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She smiled and looked around 'Its spotless' she murmured. 'Dont want to get it dirty' she joked

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She smirked 'Careful what you wish for' she joked

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'Both..maybe' she giggled and smiled

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She laughed 'Thats creepy!'

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She smiled 'What movie was it?' She asked

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She laughed 'How can we live without the crazy doctor?' She joked

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She nodded 'I couldn't live without my eyes' she smiled

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She giggled and smiled at him 'If you find cute you gotta have smarts'

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She smiled 'Very handsome and too crazy'

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Her mouth dropped open she laughed

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She clapped 'You amazing at it' she smiled

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She walked inside 'Seems nice' she joked, smiling

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She smiled against the kiss and kissed him back harder

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She played with his tongue and growled softly, she liked this a lot

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She wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him closer

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She wrapped a leg on his waist and kissed him teasingly

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She smiled 'Come and get me' she growled playfully and kissed him harder

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She smiled into the kiss and pulled him as close as possible

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She growled, one that was of playfulness and fierceness, she pushed him to the bed with her on top, she kissed him hungrily

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She melted into the kiss, feeling satisfied and happy. She arched her back.

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She smiled 'Is that good or bad?' She joked

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She giggled 'That's a good answer'

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She smirked and kissed him back

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She smiled and took it off throwing it to the side, she kissed him hard, growling

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She giggled and kissed him hungrily, she put her legs in a straddle position on him

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She smirked and grinded her body against him and kissed him harder

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She made her hips move up and down his. Her hands traced the hem of his shirt, she smiled, kissing him playfully

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She played with his tongue and growled slightly

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She smirked 'Easy, tiger' she laughed. She took her pants off slowly, teasing him

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She finally had them off, 'I'm nice to take them off' she joked and kissed him deeply

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She growled happily 'It does' she moved her hand to his pants botton and smiled

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She giggled and looked at him hungrily

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She smiled and batted her lashes 'Just look good enough to eat' she giggled when his hand was between her thighs, growling a growl of need

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She pushed her hips to his, moving them up and down slowly, she kissed him teasingly

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She smiled into the kiss, kissing harder 'That good enough?' She giggled as he hooked her underwear

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She growled and arched her neck, her hands tracing his chest slowly going down

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She bit his neck softly and started kissing the area she bit.

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She winced a bit then slid down her body to his fingers. She kissed his neck then his collarbone, she kissed his lips softly

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She nodded and smiled 'Safety first' she joked

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She giggled 'Dont want to have cubs running around' she smiled

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She roared slightly and winced.

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She shook her head 'Gonna make me lose my head..' She joked and laughed slightly

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She smiled 'Its a maybe' she growled in pleasure

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She lifted her hips to meet his thrusts, her hand going on his chest.

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She moaned which turned into a roar

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She growled playfully 'I love you'

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She pulled him closer and kissed him harder

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She growled in pleasure and began to came

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She kissed him harder then pulled away to kiss his neck softly

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