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message 1: by Sophie, Your Lovely Moderator (new)

Sophie | 2624 comments Mod
Happy 2013 everyone!! Did everyone have a good new year?
What did you do?

Anyone have any resolutions? Jane Austen's related/book related/generally?

message 2: by Ilse (new)

Ilse | 9 comments Same for you!!

message 3: by Irene (new)

Irene | 271 comments Happy new year to you all, fellow Janeites!
Felice anno nuovo!

My reading goal for 2012 was 80 books but I managed to read only 61. So my goal for 2013 will be 80 books again and among them there'll be all Jane Austen novels (again!), a few of her minor works I haven't read yet and some sequels, prequels and retelling that are lying in my book case.

Have a wonderful 2013 full of Jane Austen spirit!!!

message 4: by Louise Sparrow (new)

Louise Sparrow (louisex) | 262 comments Happy New Year!

message 5: by Sophie, Your Lovely Moderator (new)

Sophie | 2624 comments Mod
Thanks Everyone!! :)
Welcome back Steph! Nice to see you!!
Great 80 book goal!! :D

message 6: by Sarah (last edited Jan 02, 2013 03:45AM) (new)

Sarah Louise Smith (sarahlouisesmith) Happy New Year to you Soph & everyone else :)
Sorry I've been a bit quiet these past few weeks, busy with family stuff...

My book-related goals for the year include writing my second novel as well as successfully launching the first! As well as reading plenty - I haven't got a figure, just as much as I can :)

2013 is of course the 200th anniversary of P&P's publication so definitely going to read that again, as discussed in the other thread :)

message 7: by Sophie, Your Lovely Moderator (new)

Sophie | 2624 comments Mod
Sounds great Sarah! I wish you all the luck I can with your novel launch!!

Defiantly will be discussing Pride and Prejudice :D a year of celebrations for it - my heaven!

message 8: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (sarahrichmond98) Happy New Year!!

message 9: by Irene (new)

Irene | 271 comments Sarah Louise: good luck for your book!!! What genere is it?

message 10: by Shelley (new)

Shelley (shelleys_shelf) Happy New Year! I haven't been here much the past few weeks either; it's been pretty crazy because of the holidays. I haven't really decided on a reading goal yet for this year. I'll probably just try to keep up with what my book clubs are reading.

message 11: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Louise Smith (sarahlouisesmith) Thanks Soph :)

Irene, it's chick lit - modern woman's romance with a few twists... You can read the blurb here if you're interested:

message 12: by Sophie, Your Lovely Moderator (new)

Sophie | 2624 comments Mod
Happy new year everyone! And that's always a good goal :)

message 13: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca May | 561 comments Happy New Year everyone!

Well, my JA related goals are:

1. To read the rest of the Jane Austen's (MP, NA, and Emma) before the JA Festival Australia in April.
2. Read Amanda Grange's hero diaries. :)

message 14: by Sophie, Your Lovely Moderator (new)

Sophie | 2624 comments Mod
Great resolutions!! I approve ;)

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