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♔a b b e y♌ (primadonna_witch_of_breath) | 19 comments Mod
Welcome to Middle Earth! Here you may ask any questions you have, and I or another moderator will be more than happy to answer them. c:

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Kitsune Rose (kitsunerose) Hello! I was wondering where characters' homes should be put in the skeleton. For example, since I know that's not very clear, I'm making an Elven character that I want to be from Mirkwood. Where would I put that in his profile?

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Grace (bookworm478) | 1 comments Hi! I'm Grace :)

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Hasbrownsoup | 2 comments I'm Emma. Sorry about my name. Hashbrownsoup. All names were taken. Lol.

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Kenny (books12345) | 1 comments Come join Ranger's Apprentice Fans if you love Rangers apprentice or Brotherband books! We are fun active and nice!

Mortuus the recently re-awakened (thenorthdwarf) I have appeared.

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