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~Jennifer~ (book_addiction) | 929 comments The Redwall Series
Author: Brian Jacques Brian Jacques
Ends Eighteen Months from Start Date

For this challenge, you will have eighteen months to complete. The challenge officially begins when you decide and you have eighteen months from that date to complete it! Feel free to discuss the books here as well. Good Luck, Have Fun & Happy Reading!

The Redwall Series
Book 1: Redwall
Book 2: Mossflower
Book 3: Mattimeo
Book 4: Mariel of Redwall
Book 5: Salamandastron
Book 6: Martin the Warrior
Book 7: The Bellmaker
Book 8: Outcast of Redwall
Book 9: The Pearls of Lutra
Book 10: The Long Patrol
Book 11: Marlfox
Book 12: The Legend of Luke
Book 13: Lord Brocktree
Book 14: Taggerung
Book 15: Triss
Book 16: Loamhedge
Book 17: Rakkety Tam
Book 18: High Rhulain
Book 19: Eulalia!
Book 20: Doomwyte
Book 21: The Sable Quean
Book 22: The Rogue Crew

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~Jennifer~ (book_addiction) | 929 comments Reserved

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~Jennifer~ (book_addiction) | 929 comments Reserved

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Michelle Von  (catsandfantasy) Sarted! I will come back soon to add the first I read in Dec. '12 and set the start date from there.

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