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message 1: by Orland (new)

Orland Outland (orlandoutland) | 13 comments Hi, I have an ebook to add under "Eli Outland," my fantasy/paranormal pseudonym.

* Come Dark O'Clock
* Eli Outland
* Kindle Direct
* December 30, 2012
* Ebook
* Description: When Sol meets Rob Sabat at the ski resort, it’s magic…literally. But their romance could be short - Rob is really Barbatos, immortal daemon, cursed by an evil magician to spend the eight months of Daylight Saving Time buried underground. So now it’s up to Sol, descendant of King Solomon, the original daemon wrangler, to break the curse on his beloved. And to do that, he’ll have to become a sorcerer himself, maybe the greatest sorcerer ever. He’ll need Rob’s help, of course, as well as that of his faithful sidekick Celia – who just may be the descendant of the Queen of Sheba –and his dog Gary, now that Sol understands what he's been saying all these years. But daemons are a dangerous lot, and Sol’s experiments with the power may unleash and unlock more things under the earth than just Rob…
* Link to cover: http://orlandoutland.files.wordpress....

Thanks for your help,


message 2: by Vicky (new)

Vicky (librovert) | 2459 comments I've added your book here!

message 3: by Orland (new)

Orland Outland (orlandoutland) | 13 comments Awesome, thank you!

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