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January 1

Look, first things first. I am in no way going to refer to this thing that my idiotic Aunt Kate sent to me as a 'diary'. What do you think I am, a girl? My Foo-Foo-Cuddlykins days are over; they never existed in the first place. If my friends discovered I was writing in a 'diary', d'you think they'd ever let me hear the end of it?

M'name's Jared Jones. Just Jared, not Jarrie or Joo-Joo or Jo-Jo-Cuddlepoo. OK? (Great, now I'm referring to this thing like a real person. I'm going crazy.)

Signing Out-J. Jones

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January 2

Great. Just great. Sometimes, I end up really, really, Really with a capital R hating Headmistress Sage. It wasn't like it was a big prank! Fred and George Weasely wouldn't have gotten into trouble! And the worst thing-I HAVE TO POSTPONE THE PRANK-A-THON! NOOOOOOOO!

Anyway, Signing Out-J. Jones

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January 20

No result in the Prank-A-Thon...shame

J. Jones

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March 7

Bored to death. Derek dating Ginger. Nothing new to say,

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