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Sera pulls into the hotel parking lot and turns to him. "Come on I'll help you get ready." She says and walks up next to him.

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Sera walks into the hotel and looks around, "wow I've never been in this hotel before." She says curiosity and excitement lacing her voice.

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Sera looks back at him and nods before walking up to his side. She looks around before turning her attention back to him. "Ok so your going to need to basically take most of your stuff," she says and starts making a mental list.

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Sera nods and walks into the bathroom, she starts picking up the toothpaste, toothbrush and other things he would need for his trip to New York.

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Sera walks back into the main room and over to him. "I hope your ok with your mom and I hope you guys work everything out." She says and leans against the bed looking at him.

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Sera leans over and kisses him softly before pulling away. "You'll do what's right." She says and smiles slightly, "for both of you."

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Sera laughs, "I have to have a reason?" She shrugs thinking, "well for one you seemed sad so I was trying to distract you. Plus, your drunk and I don't want you to get all depressed while your sad so seemed like a better time then never." She smirks slightly and then looks at his stuff.

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Sera smiles before kissing him back and then stands up. "Ok so do you need anything else?" She asks and looks around the room before turning back to him.

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Sera nods, "sure although I don't know what I'm going to do with a freaking gun." She shrugs and sets it on the bedside table to pick up before she leaves. "Cool, did you get a plane ticket?"

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Sera nods, "ok well I'll see you later I guess then..." She trails off before picking up the gun and looking a it before smirking.

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Sera runs a hand through her hair and blinks, "uh yea sure." She says and turns towards him curiously. "What's up?"

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Sera freezes in surprise for a moment before kissing him back softly. She presses her body against his and smirks slightly. "No problem, although I don't know what your apologizing for."

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((Crap that was for a different group lol I'm getting confused...hold on a sec!))

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Sera runs her hands up his chest before wrapping them around his neck and kissing him back.

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Sera pulls back and looks up at him. "I have to work tonight," she says and smiles slightly. "Besides you need to get a good night's sleep for your trip tomorrow." Sera kisses him firmly before shrugging. "Maybe when you come home," she says and smirks teasingly.

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Sera raises an eyebrow, "tease you? Oh that wasn't teasing." She says and shrugs nonchalantly. Sera laughs before running her hands along his torso and then threading them up into his hair. "The gun will be here when you get back and so will the car."

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Sera laughs before sighing, "fine but your not coming home early. Your mom deserves your full attention," She says sternly before reaching up and kissing him again.

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Sera smiles slightly against his lips before untangling her hands from his hair and slipping them under his shirt she lightly runs her hands over his abs.

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"You know being a retired stripper does have it's advantages. You don't know how many guys I've had one night stands with so your going have to impress me." She whispers in his ear before trailing a line of kisses down his jaw.

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Sera smirks slightly before gasping softly. "Do you want it to be more than a one night stand?" She asks slightly breathless and pulls his face back down to hers.

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Sera grinds her hips into his lightly, "I don't know if the night you get back would be such a good idea," she says and traces the top of his pants before undoing his belt.

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Sera grins slightly and kisses his chest before flicking her blue eyes up at him. "What if it goes badly? Plus you'll probably be tired from taking care of your mom." She says and unbuttons his jeans.

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Sera arches her back and whimpers giving him better access and runs her hands through his hair, "so your saying you love me?" She asks and looks up at him her eyes a mixture of curiosity and confusion.

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Sera moans softly and kisses his neck running her tongue over it before she grinds against him presses her body against his.

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Sera kisses him back and slips her tongue into his mouth exploring it. She lightly digs her nails into his back and arches against him. "I don't know how you could know that, I just met you a few days ago." She says her voice quivering.

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Sera smirks and raises an eyebrow, "well that's never happened before." She says and laughs. "Are you going to tease me?" She asks and runs her tongue over his before pulling back and pulling him closer to her.

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Sera gasps, moaning she arches her back slightly and lifting her hips grinds against him. "Fine you want to tease me?" She asks and grabs his bulge through his boxers. Smirking, she kisses him again.

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Sera laughs and slips her hand into his boxers. She gently rubs his shaft and then pulls her hand out. "I could do that," she says and wrapping her legs around his waist, pushes against him.

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Sera sighs dramatically before slipping her hand back into his boxers and lightly strokes him again before speeding up slightly.

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Sera rolls her eyes, "why am I here again? I should be at work." She says smirking and pulls back her hand. "I should probably go actually," she says nonchalantly and shrugs.

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Sera giggles before reaching down and running her hands over his hips before going lower. "Are you sure?" She asks softly and moves her hands lower.

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Sera gasps before pulling him against her harder and grinding against him running her hands through his hair and groaning softly.

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Sera smirks before moaning. She digs her hands lightly into his back before wrapping her legs back around his waist.

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Sera looks at him before pushing him off her and rolling on top of him. She quickly straddles him before sliding him back inside her and presses her body against him moving up and down slowly smirking.

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Sera smiles and speeds up slightly, she grinds her hips against his and looks down, "am I a dog?" She asks and rolls her eyes slightly.

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Sera can feel her climax coming and chuckles slightly breathless. "Woof," she says teasingly before leaning down and kissing him hard.

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Sera moves with his thrusts, she pushes against him running her hands up his chest before locking his lips with hers again.

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Sera grips his shoulders, playing along she teases his tongue playing with his as he was hers and runs her hands up his neck before retracing her steps and going back down his shoulders.

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Sera whimpers before she came and looking down at him kisses him quickly. "I love you too," she whispers and smiles slightly.

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Sera laughs before nodding, "ok we'll see." She says smirking before sitting up slightly and rolling off him raises an eyebrow, "you should go to bed though since your going to be busy with your mom."

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Sera rolls over and lays her head on his chest before nodding, "yea and you have mine." She says before kissing his chest and then looking up at him smiling. "How about if I want you to go to sleep? Would you then?"

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Sera looks at him for a moment before leaning up and placing her mouth against his jaw kisses him once before moving up to his ear. "Will you go to sleep? For me?" She asks and raises her eyes to look at him.

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Sera sighs and rolls her eyes, "what about work? I have to make money. You know, rent and food? I kind of need that stuff to survive," she says pouting slightly before smirking slightly.

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Sera looks at it for a moment before shaking her head. "I don't...I can't take this." She says and holds it out to him. "That wouldn't be right, I don't do charity." She smiles slightly before shrugging, "I can take care of myself, always have."

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Sera smiles before sighing, "fine since your so sweet." She says and takes the card before looking up at him. "Go to sleep," she says and lays her head back on his chest.

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Sera nods in agreement before closing her eyes and after a few minutes; she falls asleep, her breathing becoming soft and even,

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((Should we fast forward?))

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((M'kay sounds good.))

Sera was sitting on a chair in Matt's room; her legs thrown over one leg, she lets them dangle her hair in a messy bun and a pencil holding it in place. She had been working at the bar only 15 minutes earlier despite having the card Matt had given her. Knowing he was coming home, she was reading a magazine she had found randomly in her apartment.

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Sera jumps up off the chair and wraps her arms around his neck, "kissing him back, she pulls back and sighs softly. "I'm sorry about your mom," she says softly and frowns. "How are you holding up?"

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Sera sighs and shakes her head, "that still makes her your mom." She says and gazes at him, "are you sure your ok?" She asks and runs a hand through his hair before kissing him again.

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