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Jared grinned as he passed the Groundskeeper's Hut on his way to the Forest. He had hidden a HUGE crate of wizard fireworks there for his big New Year's Prank.

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Dominic pushed the door to his house open and walked inside. He had to bend over slightly to pass through the door.

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Jared sighed as he approached the hut. He wondered if Dom knew about Derek's betrayal (he wasn't too pleased about him dating Ginger). Anyways, he knocked on the door and waited for the groundskeeper to answer.

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((Wait, isn't he with Brianna in the Room of Requirement?))

Dom had been sitting in his sagging armchair. He stood and walked to the door, then opened it. "Oh, it's you," he said, smiling broadly and moving back to let him in. "Derek and Brianna with you?"

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((Time skip, I guess.))

"Nah. Brianna's up at the castle and Derek must be somewhere with Ginger," he said, pronouncing Ginger's name with distaste.

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Dom settled back in his armchair. It creaked under him. "Ginger? He's mentioned her a couple times." He watched Derek. "You don't like her."

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"Well, would you like someone if they started dating your best friend and made him spend less time with you," Jared explained. He was pretty sure Dom would understand.

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Dom leaned forward, his chin in his hands. "He's still your best friend," he pointed out. "She's his girlfriend. It's different, but it doesn't mean he's leaving you." He rubbed his chin. "What's Brianna think?"

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"No idea. We haven't really talked about it," Jared admitted, rushing his hand sheepishly through his hair.

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"Well," Dom said. "I think Derek deserves you two to support him. If Ginger makes him happy, than at least don't let him see you don't like her."

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"You have a point," Jared grumbled, crossing his arms and sighing. "Problem is, she's one of Gemini's friends too, so I can't be mad at her and be safe among Gem and Derek," he added.

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Dom smiled. "So I guess you're stuck with her."

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