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message 1: by Karena (last edited Jan 01, 2013 08:11AM) (new)

Karena (karenafagan) Tell us who you are! Name, where you are from, favorite books/author/genre depending on your taste, why you're here and if you had a superpower, what would it be?

If you think you might have posted beforehand now don't see your entry, check one of our previous month's intro threads. :)

message 2: by Alexia (new)

Alexia (crittersmom) Hi! My name is Alexia and I am so glad I found this group. First of all, I love the podcast. You guys do a great job, and I feel like I'm hanging out with old friends.

The last few years I've done the "I'm going to read x number of books in 20whatever" and decided I didn't like that. I ended up reading to make my goal and found I wasn't necessarily enjoying reading. NO GOOD! Last month I decided I'd read one classic book a month. Then I discover this group! Talk about Kismet.

My tastes for reading run the gambit. I love literary fiction, some genre fiction (mysteries, cozy mysteries, some sci fi, fantasy), classics and selected YA. I don't do chick lit so much, nor romance (such as Harlequin). My favorite authors are JRR Tolkien, Alan Bradley (Flavia de Luce mysteries), Fiona Buckley (historical mysteries), Sharon Kay Penman (historical fiction and mysteries) and Terry Pratchett. My favorite books of all time are the LotR series, Elengence of the Hedgehog, and The Book Thief.

If I could have a super power I would want it to be teleportation. I have a 45 minute or so commute to and from work and would love to eliminate that.

message 3: by Ruth (new)

Ruth (offthewallek) | 2 comments Hi there, I am Ruth, pleased to meet you all. After I finished college 12 years ago, I really didn't do much reading since then. This is a pretty dismal statement since I used to describe myself as a book worm. I decided to change all that recently. I found this group in the past week. I received a Kindle Paperwhite in November, which replaced reading ebooks on my phone. My reading volume has dramatically gone up since.

I have a tendency to stick to one series until I have read all the books in that series. I also like the sci-fi/fantasy genre. Because I stick to one series at a time, I haven't really don't have the variety that moste people have in books. I've been reading the Dresden File books (on book 12 of 15). I also like most "classic" sci-fi. I am a fan of Asimov and Neil Gaiman, although I haven't read much of either.

I want to start reading more classics because I feel like that is something I should concentrate on this year.

If I had a superpower, I think I would like to have the ablity to manipulate energy and matter. If you have that superpower, then most everything else is possible.

message 4: by Jane (new)

Jane Viviano (janitha) Hiya! I'm Jane, an 18-year-old high school student living in Florida. I love to read and write in the time I have when I'm not studying. I found a website with someone's list of the 100 best books of all time. I figured the new year would be a good time to start on it :)

I've been reading a lot of YA fiction and chick lit novels for quite some time now. I'm hoping to improve my reading level and start reading and thinking "out side the box." I also would like to get a few of those Jeopardy questions right once in a while :)

I also enjoy dystopian novels, historical fiction, and mysteries. Some of my favorite books include The Outsiders, Hunger Games, and A Tree Grows In Brooklynn.

If I could have any superpower it would be time travel. I love anything to do with history/current events/International relations.

message 5: by Adrian (new)

Adrian Mcdaniel | 1 comments Hello, I'm Adrian. I'm from Puyallup, WA and do some of my reading on the train as I commute to Tacoma, WA. I read a lot of different fiction genres, but my favorite has to be sci-fi/fantasy.

As for superpowers ~ I'm envious of the superheros who can fly!

message 6: by April (new)

April Hi everybody! My name is April and I'm new to this site but very excited to get involved in some discussions! I graduated from college this past May and have enjoyed freelance writing and the upkeep of a photography business.
I am from Texas and enjoying the warm-ish winter this year! I love all kinds of genres from non-fiction to fantasy to news and classics (of course!). Among my favorite authors: C.S. Lewis, Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, the Brontes, Anne Rice, Willa Cather and Bernard Cornwell. I'm sad there are no more Harry Potter novels to anticipate (that was my childhood!) and enjoy being whisked away to other worlds as well as reevaluating the real one.
I joined the group to inspire and participate in discussion on literature that I've missed since graduating college.
If I had a superpower it would be...speed reading. Honestly, it would come in handy! I could read national and local papers and a whole novel before breakfast and never miss a beat with work. What a life!

message 7: by Anne (new)

Anne | 10 comments Hi, my name is Anne and I come from France. I am 19 and currently spending every waking hour towards getting into la Sorbonne in journalism. My role model is Rory Gilmore. I read a lot of classics for school and outside of school. I hope it's ok I joined this group even if I feel comfortable reading classics. My favourite authors would be the Brontes, Fitzgerald, Mark Twain, Melville, Dickens, Tolstoi... I know more about French literature (Hugo, Balzac, Stendhal, Maupassant, Madame de la Fayette...). What I expect from this group is to introduce me deeper into English and American literature because I am in love with this culture. I would like the speed reading ability just like April!
(Sorry about the English mistakes)

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Hello, I'm Darren. I'm from Bristol, England.

I'm a big reader and eager to hear other readers' opinions, but have never been part of any book club. This is my first one!

I tend to gravitate toward American post-war fiction; I'm a fan of Roth, Nabokov, Salinger, Kerouac, Bukowski (sorry, I'm a boy).

I've been trying to power my way through a broader range of books recently; I'm slowly making my way through Moby Dick at the moment.

If I had a superpower, it would be the power to keep my eyes open when reading Moby Dick!

message 9: by Marie Sol (new)

Marie Sol (ScarletRidingHood) | 5 comments Hi! My name is Emma Northblue,I am 14 and my mother tongue is Spanish (but I also speak english), so I have also read spanish classics too, but I'm really interested in the English literature...
I really don't have an specific favourite gender of book, but I like mistery, horror, policial, dystopian and fantasy books. Also I don't have a favourite author, I like Dickens, Poe(so much!), Bronte sisters, Orwell, Wilde, Christie, Rowling, Collins, Reichs etc...
I love reading classics, I think that it is because I think it's really fascinating how they are still so popular despite the years!
I joined the club so you could help me recommending me some books...
If I had a superpower, I think it would be having control of the time, but the true I have always dreamed of having witches powers hahaha!

message 10: by Georgia (new)

Georgia Gage | 15 comments Hi!! My name is Georgia from Portland, Oregon. I joined your group to read good books. The last 3 books I read were awful. Just because a book wins a Pulitzer Prize doesn't mean it is enjoyable to read.
I look forward to the discussions. Authors - I like Barbara Kingsolver a lot. Charles Dickens, of course. Powell's Book store is so overpowering I cannot find a book. I am looking for recommendations and think I came to the right place.

I would like to be Queen of the World for a day and stop all wars.

message 11: by Pegi (new)

Pegi Dorothy | 2 comments Hi, my name is Pegi. I love to read and tend toward sci-fantasy. I read some of the classics in High school and college, but didn't enjoy them much. I am glad I found this group and am looking forward to expanding my horizons. Once I find an author I like I try to read everything they have written. If I could have a super power it would be ivisibility.

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

Happy New Year everyone. My name is Kiley, from the States. My favorite authors include Steig Larsson, J.K. Rowling, Bronte sisters, George R.R. Martin, etc. Will pretty much read anything from any genre depending on the subject at just has to reach me in a very visceral, gut reaction kind of way. I'm an avid bookworm but have not read as many classics as I feel I should, thus my presence in the group. And as far as super powers go, I would really love the ability to have a Time Turner.

message 13: by Robert (last edited Jan 02, 2013 01:11AM) (new)

Robert Daniel | 1 comments Hi Folks,
My name is Robert and I am from Federal Way, Washington only about 15 miles from Adrian and about 150 miles north of Georgia in Portland. I already feel connected to many of you because of one thing or another that I have in common, such as, we've read the same authors or books or genres, or I have lived in or traveled through so many places that you live. I was in the Army and had a chance to live and travel in Asia, Europe and have lived in the South, Southwest, Northwest, Midwest and New England, and have traveled through Alaska, Hawaii and all but about 15 of the United States of America. Plus a little bit of Canada and Mexico.

I was born in Kentucky, but grew up in Georgia.

I love many genres and types of writing. Have read probably somewhere between 1000- 2000 books. I love Kingsolver, J.A. Jance, Orwell, Twain, Heinlein, and the list goes on and on. I've even done a little bit of writing poetry.

I'd like all of the super powers, but am most torn between speedreading and flying.

message 14: by Anne (new)

Anne | 10 comments Darren wrote: "Hello, I'm Darren. I'm from Bristol, England.

I'm a big reader and eager to hear other readers' opinions, but have never been part of any book club. This is my first one!

I tend to gravitate tow..."

Darren, I am surprised you are having trouble getting through Moby Dick, this is one of my favourite books! The beginning is a little long when Ishmael stays at the inn, but I kept on going because the very beginning was promising. I usually think the best part of a classic is the very beginning or the very end. In the case of Moby Dick I just love the first page ("methodically knock people's hats off") but this is no reason not to read the rest! Keep on going, good luck!

message 15: by Roxana (new)

Roxana | 1 comments Hello!
My name is Roxana from Romania and I`m really pleased that i found this site and also this group.I enjoy reading classics , I have a crush on English Literature:Shakespeare ,the Brontes ,Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (I`m a huge fan of Sherlock) ,Dickens, Jane Austen, Thomas Hardy etc. (i see myself living in uk in the near future) and also the French Literature A.Dumas with The Count of Monte Cristo and The Two Dianas has conquered me!Also his son.
I am here to exchange opinions, develop my passion ,learn more and of course make friends !
And if I could have a superpower it will be to understand and speak all the languages on this earth.

message 16: by Kate (new)

Kate (chrgrgrl) Hi, I'm Kate, from the UK. Just found this group and it looks interesting so would lot to join as I'm interested in reading all those books you're always told you should read without having to write an English Lit essay afterwards!

My favourite book is Les Miserables (yes, I read the Waterloo, Argot etc chapters too) & I love Hugo's style but I'm not sure I have a favourite genre. Books I've recently read include The Song of Ice & Fire series, The Narnia series, Dracula, a few Neil Gaiman, I just finished the first book in the Dresden files series and am currently reading Dune, The Brothers Karamazov and the first Harry Potter book. I'm basically open to reading anything & would like to read the classic and/or famous books so I can have an opinion.

I noticed you're reading Life of Pi next month which I recently purchased so I'd love to join in with that one!

message 17: by Nathalie (last edited Jan 02, 2013 05:17AM) (new)

Nathalie (coffeepensandpaper) Hi, my name is Nathalie! I'm a 27year old mother of one amazing daughter (but my profile picture, that's me ;D).
I'm from Germany, but living in Japan right now.

I'm an average reader I think, but I really want to get the number up. And I really loved to write when I was in High school and University, but recently I haven't come up with anything good.

My favorite genres are fantasy (urban and low, I'm not much of a high fantasy reader) and horror, but I want to get more into the clasiccs (reading Sense & Sensibility now). I really enjoy movies and series of classic books, so I thought "Why not join here and extending your horizon a bit more!"

message 18: by Janine (new)

Janine | 18 comments Hi, Im Janine and I'm an American living in Australia. I like reading classics but I also like to read a variety of other types of books. I tend to choose books off the Top 100 books of the Year to start out, and if I like an author I'll read another one of theirs.

I have read all of Jane Austen's, a couple of Charles Dickens (loved Tale of Two Cities), recently finished Les Mis (loved it!), Crime and Punishment (great!), and also like Alexander McCall Smith. One of my favorite books I read in the last couple of years is The Book Thief.

If I could have a super power, it would probably be flying so I wouldn't have to pay so much to fly home and see my family!

message 19: by Martina (new)

Martina | 1 comments Hi My name is Martina, Im from Sweden but live in Holland.
Ill like a wide varity of genres but my favourite is fantasy. I ben reading alot of paranormal and urban lately with some romance in between.
When it comes to classics I liked Bram Stokers Dracula and loved Leo Tolstoys Anna Karenina. I also adore the classical children stories like The Wind in the Willos and Black Beauty. I Joined this group because I want to read more classics and want to have tips of what to read.
If I would have a superpower I would like to fly.

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

Hi, I'm Alisha, a student from The Netherlands.
I've always loved reading but little teenage-me didn't want to read anything else but fantasy books. A while ago I decided that I had to start educating myself a bit more when it comes to literature and this group will hopefully be an excellent motivation to get more involved with reading classics.

I still like fantasy books and because of my studies (Classics) I've also developed a great interest in novels set in Ancient Greece or Rome as well as stories set in Britain between ancient times and roughly the early Middle Ages, such as the Boudica series by Manda Scott or the Roma Sub Rosa series by Steven Saylor.

If I would have a super power it would definitely be time travelling.

message 21: by Coco (last edited Jan 02, 2013 01:18PM) (new)

Coco (cocotheislandgirl) | 2 comments Hello, I'm Anna- 40something - I grew up on an island in the Gulf of Mexico but am now living in NC. I love the diversity in this group.

I too am on a quest to read one classic each month this year, along with some leisurely books thrown in. I am partial to Historical Fiction. I found the daunting list of what classics *should* be read and felt I might need a little more direction than just blindly picking something and reading it.

My favorite book ever is The Secret Garden.

If I had a super power it would be to fly, then I could visit all the places I read about.

message 22: by Madiha (new)

Madiha Qudah | 1 comments hi, i'm madiha. i'm from jordan ,i love reading books.
my favorite book is "The Al Chemist", favorite author is paulo coelho, i read many of his novels, i also love poetry.. read a lot of shakespeares plays. i also read lots of other books.
if i had a superpower it would be walking on water or going back in time.

message 23: by Marilyn (new)

Marilyn | 1 comments Hi All - My name is Marilyn and I've been reading lots since grade school. I would love to discuss books off and on with this group. I do love classics and historical fiction, so might find this fun. I am in three local book groups as well. It keeps me reading a lot. That's great as it bring the whole world to me for its wonderous enjoyment.
I have already read "The Age of Innocence" recently, so I will have to add my comments sometime soon!
I live in the wonderful state of Washington, and have all my life. It's the greatest place to be!

message 24: by Soph (new)

Soph (lolitadecay) Hi, I'm Sophie and I'm a student studying English Literature in Wales. I'm originally from a tiny island in the Channel Islands called Guernsey.

I don't really have a favourite book but I absolutely love the fantasy and dystopia genres. I also have a soft spot for Shakespeare(I'm an English Lit student so it'd be weird if I didn't!) I'm particularly interested in classical literature from the Ancient Greek and Roman, so much so I'm looking into doing my masters in it.

I'm here because having people to discuss books with is a wonderful feeling and I actually think it adds to the whole experience. I hope I make some good friends along the way~

The best superpower, in my opinion, would be telepathy. I'd love to know what people are actually thinking.

message 25: by Kellie (new)

Kellie Hi everyone, I'm Kellie...from Montana. Like everyone else on here, I love a good book! There's nothing better than curling up in bed late at night with a page-turner! I'm pretty diverse in my reading...I like a bit of everything. Recently, I've developed a new appreciation for Charles Dickens (never got his sense of humor when I was in high school). I think my all-time favorite would be "A Confederacy of Dunces."

I don't know if I'll be able to keep up with all the books (but I'll try my best). I'm in nursing school & during the semester I have to sacrifice some of my "reading for pleasure" for reading textbooks.

message 26: by Julie (new)

Julie Boudreau (julieboudreau) | 2 comments Whoopîe! I think I will fit right in, in this group. I love to read classics and mostly read old books found at my local "bouquinerie".
Busy mom of tree, slow reader, but book lover. My main goal is to read the 100 best books of all time! Quite ambitious and not realistic, since my list has grown to 250 books (and still adding...). Anyway, the important is to have fun!
My english is terrible because I am a french pea-soup from Quebec!

message 27: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Alleger | 9 comments Hi Everyone! I'm Kevin from Rapid City, South Dakota. I studied both art and mathematics at a small liberal arts college in Minnesota. I've been reading for pleasure all of my life, and was even enrolled - and passed! - a Geoffrey Chaucer course at the University of Minnesota.

A goal of mine is to read the titles in the Modern Library's list of the 100 best novels of the 20th Century. I never can quite figure out what to read next, so this list seemed a good place to start!
And I joined this group because I really hope to discover other titles, other recommendations. (I see in February it's 'Life of Pi' ...this would be something I never would have thought to read, but I'm looking forward to it!)

A superpower I would choose to have would be invisibility. It would satisfy the inner spy in me, I suppose :)

message 28: by Chris (new)

Chris (ponch510) I'm Chris and currently live/work in Panama but am from the Virginia area. Ay favorite books and such...Tom Clancy is my favorite author and Red Storm Rising is my favorite book. I have a taste for non-fiction, especially military history. However, someone I respect told me I needed to read more fiction and I agree. My brain needs to have fun and hence why I am in this group. Why not read (or reread) some of the classics to let my brain have fun. Invisibility would be my superpower.

message 29: by Riah (new)

Riah | 12 comments I'm Mariah, a 20 year old house-wife and soon to be mom from the USA.
I love classics and have always enjoyed reading, always. But I always felt horrible when I'd read Classics and I wouldn't like them or I loved them but for totally different reasons than everybody thought I should. My out-look on life is different and most people don't really like how I see it. I've been dying to find a group where you read the classics simply because you love them, not just to sound important or stuffy.
Favorite classics are by the Bronte sisters and Austen, although I love many many more. Including Le Mis (and I am dying to see the movie).

Super power? Uh Invisibility, be able to go where ever I want without being seen. Plus imagine how much reading you could get done without be interupted if you were invisible.

message 30: by Leslie (new)

Leslie (musingmama) | 1 comments Hi! I'm Leslie and looking for a push to get back into reading classics for fun as I spend a lot of time reading to keep up with my four kids I homeschool here in Arkansas. I like all kinds of books, authors, and genres, but Austen has always been a favorite. Probably sci-fi is my least favorite, but the more I've read with my kids, the more I'm ok with it. I've never been in a book club so I'm excited to hear the input. I'd definitely like the superpower to clone myself to complete multiple task at once...then I'd get to read all I want!

message 31: by Juli (new)

Juli Benko (julibenko) Hi! My name is Juli, and I am from Pennsylvania. I absolutely love to read, and I have wanted to start reading classic novels again. I finally read Pride and Prejudice for the first time last year, and I absolutely LOVED it! I pretty much read everything exception science fiction novels.

If I had one superpower, it would be to turn back time.

message 32: by Amber (new)

Amber | 1 comments I have always loved classics, my favorite being Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy, a beautifully written tragic romance, I also enjoyed Madame Bovary and love D.H. Lawrence. If I had a superpower it would be to read minds.

message 33: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 464 comments Hello! My name is Jessica, and I am from Nashville, TN. I just graduated from MTSU with a degree in Graphic Design. I have loved to read sense I was a wee little tot. The love is stronger than ever now. The smell of a library or an old book is something I wish I could bottle.

I have, recently decided to reread some of the classics I read in high school and read those I never had the chance to. At the moment I am reading Grapes of Wrath, and liking it so far.

Some of my favorite books:
The Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin
(more of an obsession)
Ordinary People by Judith Guest
A Tale of Two Cities by Dickens
Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy (LOVE!)
The Hobbit by Tolkien
Night Watch, Day Watch, Twilight Watch by
Sergei Lukyanenko (great series)
Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss

That should be a pretty good mix of my taste. I am all over the place. My goal for the year is to read Les Misrables. I have always wanted to but have been intimidated by the size.

My superpower would be...(that's hard) ummm
Super human strength or flying :)

message 34: by Alexis (new)

Alexis (alexiswagman) | 19 comments Hi! Im Alexis and I am from Mesa, AZ. I currently live in New York, I go to Hofstra University. GO PRIDE!

If I had a superpower it would be either being able to read minds or being able to control things with my mind.

I love classic books. I never liked them until I read A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens in high school. Lately, Ive read Pride and Prejudice and im so excited to be a part of a group where I can discuss these fantastic classic novels.

message 35: by Maxine (new)

Maxine (maxine00) | 4 comments Hey guys! My name's Maxine and I'm from the Philippines. :)

Obviously, I love to read. The classics I kinda struggle with (we don't really read English-language classics in school here). I've always loved sci-fi, horror, a bit of YA and chick lit, mysteries, as well as courtroom books, which I've only recently begun to enjoy.

Superpower? Mind reading.

message 36: by Jessa (new)

Jessa Hochman (jessa_gh) | 1 comments Hello, my name is Jessa I am from Cleveland, Ohio. My favorite "classic" type of genre is probably American Gothic Lit but my favorite newer books include titles like, "Let The Great World Spin" and "Little Bee". If I could have a superpower it would be to type faster :-)

message 37: by Paweł (new)

Paweł Sobiegraj (pawelsulej) Hello everyone!

I'm Pawel from Wroclaw, Poland. I work as a software engineer and reading literature is my hobby. Although I read mostly in polish, I force myself, from time to time, to read in english. I guess this group will be perfect motivation to read, in english, at least one classic book per month. ;)

My favorite authors are, probably, Stephen King and Kurt Vonnegut. But lastly i enjoyed some polish non-fiction authors.

message 38: by John (new)

John Dodds (jcdodds) Hello. I'm John from London, England.

I was pleased to find this group. It looks like a super way to be steered towards some great books. I used to read a lot when I was young and I have a house full of books but recently there's always been other things to do and reading has taken a back seat.

However, I've become a Kindle fan over the past year and that's got me started again. I'm looking forward to reading the group's selections on my Kindle.

message 39: by Sonie (new)

Sonie (soniesohal) Hi! My name is Sonie from Philippines.

I really love reading and I love to try and read new things, but mostly I'm a fiction, paranormal and romance kind of girl. But lately, there's this nagging feeling that wants me to read Classics. And I do hope that this group will help me to sort out which Classic books should I read first. :D

message 40: by Brandon (new)

Brandon Hello, I'm brand new to GoodReads but liking it so far. I've been using another similar site, but this one already seems much better.

My favorite genre is fantasy, but I enjoy variety. I'm acquainting myself with the classics lately.

My ideal super power would probably be to know instantly whether there's anything good on TV without checking the guide. :)

message 41: by Erika (new)

Erika (theplayfulscholar) | 2 comments Hi! My name is Erika and I live in Knoxville, TN. I often love the classics once I finally pick them up to read them, but truthfully I really love my smut. Historical romances by Johanna Lindsay are my all time favorite :) I'm looking forward to having some camaraderie as I try yet again to expand my reading repertoire to include some novels a little more robust. If I had a super power it would be to make money grow on trees ;)

message 42: by Tamara (new)

Tamara (tamaradoleman) Greetings, I'm Tamara from Hagerstown, MD. Life long reader.

I took a literature course a few semesters ago and enjoyed the classics required in the syllabi, thought I treat myself to more through this outlet.

I love fiction, preferably suspense/action/dramas.

Looking foward to stepping outside my culture box.

My superpower, invisibility...whenever, wherever.

message 43: by Britany (new)

Britany HI :)
My name is Britany and I am a student at Florida State University. I love the classics and have been reading them since middle school when i discovered my love for Jane Austen. The only book I have not read by her is Persuasion, which is on my book list for 2013! I love to read, but school is so demanding that I have not been able to read much other than required materials since I went off to college.
This year, however, I have this site and now, this group! I cannot wait to start reading and discussing!
I love fiction and fantasy but also enjoy nonfiction on subjects that interest me.
My superpower would have to be teleportation. There are too many used bookstores to visit in just one day without that power.

message 44: by Janice (new)

Janice (seejanread) Hi! My name is Janice and I am from New York.

I read mostly young adult fiction, despite the fact that I am no longer a young adult. I also enjoy reading memoirs (Jen Lancaster) and contemporary adult fiction. I am a future Librarian so I am looking to broaden my literary horizons.

My favorite books are the Harry Potter series, but my favorite book of 2012 is The Fault in our Stars by John Green.

If I could have a superpower it would be teleportation (or as Harry Potter would say Disapparation). :)

message 45: by Stipe (last edited Jan 03, 2013 11:33AM) (new)

Stipe | 2 comments Hi! I'm Stipe and I come from Croatian capital of Zagreb. I really enjoy books and reading and I like literary fiction although I like to read something from science fiction or mystery too! I'm trying to read more classics recently so I'm glad that I found this group here on Goodreads.

I don't know for superpower, maybe teleportation. If I had that it would be really easier to travel around.

message 46: by Meera (new)

Meera Hi, I'm Meera from MA. I will read just about anything as long as it is well written. I joined the group because I saw you were reading The Age of Innocence which I had started last month and for some reason stopped and thought I needed some motivation to pick it up.

If I had a super power, it would be to slow down time. There doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to do everything you want to.

message 47: by Sheryl Ann (new)

Sheryl Ann (sherylviz) | 3 comments Hello, I'm Sheryl from the Philippines. I'm fond of adventure, fantasy, and detective stories. Currently, I prefer Neil Gaiman's Graveyard Book, Rothfuss's Kingkiller Chronicles, Agatha Christie's novels over others. But I'd say, oldest classics are the best. I'm here because I think I would like to express my admiration over (not exactly) well-written (but impressive) stories, thus, classics.

Why the question? If I have a superpower, it would be related to grant wishes (including mine, *evil-like laugh*). Why? I don't know. Maybe, I want to play a paradoxical character. Am I good or evil?

message 48: by Jeane, Book-tator (new)

Jeane (pinkbookdragon) | 323 comments Sheryl Ann wrote: "Hello, I'm Sheryl from the Philippines. I'm fond of adventure, fantasy, and detective stories. Currently, I prefer Neil Gaiman's Graveyard Book, Rothfuss's Kingkiller Chronicles, Agatha Christie's ..."

I think this just means you are chaotic good Sheryl Ann :)

message 49: by Marti (new)

Marti Magsombol (martimagsombolyahoocom) | 3 comments Hello, my name is Marti. I'm from the Philippines and I'm 16 yrs. old. But I've only been reading classical lit since I was 13. I love reading some English poetry, classic lit and a bit of historical romances. So far, I've only been able to read 33 classical lit books..(curse my fondness for historical romances..hehehe)

I'm a huge fan of Jane Austen, Hardy, Scott, the Bronte sisters and Shakespeare. I'm so exited to be in this group because this would be my first time joining a book club and even discussing it with other people. Admittedly, not much of my classmates or family members share my enthusiasm in books.
Right now, I'm re-reading all of Austen's books for the rest of my vacation and later on, maybe buy a new book to read.

I really hope to learn alot and have some stimulating conversations with all of you.
And as for my superpower, I think I would enjoy having the ability to absorb information in just one glance and use it to my advantage. That would be extremly helpful for my studies..haha

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Letizia Fretes (leti_fretes) Hello group! My name is Letizia. I'm an Italian-Paraguayan woman, living in southern Spain and I'm 33 yo. Reading has always been one of my favorite hobbies of all time, ever since I started reading at the age of 3-4 yo (yes, I was somewhat precocious ;)

My lit taste is very wide... I could say I have an "eclectic" book taste. I enjoy reading classics, biographies, historical fiction, fantasy, sci-fi and YA.

My favorite authors of all time are J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Anne Rice, Thomas Harris, Ken Follet, and the list could go on for a while.

If I could have a superpower? Guess it would be space-time manipulation.

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