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Trisha | 492 comments Post your thoughts about the novel here

Trisha | 492 comments O.M.G. I just finished this novel and it was AWESOME! The premise sounds a little slow, but the novel itself is incredibly well written. It is an introspective look at the thoughts and behaviors of people who live in a small, suburban town. It was so deep and so moving, I may have needed a tissue at the end. It's a complete 180 from her Harry Potter series. I hope that other people read this because I would LOVE to get a discussion going!

Trisha | 492 comments Did anyone else give this novel a try? I'd really like to discuss the different characters!

Kelly Hamby I love Harry Potter, but I had no intention of reading Casual Vacancy for some reason. Joining this group motivated me. I going to start it as soon as I post this.

Trisha | 492 comments I will warn you that it's a complete change from the Harry Potter plotline, no fantasy or magic, but the writing is fantastic!

Kelly Hamby I'm sorry, but I gave up after a few chapters. The dialogue was too choppy and obnoxious. I just could not get into it.

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Kat Gale (superkatness) | 162 comments So far I have no intention of reading this book because the description and reviews seemed extremely depressing and I have no interest in reading a book in which none of the characters possess any redeeming qualities and nothing good ever happens.

I post this comment to ask those of you who have read the book if you can confirm/deny my first impression.

Trisha | 492 comments It really depends on what your interested in. Plotline-wise, it is a very realistic drama with some very sad parts. But in regard to writing style, it is a fantastic, introspective look at human personalities and society as a whole.

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Gina's (ginasgoodreads) | 27 comments I want to read this book, but I want to do it with a buddy read :P

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