished this one. But when I finished it I felt like I had finished a very promising first draft rather than a finished product, which was disappointing.

Shannon Sporleder (sporleder) | 179 comments Just started this one. It has a great opening chapter. Really spooky!!

Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* (erinpaperbackstash) | 875 comments I do have this one to read but haven't started it yet. Hope I get to it this month before everyone else stops reading it ;)

message 15: by Elisabeth (new)

Elisabeth Zguta (zguta) Thanks for the scoop re: Abe Books - just got mine and hope to read through it in a day or two. Looks scary so far

message 16: by Bill (new)

Bill (shiftyj1) | 4892 comments Well, I finally got the book and the type set is so damn small I don't even think I will be able to read it! Bummer. That's 1 point for ereaders!

message 17: by Jason (new)

Jason (darkfiction) | 3233 comments That is a bummer, Bill. I really hate small print!

message 18: by Bill (new)

Bill (shiftyj1) | 4892 comments Me too! I get cutting down publishing costs by using less pages, but seriously, I don't think I can read this without a pair of binoculars! My eyes aren't what they used to be...

message 19: by Jason (new)

Jason (darkfiction) | 3233 comments I never liked small print, but yeah, my eyes hurt more reading that small print crap now more than before. Could also be that I'm spoiled from my Kindle. lol

Jon Recluse | 12043 comments Mod
I had a copy of McCammon's MYSTERT WALK that not only had the smallest print I've ever seen, it was smeared.


message 21: by Bill (new)

Bill (shiftyj1) | 4892 comments WTF, is right! I really wanted to read that one too. Have to wait until it comes out as an ebook and increase the font size.

At least it looks good on the shelf :)

Jon Recluse | 12043 comments Mod
True dat!

I keep a couple of magnifying glasses around for books like that, though.

Be prepared, right?

message 23: by Bill (new)

Bill (shiftyj1) | 4892 comments Prepared is good!

Jon Recluse | 12043 comments Mod

message 25: by Dawn (new)

Dawn Connor Hi everyone :) I tried to read this book a
long time ago and it scared me soooo much
that I couldn't finish it! I've recently bought
it again, I got rid of it first time around cos
the cover scared me lol! Looking forward to
to reading it again, will finish it this time!
:) Dawn x

message 26: by Elizabeth (new) - added it

Elizabeth (lemonatorr) | 18 comments This book is insanely hard to find in my area!

message 27: by Dawn (new)

Dawn Connor Elizabeth, i was lucky enough to find it in a place called book barn here in the uk. Its a huge warehouse full of secondhand books. It has the original cover with Brown Jenkins and his shiny green eyes! x

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