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Tom | 42 comments Mod
I'm still thinking about the basic plot, characters, and thematic elements to what will be my next book, The Spear of the Hunt. I've got most of the main elements fairly well constructed in my mind but there is a plot device that I still need to get straight before I start writing.

I prefer to have a clear idea of the beginning, middle, and end of the book before I start. I also like to know all the main characters, the essential plot line of events, and the main thematic elements I'm going to try and stress.

This helps me get past so called Writer's Block. By having all the elements in place in my mind before I start even if I get a little bogged down in one area or the other I can push on to the next scene with confidence.

This story takes place in the Dark Ages era after the fall of the Empire but before Jon Gray and the Modern Era. It tells the story of General Yumanar who must decide how best to save the nation that he loves. What is the greater threat; the invading armies or the politicians that rule?

I hope everyone will like it.

Please ask any questions about this book in this forum. Thanks for following!


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Tom | 42 comments Mod
I've been working on The Spear of the Hunt finally. I've written 5,000 words a day on the rough draft for the last week and I'm up to 50K which is half way.

If I can keep up the pace for ten more days I'll be finished with the rough draft by a week from Friday. It's hard work.

I think the story is good but it's going to require a fairly significant rewrite as the characters are really developing personalities and I'm going to have go back and fix a lot of Voice issues.

I'll keep my legion of followers posted.


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Tom | 42 comments Mod
I finished the rough draft last night and it came in at a little over 97K words. I'm happy with it but it's going to require a little work to get it ready for publishing.

One of the main characters, Senator Hubu changed in ways I did not anticipate so he will have to be changed in the early chapters.

Also another character, Consul Juwamba went a little crazier than I intended and changes in earlier chapters must take this into account.

The novel ended as I planned and with some good "pop".

I'm going to take a week off and then get going with the working draft. It's good to spend time away.


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Tom | 42 comments Mod
That's a wrap. Just finished the rewrite of the Spear of the Hunt. It comes in at 100,714 words although the proofread will change the final count slightly. It's what is considered a standard trade paperback novel of 300+ pages.

Mom starts the proofread soon and the final should be out in a month or less.

I'm quite pleased. I think it's a good book and I hope everyone buys it and enjoys it.

Now, what should the next book be? The Broken Throne? The Black Sphere? Apparition (A Jon Gray novel)? Hmmm.

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