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Sam/Applejack♆ Start.

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

JJ sat calmly in one of the seats

message 3: by Lucy (new)

Lucy (silvereyes7) Aaron cracks open the doors and walks inside. He takes a moment to reflect on what had just occurred. He sighed and pulled out his worn notebook.

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JJ looked up as someone else entered

message 5: by Lucy (new)

Lucy (silvereyes7) Aaron acknowledged their presence but refrained from speaking or acting.

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JJ's ears perked up when she heard a creak

message 7: by Lucy (new)

Lucy (silvereyes7) Casually Aaron's eyes surveyed the situation. His mind calculated whether or not to intervene, or let the vampire girl handle it her own way.

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JJ sensed something very off. She crouched on her seat, eyes darting around the room

message 9: by Lucy (new)

Lucy (silvereyes7) Aaron raised and eyebrow and folded his hands in front of him thinking of testing these two.

message 10: by Lucy (new)

Lucy (silvereyes7) "Well it seems that we are all aware of each other's presence, so why continue the charade?" Aaron asks to no one in a sarcastic joking tone.

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JJ stood straight and daintily stepped to the floor, "You think you're allowed to leave?"

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She smirked, "Enlighten me, why should you?"

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She rolled her eyes, "Cocky, aren't we?"

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"Get your facts straight," She said coldly

message 15: by Lucy (new)

Lucy (silvereyes7) "Wow that escalated quickly, but Mr. Werewolf if you can do 1st grade math I think I would love to point out that you are outmatched 2 to 1," Aaron said smiling from his seat.

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Sam/Applejack♆ ((Emma, Jet can't be here. He's not a vampire. Sorry!))

message 17: by Lucy (new)

Lucy (silvereyes7) Standing up and brushing off his shirt Aaron smiles and stares down Jet. "Have we now... lets put those words to the test now won't we," his eyes glow like tiny embers on a dark night.

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JJ tensed, "You're dead meat, mongrel."

message 19: by Lucy (last edited Jan 08, 2013 04:08PM) (new)

Lucy (silvereyes7) "jeez these werewolves are all so vulgar, we won't even break a sweat," then his facial expression changes into halfway between a snarl and smirk. "Lets dance, dog"

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Lucy (silvereyes7) Using a Vampire's unnatural speed he evaded. "Not bad but is that all," using the tone you would when scolding a small child.

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JJ smirked, and leaned against a wall to watch

message 22: by Lucy (new)

Lucy (silvereyes7) "Want to step in or leave it to me?" asking as if they were ordering pizza

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"I'd hate to ruin your fun," She said

message 24: by Lucy (new)

Lucy (silvereyes7) "Ah you know me so well already," he smiled then his expression dropped leaving his face cold and remorseless.

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She gestured with her hand towards the wolf, "Well, don't let me interrupt you."

message 26: by Lucy (new)

Lucy (silvereyes7) "I didn't plan too," launching himself into battle with a burst of supernatural speed.

message 27: by Sam/Applejack♆ (new)

Sam/Applejack♆ ((I thought I made it clear that this was VAMPIRES ONLY though. . .))

message 28: by Lucy (new)

Lucy (silvereyes7) Diggin down deep Aaron pulled upon strength and ripped Jet from his body - along with a bit of his flesh, but he didn't mind - "Little doggy boy's got some big," he said with a grin on his face but it never reached his eyes they were red but cold. Jumping again he grapped Jet - still in wolf form - around the throat holding high in the air.

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