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Dawn Michelle | 2662 comments Happy New Year!
I sure hope I meet my goal this year. I am ashamed to say that I totally missed it this year. Blah. But it is a new day and a new YEAR and here. we. go.

message 2: by Karol (new)

Karol Dawn Michelle, I didn't hit it either in 2012. This will be a better year, I'm sure of it! I'm just glad you're here and joining in with the challenge again.

message 3: by Dawn Michelle (new)

Dawn Michelle | 2662 comments Thanks Kay!! I just got back on here! :-) I sure hope to make it this year, but I know that even if I don't, I will get good reading in!!! :-)

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Dawn Michelle | 2662 comments 1. The Princess ~Lori Wick
Re-read ~January 4, 2013/Kindle
5+ stars

2. Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase For Lincoln's Killer ~James L. Swanson
Read ~January 17, 2013/NF
5 Stars
^ THIS was an amazing read. If you love history, I HIGHLY recommend this book. It was riveting from beginning to end.

3. Becoming Fearless: My Ongoing Journey to Trust God ~Michelle Aguilar
Read ~January 22, 2013/Kindle/NF
5+ Stars
^ Michelle was on "The Biggest Loser" and won. I actually had watched that season and was amazed at how calm she was throughout all the drama. Now I know why. This is a great book and a great lesson for everyone.

4. The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: A Twilight Novella ~Stephenie Meyer
Read ~January 20, 2012/Borrowed from Tracey
3 1/2 Stars
^ Good, quick read. It was interesting to see all of it from a complete strangers standpoint.

5. Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet ~Jamie Ford
Read ~February 3, 2013
5+ stars
^ NOT what I was expecting. A very different kind of love story. Very sweet and sorrowful at the same time. Perfect title for this book.

6. Big Russ and Me ~Tim Russert
Read ~February 14, 2013/NF
5+ Stars
^ I had hesitations about reading this book because I know that Tim has passed away. Shortly after this book was published I believe. And knowing that made it hard to read it at times. But I am still glad that I read it. It is a great read about family and love and determination and it was a truly *GREAT* read!!

7.Safe Haven ~Nicholas Sparks
Read ~February 16, 2013
3 1/2 Stars
^ NOT one of my favorites by him. Not horrible, but not great either. He [to me] is capable of such a better story than this. Though, the end is pretty awesome and dramatic. It was just the "getting there" that was slightly tedious.

8. Favorite Wife: Escape from Polygamy ~Susan Ray Schmidt
Read ~February 28, 2013/Kindle/NF
4 Stars
^ This was a good read. Not as good as "Shattered Dreams" by Irene Spencer [Susan's former Sister-Wife] was, but still was a good read. What these women had to endure was at times unbelievable, yet also very believable if you follow the news about cults/sects of this type.

I did have some problems with this book. Susan at time berated herself for not understanding her "husbands" position or why she had to live in poverty all the time. She was 15 when she was "married" to Verlan LaBaron and I think MOST 15 year old's WOULD question the life they had married into, especially since it was so different than the life he had painted for her BEFORE they were married.

It was interesting to read both of these women's points of view. Both left the man they "married" and went on to have successful SINGLE marriages and found true happiness. Which in my opinion, is a miracle.

9. Speaking From Among the Bones {Flavia #5] ~Alan Bradley
March 8, 2013
5+ Stars
^ These books just get better with each release. Flavia is a gem and I find I just cannot get enough of her!!!
THE ENDING WILL BLOW YOU AWAY!!!!! I never, ever saw this coming. I love these books even MORE!!!

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Elyse (winesaboutbooks) | 7526 comments Mod
Thanks Dawn! I added The Princess, Hotel on the Corner, and Flavia #1 to my TBR!

message 6: by Dawn Michelle (new)

Dawn Michelle | 2662 comments I LOVE The Princess. It is one of my favorite "go-to" books. I probably read it more than I list reading it. :-)

I have Hotel if you would like it. I will not re-read it and have it in the used book store pile. Let me know.

Ahhhh, Flavia. I LOVE these books. SO. MUCH. FUN. I cannot wait to hear what you think of them!!!

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JanB  | 980 comments 2. Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase For Lincoln's Killer ~James L. Swanson
Read ~January 17, 2013/NF
5 Stars
^ THIS was an amazing re..."

Dawn Michele, Manhunt was surprisingly better that I thought it would be. I read it with my book club and it's one of my favorites. Even though I knew how it would end it kept me on the edge of my seat!

I'm a huge Flavia de Luce fan too and he can't write the sequel fast enough - what a cliff-hanger! I sure didn't see that coming.

I have Big Russ on my bookshelf (a Father's Day gift to my DH a few years back) and now that I've seen your review I should move it up the TBR pile.

message 8: by Dawn Michelle (new)

Dawn Michelle | 2662 comments I too was surprised by Manhunt. So much so, I went out and got the sequel!!

I too didn't see the end of Flavia coming, though my mom did. I wonder what WE missed! LOL

Do read Big Russ. It is a really great book that I was so glad I read. It will really touch you. He was an amazing man!

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Dawn Michelle | 2662 comments I am SO. FAR. BEHIND.
I have gotten bogged down by several boring books that I just will never finish. I need to shake them off and get back to reading stuff I love, or I won't even make 50 much less 75!!!

message 10: by Andrea, Moderator (new)

Andrea | 4073 comments Mod
I'm more behind than you :( what's wrong with us? Hahaha

message 11: by Dawn Michelle (new)

Dawn Michelle | 2662 comments I DID just read three books in 4 days! :-) I went away and had to spend a lot of time in airports!!! :-) And I finally got done with the crappy boring books! YAY!!! I need to update here! :-)

message 12: by Dawn Michelle (new)

Dawn Michelle | 2662 comments WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME THAT I KEEP FORGETTING TO UPDATE HERE??? HOLY CATS I am so far behind. Better find my "book" and get to updating. WOW!!!

message 13: by Dawn Michelle (new)

Dawn Michelle | 2662 comments 10. Indescribable: Encountering the Glory of God in the Beauty of the Universe ~Louie Giglio
Read~March 27, 2013/Kindle/NF
5+ Stars
^ AMAZING book. I would read anything Louie G wrote!!!

11. Murder by Mocha [Coffeehouse #10] ~Cleo Coyle
Read~March 30, 2013
4 Stars
^ Stayed up until 1AM to finish it. Really, really good!!!!

12. A History of the World in 6 Glasses ~Tom Standage
Read~April 23, 2013/KINDLE/NF
3 Stars
^ The ONLY reason this is getting three stars is because of the last part of the spirits chapter and the Coffee, Tea, and Soda chapters. The rest of the book was deadly dull [I am not really sure WHO told the author that he could write] and it took me forever to get through it!

13. The Penderwicks at Point Mouette [#3] ~Jeanne Birdsall
Read~April 24, 2013/YA
5+ Stars
^ THIS was such a great book. I love the Penderwicks and this edition DID NOT disappoint. The girls are on holiday as only they can be and their adventures turn up many, many interesting tidbits and troubles. LOVE these girls. I hope there are many more of these books!

14. Aunt Dimity and The Lost Prince [#18] ~Nancy Atherton
Read~April 27, 2013
4 1/2 Stars
^I really enjoy the Aunt Dimity books and learning more about the external characters is always fun!!! Light, fun read with a really great feel good ending!! Not much of a mystery here, but still a really good read. These books just do not get old for me.

15. In the Mirror: A Memoir of Shattered Secrets ~Ann Carbine Best
Read~April 28, 2013/KINDLE/NF
4 Stars
^I think this may be a 3 1/2 star book, but for now, it will stay at 4. I will not be reading it again though. It was sad and frustrating and annoying at times. And heartwarming and loving and thought-provoking as well. There was no real happy ending with this one. Just a lot of real sadness and resignment.

16. The End of Normal ~Stephanie Madoff Mack
Read~May 5, 2013
3 1/2 Stars
^ I don't really know what to say about this book. Even now, months later, bits and pieces of it still come to me and almost haunt me. I feel so very bad for the author and all that she has had to endure, the pain and sadness. I picked this book up on a trip and am glad to have read it, but it was really, really sad.

17. Deadlocked [Sookie #12] ~Charlaine Harris
Read ~May 4, 2013
3 1/2 Stars
^Not one of her better books and had I NOT known that the series was coming to an end, I would have guessed it by the end of this book. LOTS of loose-end tying up happening here!

18. The Diva Digs Up the Dirt [The Domestic Diva #6] ~Krista Davis
Read~May 5, 2013
4 Stars
^Well. I never saw THAT coming....

message 14: by Charleen (new)

Charleen (charleenlynette) | 1398 comments Dawn Michelle wrote: "WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME THAT I KEEP FORGETTING TO UPDATE HERE??? HOLY CATS I am so far behind. Better find my "book" and get to updating. WOW!!!"

The good news is that you doubled your book count in just a couple minutes!

I'm extremely behind on updates as well, it's on the to-do list this weekend.

message 15: by Dawn Michelle (new)

Dawn Michelle | 2662 comments The sad thing Charleen is that I only got half of them logged in last night. I need to do the rest of them this evening. Sigh. :-)
I will check yours out when you get them posted!

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Dawn Michelle | 2662 comments I meant to add these last night, but got caught up in watching "Persuasion". I have come to the conclusion I am like Anne. Without the dashing Captain Wentworth to sweep me away. I think I need to stay away from Jane Austen for awhile! :-)

19. The Cat, The Wife and The Weapon [Cats in Trouble Mysteries #4] ~Leann Sweeney
Read~ May 6, 2013
4 Stars

20. Rules ~Cynthia Lord
Read~ May 7, 2013/YA
4 Stars
^Excellent book! It is hard enough to be different, but to be the sibling of someone who is different is near impossible at times. Catherine knows all about that. But one summer, two people totally change how she looks at life AND her little brother.
A great read for everyone.

21. Dead After Ever [Sookie #13] ~Charlaine Harris
Read~ May 8, 2013
4 Stars
^ I will not write ANY spoilers here, even though I could. :-) The end. No more Sookie. Well, Sookie still exists, just no more books. ;-) And it [in MY opinion] ended JUST the way it should have. Looking forward to the "Where are they now" anthology coming out in October!

22. The Great Gatsby ~F.Scott Fitzgerald
Re-read [in anticipation for the movie release, which I then ended up NOT even seeing!] ~May 10, 2013
3 1/2 Stars
^ DID NOT enjoy this book the second time as much as I did the first time around.

23. The Secret Holocaust Diaries: The Untold Story of Nonna Bannister ~Nonna Bannister with Denise George and Carolyn Tomlin
Read~ May 23, 2013/KINDLE/NF
3 1/2 Stars
^ I have read several Holocaust-era books, but never one where the family lived in Russia. This was a very sad book and very haunting. Even though her life improved when she came to the States, the things she suffered through are things that just never leave you. And I have found, the more I read these kind of books, that they don't leave the reader as well.

24. Betsy-Tacy ~Maud Hart Lovelace
Read~ May 19, 2013/YA
3 1/2 Stars
^ Cute YA book. Written in a completely different time [there are parts of this little book that are completely mind-blowing. We so would NOT do those things today], yet still cute and enjoyable. Both Betsy and Tacy are super cute and fun to read about. I can see why this series was so popular in the day.

25. A Stolen Life ~Jaycee Dugard
Read~ May 29, 2013/NF
4 Stars
^A very rough to book to read at times, it was also really inspiring to read how she never let go of her mother and what she remembered of her and the life before she was taken and what she did to survive all that she went through is nothing short of a miracle. Her attitude and resolve to NOT hate those who took her continues to astound and amaze me.

26. The Time Keeper ~Mitch Albom
Read~ June 10, 2013
5+ Stars
^WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! This was a great read! Sad and happy and VERY thought-provoking! You will never look at or think about "TIME" the same way again. I still catch myself when talking about "not having time for something". This book will STAY. WITH. YOU.

27. Deeply Odd [Odd Thomas #6] ~Dean Koontz
Read ~June 21, 2013
5+ Stars
^ I CANNOT write ANYTHING about this book without giving it all away. These get better and better with each book and while I know they have to end [and probably they will NOT end the way I would like them to] soon, I am already sad about that and wish they could go on for forever. I ♥ Odd!!!

28. Cold Burn [CSI #3] ~Max Allan Collins
Read~ July 6, 2013
3 1/2 Stars
^Good book featuring the Las Vegas crew of CSI: Crime Scene Investigators. Pretty good plot, though I was pretty sure who the killer was in the Sara/Grissom part of the story. The other one was pretty well executed. Good read, though I think I will always like the show better!

29. I am not but I know I AM ~Louie Giglio
Read~ July 9, 2013
5+ Stars
^I don't think 5 stars is really enough for this book. And as for a review...I just don't know how to review a book like this. I do believe it is a MUST READ, especially for people who are searching for God or for a relationship with God in their lives. And for people who struggle with the "bigger picture" scenario. Louie writes truth, but is never judgmental or condemning, since what he is writing about, he himself has usually either struggled with or IS struggling with. His openness and honesty is refreshing and filled with compassion.

30. Island of the Innocent [Cheney #7] ~Lynn Morris and Gilbert Morris
Re-read~ July 2, 2013
4 Stars
^I was so craving reading this book and since mine is in storage, I got this out of the library. Still a great read and very soothing to me. LOVE the storyline in this one!!!

31. The Geography of Love: A Memoir ~Glenda Burgess
Read~ July 9, 2013
4 1/2 Stars
^WOW! I sat and read this book in 3 1/2 hours. I was only going to read a couple of chapters and BAM! It sucked me in and I COULD. NOT. PUT. THIS. BOOK. DOWN.

Haunting, full of joy and hope [especially in the midst of despair] and the kind of love that EVERYONE dreams of for their life, this is one of the best books I have read in a long time. My hat is off to the author for having the courage to not only face what has happened in her life, but the courage to share it with the world in order to give other people hope as well.

Well done.

32. The Night Circus ~Erin Morgenstern
Read~July 16, 2013
4 Stars
^This was ONE weird book. Really weird. And it took over 100 pages to get me fully engaged. BUT...once I was engaged in the book, that was all she wrote. I couldn't get enough of the book. Aside from the slight mishap of thinking the "free" book I downloaded from Starbucks was the FULL book and finding out it was not and then finding I really was only 120 pages into the book rather than the 315 my PHONE was telling me, I truly enjoyed the book. And the ending. I think it ended as it should have. It was very intriguing and mysterious and creepy and delightful. I am glad I took the time to finish it. I would have missed out on a gem.

message 17: by Andrea, Moderator (new)

Andrea | 4073 comments Mod
I loved the Time Keeper! The a night Circus was weird but like you I totally ended up loving it!

message 18: by Elyse, Moderator (new)

Elyse (winesaboutbooks) | 7526 comments Mod
I was on the other side of the fence. i couldn't get into The Night Circus. The switching back and forth between time periods got me confused. And it was just a weird book overall. I just couldn't get into it.

message 19: by Dawn Michelle (new)

Dawn Michelle | 2662 comments The Night Circus WAS weird, but ultimately, for me it was fantastic.

message 20: by JanB (new)

JanB  | 980 comments Dawn Michelle wrote: "The Night Circus WAS weird, but ultimately, for me it was fantastic."

I'm on the same side of the fence as Elyse on The Night Circus. I didn't care for it at all. I had issues with the overall story and the minutely detailed descriptive prose made my eyes glaze over. But it was certainly imaginative and unlike anything I've read before!

I agree with you on the end of the Sookie Stackhouse series. It was perfect IMO! I didn't know an anthology will be released soon. Thanks for the head's up.

And your post reminded me that I still need to read the next Odd Thomas book. Some in the series have been better than others, glad to see you loved this one.

message 21: by Dawn Michelle (new)

Dawn Michelle | 2662 comments Jan, I think you will like the new Odd book. It was soooooo good. We are STILL talking about it.

I think with The Night Circus, you either love it or hate it. There really is no middle ground with that one.

I am anxious to read the Sookie anthology as it will tell us where everyone is. And that will be super cool.

message 22: by Andrea, Moderator (new)

Andrea | 4073 comments Mod
I keep meaning to read these Sookie books that everyone talks about!

message 23: by Dawn Michelle (new)

Dawn Michelle | 2662 comments It is a good series Andrea. They DO get a bit tedious at the end, but the last book was close to perfect and I am not sorry I read this series. An even better series of her's is the Aurora Teagarden series and the Harper Connelly series. BOTH are amazing and really my favorites, even more than Sookie. :-)

message 24: by Elyse, Moderator (new)

Elyse (winesaboutbooks) | 7526 comments Mod
I haven't started them yet either. Someday. I did watch the first few episodes of True Blood...and really hated it. Acting-wise. With Southern accents of people who aren't Southern. Ick. So I will need to read the books to get that crap out of my head. Lol.

message 25: by Andrea, Moderator (new)

Andrea | 4073 comments Mod
They are all Charleen Harris books?

message 26: by Dawn Michelle (new)

Dawn Michelle | 2662 comments Yes Andrea they are. She is a very prolific writer. There is one more series by her as well, the Lily Bard series, but I have never read those. They are some of her first work and I find they are expensive even in used bookstores.

message 27: by Dawn Michelle (new)

Dawn Michelle | 2662 comments Elyse, I had read quite a few of the books when the series came out and I HATED THE SHOW. It was just so not what I expected and such a disappointment. You aren't missing anything with the show. :-D

message 28: by Elyse, Moderator (new)

Elyse (winesaboutbooks) | 7526 comments Mod
Dawn Michelle wrote: "Elyse, I had read quite a few of the books when the series came out and I HATED THE SHOW. It was just so not what I expected and such a disappointment. You aren't missing anything with the show. :-D"

Oh good, at least I have something to look forward to, instead of dread. lol. Because if the books for were like the show, I wouldn't be able to do it! I'll see what the library has.

message 29: by Dawn Michelle (new)

Dawn Michelle | 2662 comments Oh no, they are WAY better than the show!! :-)

message 30: by Andrea, Moderator (new)

Andrea | 4073 comments Mod
What is the name of the show? Boy, am I out of the loop or what?!?!?!?!

message 31: by JanB (new)

JanB  | 980 comments I agree - I don't like the HBO series True Blood. It;'s totally missing the charm and humor of the books.
And if you listen to audiobooks this series is EXCELLENT to listen to. The narrator nails Sookie and to me IS Sookie :-)

message 32: by Elyse, Moderator (new)

Elyse (winesaboutbooks) | 7526 comments Mod
Andrea wrote: "What is the name of the show? Boy, am I out of the loop or what?!?!?!?!"

Andrea, True Blood on HBO is the Sookie Stackhouse series.

message 33: by Andrea, Moderator (new)

Andrea | 4073 comments Mod
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I know a lot of poeple who watch that!

message 34: by Dawn Michelle (last edited Oct 29, 2013 10:59AM) (new)

Dawn Michelle | 2662 comments I do not know if I will make the challenge or not. I have given myself a challenge of 50 books this year and I am SO. FREAKING. CLOSE. I got new glasses with bifocals and I am struggling. And it makes reading so NOT enjoyable anymore. It is so depressing. Sigh.
That said...here is what has been read since the last time I posted!

33. My Brother Sam is Dead ~James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier
Read~July 24, 2013
3 Stars
^I had been wanting to read this book for forever and was so excited when I found it in a used bookstore. It so DID NOT live up to my expectations. Sigh. The story kind of plodded along and I felt like I was missing parts of the story.
The fact that the author's took most of the story from truth was interesting. I know very little about that period of time and the history part of it was interesting. The part that really bothered me [and the authors admit to doing this] is the use of "modern language'. Quite a bit of swearing and just terms I don't think they used back then.
Overall, an ok read. Not great though.

** The Lake Shore Limited ~Sue Miller
July 19, 2013/DID NOT FINISH
0 Stars
^ THIS was a complete waste of time. I was so excited to read this and just could NOT get into it and finally just took it back to the library. Blech.

34. Miss Julia Rocks the Cradle [Miss Julia #12] ~Ann B. Ross
Read~August 5, 2013
4 Stars

35. Twilight Children ~Torey Hayden
Read~September 1, 2013
3 1/2 Stars

**I need to insert here that I know that the dates don't really coincide with the numbers in reference to reading them in order. I don't always finish one book before the other and so I just write them down here as they are in my book that I carry with me. It REALLY confuses my READ list here.**

36. Miss Julia to the Rescue [Miss Julia #13] ~Ann B. Ross
Read~August 19, 2013
3 1/2 Stars

37. The Secret of the Mansion [Trixie Belden #1] ~Julie Campbell
RE-READ~August 22, 2013
5 Stars
^ THANKS to a very generous benefactor, I am getting to re-read this beloved series again. I had "lent" my series to a friend's daughter and she SOLD. THEM. Seriously. And when I was lamenting about this, a beautiful friend not only started buying the series for me, but sent them to me as well, no postage due. HOW freaking fantastic is that? :-)
Anyway, LOVED this book. So much fun.

38. Miss Julia Stirs Up Trouble [Miss Julia #14]~Ann B. Ross
Read~August 24, 2013
4 Stars

39. The Red Trailer Mystery [Trixie Belden #2] ~Julie Campbell
RE-READ~August 22, 2013 [A ONE DAY read!!]
4 Stars

40. A Death of Yesterday [Hamish #29] ~M.C.Beaton
Read~August 26, 2013
3 1/2 Stars

41. The Gatehouse Mystery [Trixie #3] ~Julie Campbell
RE-READ~August 30, 2013
5 Stars

42. Almost Friends: A Harmony Novel [#7] ~Philip Gulley
Read~August 27, 2013
4 Stars

43. The Mysterious Visitor [Trixie #4] ~Julie Campbell
RE-READ~August 31, 2013
3 1/2 Stars

44. The Persian Pickle Club ~Sandra Dallas
Read~October 5, 2013 [Started this August 5th. Took so long because my glasses were REALLY bad during this time! ARGH! The book was excellent!]
4 Stars

45. Same Kind of Different as Me ~Ron Hall and Denver Moore
Read~September 19, 2013
5+ Stars!!!

message 35: by Dawn Michelle (last edited Dec 17, 2013 06:38PM) (new)

Dawn Michelle | 2662 comments AND here I am again. Jeesh. You would think I would be better than this by now. :-) I will warn you all, there are a LOT of Trixie Belden here. I am so enjoying re-reading these beloved books of my childhood. It has been such a wonderful time of reading and rediscovery for me.

I bumped my goal to 60. And since it is now December 17th, I doubt I will hit 75. But I am WAY closer than last year I think. And I am going to read right up until the last minutes on December 31st, so you never know! :-) But at least I almost hit 60 and I am happy with that.

46. 100 Cupboards [100 Cupboards #1] ~N.D. Wilson YA
Read~November 2, 2013
4 Stars
^ My mom and I picked this book up on day in Target because it looked interesting. She read it first and loved it [there are two more in the series and guess what SHE is getting for Christmas!?!] and I finally got to it on my list and WOW!!! This is one twisted and creepy and FUN book to read. I cannot even really give it a review because even one little tidbit gives SO much away. LOVED IT!!!

47. Trixie Belden and The Mystery Off Glen Road [Trixie #5] ~Julie Campbell
Re-read~November 4, 2013
3 Stars
^ This is not one of my favorites of the series. You do get to meet Mr. Maypenny, who is a great character addition to the books. And the idea of Trixie helping her brother is super-sweet. But the rest of it is rather far-fetched for me, even with THESE books [where most of the stories are barely believable, while being highly enjoyable and entertaining]. Still a fun read. Having so much fun re-reading these again!!!

48. Dreaming in English ~Laura Fitzgerald
Read~November 9, 2013
4 Stars
^ VERY interesting sequel to "Veil of Roses".

49. Trixie Belden and The Mystery in Arizona [Trixie #6]~Julie Campbell
Re-read~November 10, 2013
5 Stars
^ THE book that started it all for me. I received this book from my Aunt and Uncle for Christmas one year and I was hooked. I LOVED these books. And re-reading this again, it did not disappoint. I was so happy to read it again!!!

50. Death By Cashmere [Seaside Knitters #1] ~Sally Goldblum
Read~November 26, 2013
3 Stars
^ Not in ANY hurry to get anymore of this series. I had the murderer guessed early one, but then second guessed myself and talked myself out of it because HOW could it be this person [HA! It could and was and for very selfish reasons]? I need to trust my instincts more! :-)

51. Trixie Belden and The Mysterious Code [Trixie #7] ~Kathryn Kenny
Re-read~November 13, 2013
4 Stars

52. Trixie Belden and The Black Jacket Mystery [Trixie #8] ~Kathryn Kenny
Re-Read~November 16, 2013
5 Stars

53. After Dead: What Came Next in the World of Sookie Stackhouse [Sookie 13.5] ~Charlaine Harris
Read~November 16, 2013
^Ok. I am totally disappointed by this book.
T O T A L L Y.
I am so glad that I DID NOT purchase this book, that I just borrowed it.

A whole lot of money for a teeny bit of information. Not very satisfactory. Blah. What a complete and utter rip off.

54. Trixie Belden and The Happy Valley Mystery [Trixie #9] ~Kathryn Kenny
Re-read~November 27, 2013
5 Stars
^THIS one will leave you on the edge of your seat!!!! One of my favorites of the series, I still had forgotten some of the stuff that happened. GREAT read.

55. Trixie Belden and The Marshland Mystery [Trixie #10] ~Kathryn Kenny
Re-read~December 5, 2013
3 Stars

56. Trixie Belden and The Mystery at Bob-White Cave [Trixie #11] ~Kathryn Kenny
Re-read~December 8, 2013
4 Stars

57. Trixie Belden and The Mystery of the Blinking Eye [Trixie #12] ~Kathryn Kenny
Re-read~ December 8, 2013
5+ Stars
I. LOVE. THIS. BOOK. One of my top favorites of this series.

58. Trixie Belden and The Mystery on Cobbett's Island [Trixie #13] ~Kathryn Kenny
Re-read~December 13, 2013
4 Stars

59. Trixie Belden and The Mystery of the Emeralds [Trixie #14] ~Kathryn Kenny
Re-read~December 17, 2013
5+ Stars!
I. LOVE. THIS. BOOK. One of my top favorites of this series.

message 36: by Dawn Michelle (new)

Dawn Michelle | 2662 comments HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I finished 10 below what I wanted and two below what I read last year. :-( I am really hoping that I can read the full 75 this year. Going to work hard on my goal.
Here is the rest of my books.
Happy Reading!!

60. A Wrinkle in Time ~Madeleine L'Engle
RE-READ~December 22, 2013
5+ Stars

61. Just Above a Whisper [Tucker Mills #2] ~Lori Wick
RE-READ~December 25, 2013
5+ Stars

62. Leave a Candle Burning [Tucker Mills #3] ~Lori Wick
RE-READ~December 27, 2013
4 Stars

63. To Have and To Kill [A Wedding Cake Mystery] ~Mary Jane Clark
Read~December 29, 2013
4 Stars
^ THIS is going to be a fun series. I love the writing and there were just enough red herrings to keep it interesting.

64. The Bracelet [A Wedding Cake Mystery 1.5] ~Mary Jane Clark
Read~December 30, 2013
3 Stars

65. Donovan's Daughter ~Lori Wick
RE-READ~December 31, 2013
5+ Stars

It was nice to go out on a book that I loved. It is an easy read and made it possible for me to finish with 65. :-)

message 37: by Andrea, Moderator (new)

Andrea | 4073 comments Mod
Woohoo on getting to 65, not too shabby my friend :)

message 38: by Dawn Michelle (new)

Dawn Michelle | 2662 comments Thanks Andrea. I sure hope I can do it again this year. :-)

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