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Sam/Applejack♆ Start.

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Allie ran through the forest. She leapt over fallen trees and ran through streams. She didn't really have a destination in mind. She saw a fallen tree and smiled. It was taller than normal, but that didn't worry her. She liked challenges. She backed up a couple of steps and ran at the tree. When she was a couple of paces away, she leapt over the trunk. Unfortunately, she hadn't noticed the mud puddle behind the tree and landed in it. Skidding to a stop in the mud, she looked at her fur. She was covered in mud. While she liked being outdoors and didn't mind getting dirty, being covered from head to tail in mud was something entirely different. Now I have to take a bath, Allie thought. And it's going to take hours to get the mud off if it dries.

Sam/Applejack♆ Phoebe was sitting up in a tree in human form, her legs dangling down and her blond hair blowing softly in the breeze as she hummed a lullaby to herself

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) Allie's ears pricked up as she saw a shadow. Hearing growling, she headed in the direction it came from. She saw Gary with his prey. "Hi Gary, nice catch," she said.

Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) "That's a long time," Allie replied. "Sure, I'll join you."

Sam/Applejack♆ Phoebe continued to watch, leaning against the tree trunk.

Sam/Applejack♆ Phoebe looked down. " . . . n-no thank you," Phoebe said politely. She was of the shyer type, and didn't socialize well.

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