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What is Spiritual Abuse?

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Amanda (savedfromsilence) | 1 comments Mod
Have you ever heard of "spiritual abuse?" Probably not. See, we talk freely about mental, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. But spiritual abuse is rarely, if ever, identified or acknowledged. To abuse a person with a spiritual element is to not only have zero regard for their physical being, but ultimately no concern for their soul. This abuse is as profound as any other category of abuse and sometimes the most difficult to overcome.
So what exactly is spiritual abuse, you ask? Well - that can be different for different people. But basically, spiritual abuse is the misrepresentation of God that is used to dominate, control, or abuse an individual. A person who represents themselves as a Christian and then commits abuse is also committing "spiritual abuse." This can, and will, create spiritual confusion for the survivor.
This abuse can be the most difficult to overcome because the blame for the abuser's actions can be shifted onto God. "How could God allow this?" "Where was God when I was hurting.?"
Saved From Silence explores this difficult aspect of abuse and puts spiritual healing into perspective for the survivor. While it is important that the survivor seeks proper help for any emotional, physical, mental, or sexual abuse, acknowledging the aspect of spiritual abuse can set the survivor on a path of ultimate healing. When the soul is healed, the spirit is healed, and a relationship with God is restored in a trusting, loving, and "originally intended" way - the survivor can finally find themselves again.

Have you ever experienced spiritual abuse?

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Ester (esterlopez) While I haven't been abused as in the above example, I have been criticized for going to church, and lumped together with all Christians as being hypocrits for going to church.

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