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Awesome! Haha you get to keep me busy when I'm sssuuuppposeed to be cleaning up from last nights party!!! So anyways, what do you fancy rping about?

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That's good because I strongly prefer the guy anyways. Okay, I'm down with that. But you should know, my mum has access to my account, so my deal is to keep it pretty much PG-13 nothing super graphic, but it's okay if there's some stuff... So anyways, romance. High school college? Fantasy? Real world? What were you thinking?

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No, it's good. I am so a bad boy too ;) hehe. So college... Do you just wanna start or try to build a bit of a base real quick? Right now I can tell you my charries name will be Ryder Way, because that's always me. He plays guitar and sings. Probably a music major. Typically he's also usually at least a cutter. Ideas for you?

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Sounds good! Alright I guess we can just go now. Okay say it's fall... Mid September, and the semester just started. Classes are just getting going. Should they meet in class or like the rec center or whatever?

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((Okay then lets go! I'm gonna make it like a place with wifi and tables, sort of like a cafe? And upstairs is fun stuff?))

Ryder has his notebooks spread out on a table and his computer just in front of him, but instead of spin actual work he has headphones plugged into the computer which he occasionally mouses at, as if to switch a song. The marker in his hand occasionally flies over his notebook which rests on his knees as he reclines.

((Btw he looks like this:

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((Eek can you see the pic?
Here's a link in case you can't...
http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photo... ))

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((Also in stead of spin up there it's supposed to say 'doing'))

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((Yes he is. ;) it's actually Gerard Way which you will probably come to know as the love of my life. And about your pic, alright!))

Ryder rubbed his forehead and shut his computer and tugged out his head phones, unable to think anymore. He shut the notebook he was currently holding, finished off his coffee, which he tossed to the nearby trash can and continued to pack up his things into a worn messenger bag.

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((That's fine and haha, he does inspire quite strong feelings in people, although sometimes his hair is different colors...))

Ryder finally pulled everything clumsily together and put his bag over his shoulder. When he looked up to decide where to go, he caught one of the only other people in the room's gaze. A girl who obviously attended school here and looked almost as bored as he felt. He held her gaze until she glanced away and he quirked an eyebrow.

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((Gotchya on the pic!!!:))

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Ryder crouched down next to her and readjusted his own bag before handing her a small pile of books, "It's okay, I wasn't really watching either." He gave her a small, crooked smile that showed he wasn't mad and felt a little bad about embarrassing her. He straightened and offered a hand, "I'm Ryder."

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Again Ryder raised his eyebrows a little, but didn't comment instead he said, "Nice to meet you, Lily. You look as if you're leaving. Care to walk back to the dorms with me?" He decided he could drop off the things he had before heading over to the sound studios to work on a song that had been bothering him.

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Ryder bobbed along beside her, his gait more clumsy and filled with energy. He nodded to her question, "Yeah, sadly. Gotta get the math done..." He gave her a sideways look, taking her in without hesitation.

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Ryder had turned away after a few long seconds and was now sort of looking up as he answered. "Music. Sort of a double between composition and performance. But not classical at all."

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Ryder watches her talk, "That's interesting. I have a feeling you'll at least end up with a job. Psychologist=therapist, right?" He asks, knowing that there was plenty of them. He wasn't entirely sure he was making the right connection, though.

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"If I'm lucky." Ryder says with his eyes sparkling. He taps a hand absently on his thigh. "And if I could find a band that would stay together. Usually punk rock doesn't go solo." He turns sideways to her and balances on the heels of his black converse when they reach the entrance to the rooms.

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"Of course." Ryder says with a slight grin. He reaches in his pocket, takes a marker and guitar pick out, and scribbles his phone number on it in messy handwriting. "Call me sometime..." Then he tosses it softly at her.

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"Yep!" Ryder called back and walked the other way, to his room. He went in and shut the door carelessly behind him.

((Time skip or just play it out?))

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((The next day, an hour before class.))

Ryder woke up late, rolling over to find he'd already missed his first class, physics. He sighed loudly and pulled himself out of bed, tugging on a pair of tight jeans and a black band tee shirt. Then he picked up his bag from the ground by the foot of his bed. Before waking out he paused at the mirror to run a hand through his hair to make it at least not stick up. Finally he left as he popped back in earbuds and made for the cafe for a coffee before calc.

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Ryder slid into the chair across from her, taking a swig of a big peppermint mocha. "Fancy seeing you again. I suppose we both like this place." He rubbed his tired eyes and slipped on his jacket so no tough subjects came up yet.

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"I did just wake up." Ryder informs her with a small laugh. Then he tacks on at the end to acknowledge her second statement, "I come a lot too, but inconsistently. Sometimes you might find me in the middle of the night. I think I've seen you before."

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"Probably." Ryder agrees with another laugh. He messed with his black jacket's sleeves again and bites his knuckle absently, loosing himself temporarily in thought.

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Ryder shakes his head, clearing it and coming back to earth. "Hmmm? Oh, yeah. Freshmen." He admits sheepishly. Then adds on, "And still a teenager. Time to get a recording contract before I'm twenty. Anyways, you too?"

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Ryder shrugged, "A lot of music. Guitar and singing. Writing it. Dancing, listening. Going to gigs. Making connections. That's the center of my life. But I do quite enjoy parties and drawing." He feels like he's going on, but she seemed to want to direct the conversation at him for now.

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"Practice makes you better." Ryder assures her with a smile and then to the rest of what she said he tells her, "Books aren't boring, you can go places with them. Besides, your just keeping yourself safe for now, which probably is a good thing." He's trying to make her feel better, for in reality he doesn't find her boring:

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Ryder bobbed his head a bit, "Drinks, drugs, girls, what's not to like." He laughs but in paradox adds in real reply, "I just like the loud music and the highs you can get. Sometimes it's nice to just get away from thinking.

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Ryder finished his drink as well and tosses the cup, his mind buzzing on the excessive amounts of caffeine he just ingested. "Sounds like a good life to me. You ready for calc?"

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Ryder couldn't help but watch, then stood up himself and headed out the door; they were close enough to the building to just make the quick walk there. "Oh the joys of math..." He says sarcastically, wearing a smile that matches his tone.

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Ryder pretends to think for a second, then grins, "Nope. I don't need this. Hell, I probably don't even need school, I'm more here to meet people and make connections." He bumps her hip and laughs, "Why? Did you?"

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Ryder rolls his eyes but laughs, "Somehow, I don't think he'd get it. Or care." He opens the door to the building for her and holds it. "Ladies first."

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Ryder slid into a chair next to her and pulled out his book and notebook messily. He pushed hair from his face and dug for something to write with. Then he looked up to meet Mr. Carter's eyes, who was about to start talking. He ducked his head and glanced at Lily.

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Ryder met her eyes again, and came up with a sharpie, "Marker." He said and opened up his book. Then he laid his open notebook on top and opened the marker. For a while he wrote down what the man said, but his focus slipped... After a few minutes he needed to move so he tugged off his jacket, letting himself be in shortsleeves and deciding not to be bothered if Lily looked to close to see the scars that danced up his arms in the form of straight, intentional white cuts. He but his lip and focused on the paper.

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Ryder met her gaze and quirked an eyebrow, as if to say, Yes? You have a problem? He sighed loudly and went back to notes, except he's given up on notes and had replaced the notes page with a blank sheet of paper.

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((Just skip, my attention span is very limited.))

When Mr. Carter's drone finally came to an end, Ryder was about bursting with energy. Sitting in class didn't suit him, but math was downright awful. He sprung up when class was dismissed and started packing up, while standing. Ryder continuously pushed hair out of his eyes until he just gave up, tucked it behind his ears and managed to pull everything together.

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Ryder bounced out, but managed to crash into Lily, for the second time in less then twenty four hours. Both of them sprawled, spilling books and things everywhere. Mr. Cater made an annoyed noise and Ryder breathed out an apology, scrambling to get his things.

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Ryder rocked back on the heels of his feet and clutched his books, muttering, "It's okay, my fault this time." He sat down on his butt, in no rush anymore, and started shoving things into his bag. It was nearly full but had room enough for his jacket, so that went in to. After a moment of silence he looked up to see Lily still in the room and bit his lip.

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Ryder stood up slowly, not taking his hazel eyes off of her. "It's okay, I'm used to it. Just not one of the first things I like to tell people about, you know? But it's me, so what can I say?" He slung his bag back over his shoulder and tried not to let his mood swing so dramatically as it tends to.

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Ryder shrugged and matched her pace. He tried to brush off the moment to deal with later and in changing the subject asked, "Where to next?"

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Ryder catches her eye and smiles a bit, "The park, huh? Care if I join you, I haven't anything better to do. There's not enough time to do anything significant." He realizes that she could take that in a negative way, but shrugs it off.

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Ryder doggedly followed and was having similar thoughts. He didn't trust girls either... Or at least not anymore. But he didn't need trust to have some fun, right? So he followed and caught up and walked next to her. And then, in rebellion to his own mind, he reached over and laced his fingers through hers.

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((Got an idea for the twist, but I'm not gonna tell you! :P))

Ryder laughed and pushed open the door when they reached it, "Park on the south end, or the legitimate playground east?" Ryder asked, unsure of which direction to turn.

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"Right..." Ryder agreed as if it were obvious. He kept pace with her and tried to keep the conversation going. "So, Lily. Where are you from?"

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"New Jersey." Ryder told her nonchalantly. They neared the park and soon where at the edge. "And what did you want to do here?" He looks around, sees the small pond in the middle, several paths, and an open area.

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Ryder laughs, finally drops her hand and plops down next to her. "Ice cream it is, then. Do we have to flag down the ice cream man or do you have some hidden in that bag of yours?" He plays with his fingers while he talks, his attention obviously never fully on one thing.

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Ryder hopped up and stood slightly behind her. "Are you psychic?" He asked as he waited for the man to come back. When he did, before he could do anything but hand Lily her cone, Ryder jumped in and said, "I'll have a plain chocolate in a large cone, please." He slipped the man enough money for both and clumsily took his when ice cream guy came back.

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He smirked a little, "It's only fair." Ryder tells her happily, "Besides I probably would have forgotten to eat, so it sort of evens out." He takes a lick, then a bite of his own and does a small sigh if enjoyment; oh the simple things in life.

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"Busy is one way to put it." Ryder agrees but twists a strand of red in his finger and continues by saying, "A wreck or very chaotic, or maybe unfocused would be ways to describe me as well." He knew he was a little different then she would except, but he was gonna be honest:

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Ryder watched her finish her ice cream and as she spoke crunched his away. Before he replied he thoughtfully licked his fingers clean. "I sort of fancy the view from one of those tall trees." He points to a patch of large trees near the edge of the park. "Can you climb?"

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"You've never climbed a tree... Never?" Ryder asked, incredulously. He jumped up and told her, "Then come on, I want to, and you need to." He pulled her over to the trees he had pointed to and deposited his bag at the bottom.

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Ryder laughed at her playfully and swung himself easily up to the bottom branch. Then he reached down and offered a hand. "Take my hand, and grab that knothole sort of thing." He waited for her to take it, then added, "Jump up a bit and use the bark to get grip with your feet. I'll pull you up and then you've done the hardest part."

((Sorry I had to eat, but I'm done now.))

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