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A plain room in the curved tower wall at the very top of the dorm room building.

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Melanie sighed as she walked up to the dorm room to go inside.

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Crystal knocked on the door.

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She rolled her eyes, What now?! She called out to whoever was behind the door, "Who is it?"

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((Did you see her character form thing?! I thought you would get a laugh out of what I put in the History/Bio section!))

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((Ya... MI6 ;) right))

"You a newbie or something ?" Crystal cocked out her hip and laughed.

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She looked up to the sky as if to say Why do I have to be stuck with a bunch of idiots! She met Crystal's eyes, "What do you think?" She said sarcastically.

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She pushed her way into the room, looking for signs of personality.

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She cocked an eyebrow, "Looking for something?" Besides the bed and dresser, literally nothing was in the room besides a small business suitcase which she was holding in her hand.

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"Ya. You. You know what people are saying about you, right?"

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She smirked, "Like what? Considering what school we are in, it must be interesting..."

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"Well, the most well known, as well as most vague, is that you KNOW things... Whatever that means." She walked over to a dresser and picked something up.

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She laughed, "You could say that..."

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"Oh ya, by the way. My name is Crystal Malone. I am probably one of the most important people you will meet here." She gave a cheeky grin.

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She rolled her eyes, "Really?" she said not believing a word of it.

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She saw the disbelief. "Okay, since you know so much, according to legend, quiz me. I am important because I know things as well. I have been here longer than most if these twats."

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She looked into the girl's eyes, wondering if she should humor her or not. She decided that it would be a waste of time. "Whatever, I believe you, why are you even here in the first place?"

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"I thought you'd be interesting. Not like everybody else in this makeshift jail cell."

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"Why did you think I would be interesting? For all you know, I could be the most boring person on the planet! I mean, look around, do you see anything that might interest you?"

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"Yes." Crystal looked at the girl and smirked.

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She forced out a laugh, "You must be joking..."

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"Course not." She walked around the girl, looking her up and down.

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"What do you think you are doing!" She unconsciously took a fighting stance. She knew her boss will get mad at her if she attacked one of the students, but would he make an exception in this case?

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"And there we go." She laughed triumphantly.

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"Wait... What?" She asked, totally confused. She was certainly not a people person, and this proves it.

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"You didn't have a folder in the filing room. I knew you didn't belong." She leaned against a wall.

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She relaxed out of her fighting stance, FUDGE! I thought they made her fake identity already! She smiled, she always fooled everyone with it, and it always worked. "They told me that my folder is being looked over so they could see whether or not I need a wrist band..." She said, an easy lie.

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Crystal laughed. "Dude! I totally got you! Your file was there..." She walked up to her. "I can tell that it is fake. They really couldn't do better?"

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She sighed, Melanie wasn't meant for these kind of missions... "How do you know if it is fake or not?"

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She folded her arms. "There are just a lot of little things. I told you that I know things.."

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She smirked, "Like what?"

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"First of all, how to get into the File room, obviously. Then, how to figure out forgeries. Easy things, ya know? But, they are easy things that normal people don't know. And that is why I am important. At least, that is why I should be important to you, Agent." Crystal chuckled.

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Now she blinked in surprise. Now she truly looked at her, "How do you know that?"

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"How many times of I have yo say it? I know things."

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She tilted her head, "But how do you know that!"

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"Why would I tell you?" Her eyebrows furrowed.

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She rolled her eyes, "Oh I don't know..." she replied sarcastically.

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"Threaten me. I dare you."

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 496 comments Mod
Mikey scales the wall with Ash.

Ash asks, "What are we doing?"

"You'll see." Mikey says with a sly grin.

When they reach a window Mikey flips it open and throws Ash in. Ash flies in and lands in, "What the-?"

Mikey then jumps into another random window.

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She immediately forgot what she was about to say and turned to the boy. She walked up to him with barely held back fury, "What are you doing here you have less than five seconds to get out of the room five-four-"

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"Wait! I know him!"

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 496 comments Mod
Ash jumps to his feet and then looks to the other girl, "Y-you know me....? And alright.... I'm leaving...." He says putting his hands up in surrender shaking.

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Crystal blocked the door. "Course I know you. I know everybody."

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"Leave. Now." She glared at him.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 496 comments Mod
Ash is completly freaked out, "I- I...."

Mikey listens from the other room and snickers.

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"Are you blind? He CAN'T get out."

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 496 comments Mod
Ash starts feeling closed in, "Don't hurt me...." He says quietly.

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"He can go out the way he came in, through that window..." She said as a matter of fact.

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((Question: are either Mikey or Ash taken?))

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