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message 1: by Caramel Cat (new)

Caramel Cat Universe Summers War is the movie for January. If you have watched Summer Wars or please post your review.
Link to a trailer:

My Review:
Actually my brother was watching this movie on Youtube and it looked cool, so the next day I watched the movie. The movie was good I like how their world was ruled by a virus. This movie was entertaining movie. From the creators of 'The Girl Who Leapt Through Time'. Good ending it was a good movie. One of my favorite movies.

message 2: by Noa (new)

Noa (noathings) I saw it too sometime ago and liked it as well. But I think 'The Girl Who Leapt Through Time' was better.

message 3: by Caramel Cat (new)

Caramel Cat Universe Me too, but it was a cute movie.

message 4: by Chi-yari (new)

Chi-yari Ro-zu | 31 comments Honestly, I stopped the time i watched Sunmer Wars because the quality of the video i've downloaded that time was poor and I thought it was no good! (im not a game fan, sorry!) BUT, the second i tried to watched it i was like, OMG it sooooo good! a must watch movie!!!!!
the characters are simle but catchy esp. the guy who saved the world! he's soooo cool computing with just his eyes and mind-- without writing! hehe

message 5: by Caramel Cat (new)

Caramel Cat Universe I know I stopped time 2!

message 6: by Anny (new)

Anny I think the antagonist was really sad, like a kid that got left out and cannot find anywhere to fit in. Even if he got himself a new family that is willing to accept him, he himself still feel like an outsider.

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