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The Future *spoilers*

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Esme I really REALLY really kinda hope she is pregnant... and that in the next book it skips ahead nine months, and she gives birth to this baby that grows quick and has super powers and is awesome and makes better decisions than its parents... I know the whole baby with super powers is a long shot :D but I feel that something needs to make Saba actually think out how she acts before going off half-cocked all the time. I love her but she needs to buckle up :)

What do you all think about what is going to happen in the next book?
Who will she end up with?
A baby with super powers?

Esme hahaha, yeah that might be a bit of a problem...

Nicole Either way the next book goes it will be horrible. I loved the first book, but the second one turned me off from this series and author.

Esme her brother was also a complete tool though the WHOLE book... :P

Lydia I think that Saba is going to be pregnant, but I also think she'll end up with Jack. That is, if the two of them are still alive at the end.

Abby It would be interesting if she turns out to be pregnant, but I agree, she will end up with Jack, if he is still alive

Judith But why does everybody assume she's pregnant from DeMalo?? On the last page she literally asks Jack to "lay" with her! I also think she'll be pregnant in the 3rd book but I think that she doesn't know who the father is. That'll be a big problem obviously, for getting back together with Jack...but I hope that when the baby comes out, she'll look him/her in the eyes and they'll be silver gray... And then I'll cry happy tears =D

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Kaelyn Esme wrote: "her brother was also a complete tool though the WHOLE book... :P"

ikr. whats up with this being ungrateful and Saba not getting him sooner. Does he even KNOW what Saba went through to rescue him. so he was a total tool bag

Judith I agree, I hated him as well but I think he did'nt have a fabulous time either... I think he was sexually abused or something when he was kidnapped... That's why he freaked out when lilith runned a finger on the inside of his thigh in that camp and why he has issues about his feelings towards maev..

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I think that Saba will be pregnant but it is more likely that it will be DeMalo's because that would make more options for events in the book. I think that super powers is a bit of a stretch, though.

Greysmilexx I wish it all really

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