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message 1: by Kassandra (new)

Kassandra Patti Party all night! **Start**

message 2: by Kassandra (new)

Kassandra Patti They pulled into the entrance of the club. "Just give your keys to valet and show them this card." she said pulling out a VIP card "Your baby will get the best car."

message 3: by Trevor (new)

Trevor | 70 comments "Woah where did you get that card? I mean it describes you well but I can use one of them myself" he said as he was handing his keys to the valet

message 4: by Kassandra (new)

Kassandra Patti "It's a secret."she said putting her finger to her lips. She got out of the car and walked to Nathan's side. Then looked at the long line. It didn't surprise her it as the best club in town. "Joey do you think two more bodies can fit inside?" She asked sweetly. The bouncer knew her very well

message 5: by Trevor (new)

Trevor | 70 comments "Use your looks to get us in" he whispered

message 6: by Kassandra (new)

Kassandra Patti "I'm one step ahead of you."she whispered back. She straightened and smiled at Joey "my brother is having a get together didn't he tell you? I'm just a tiny bit late and I don't want to get in trouble."she said as if she had disapointed him.

Joey smiled "we'll if it's for your brother thn yes, but don't cause to much trouble Storm." He opened the velvet rope and let them in

message 7: by Trevor (new)

Trevor | 70 comments "Come on Joey, do us a favor" he added

message 8: by Kassandra (new)

Kassandra Patti Storm walked past Joey "thanks so much I owe you one."she said flipping her hair nd walking into the club, music blasting and dance floor crowded. "Let's go Nathan hurry up." She called behind her

message 9: by Trevor (new)

Trevor | 70 comments "Hey over there" he shouted over the music pointing to Landon

message 10: by Kassandra (new)

Kassandra Patti Storm looked over at where Nathan was pointing. She looked around for Skye if she wasn't there there would be no point she could annoy Landon at home all she wanted. "Do you see Skye near him?" she asked shouting over the music.

message 11: by Trevor (new)

Trevor | 70 comments "I wish I did but it's too dark"

message 12: by Kassandra (new)

Kassandra Patti "But you found him, your hilarious." she said going on her tippie toes.

message 13: by Trevor (new)

Trevor | 70 comments "Good point...but I still don't see her"

message 14: by Kassandra (new)

Kassandra Patti Storm frowned "I dont think she's here becuase she usually is all over him it's sickening."

Landon walked to the bar Skye called and told him she was sick but only when he got to the club. He wasn't going to waste the night.

message 15: by Trevor (new)

Trevor | 70 comments

message 16: by Trevor (new)

Trevor | 70 comments Nathan dint waste anytime and headed straight to the dance floor. "Storm you comin?"

message 17: by Kassandra (new)

Kassandra Patti "Of course." she said taking a hold of his hand and holding it in the air so that they could get to the middle of the dance floor.

message 18: by Trevor (new)

Trevor | 70 comments Nathan stared at Storm while she was dancing. "Boy youre a realy great dancer! Where did you learn to dance like that?"

message 19: by Kassandra (new)

Kassandra Patti "Well with practice comes perfection no?" she said smiling.

Landon looked around and only to find Storm dancing with Nathan, that guy was just plan bad news.

message 20: by Trevor (new)

Trevor | 70 comments "Teach me" he said with a cheeky smile

message 21: by Kassandra (new)

Kassandra Patti She bit hre lips flirtaciously "Watch and learn." she she started to dance provocatively.

If he saw another move being pulled Landon was going to go over there and give this guy a good punch

message 22: by Trevor (new)

Trevor | 70 comments "Woah woah woah, step by step. I can't learn that quickly."

message 23: by Kassandra (new)

Kassandra Patti "You will in time don;t you worry this isn't our last trip to the club together." she said dancing regularly.

Landon threw back a shot

message 24: by Trevor (new)

Trevor | 70 comments "Alright,alright. But right now, can you know, take the time and help me so I can perhaps pick up somebody?"

message 25: by Kassandra (new)

Kassandra Patti "Why would you want to do that? I'm probably the prettiest here." she said with a flip of ehr hair

message 26: by Trevor (new)

Trevor | 70 comments "Good point, got me again. Boy your on fire tonight" he said with a wink. "What kind of dance do you like?"

message 27: by Kassandra (new)

Kassandra Patti "I'm always on fire, don't you forget that" she said "What kind of dance don;t i like si the real question."

message 28: by Trevor (new)

Trevor | 70 comments "Name a dance, teach me and if you want we can practice, you know, you and I" he said blushing

message 29: by Kassandra (new)

Kassandra Patti "Oh is the bad boy Nathan blushing." she cooed. "I do private dance lessons so you can meet me at my house free of charge." she laughed

message 30: by Trevor (new)

Trevor | 70 comments "Are you being serious, I'll definately not pass on that offer"

message 31: by Kassandra (new)

Kassandra Patti "I'm being serious when aren;t i being serious." she said with a serious face on.

Landon payed the bartender and walked over to Storm and Nathan.

message 32: by Trevor (new)

Trevor | 70 comments "Alright sounds good. But any type we can try now....together?"

message 33: by Kassandra (new)

Kassandra Patti "Name a type, except for slow dance since the music not quite slow." she said

Landon got to the centre after pushing a few people, "Storm what are you doing here with this guy?" he asked pointing at Nathan

message 34: by Trevor (new)

Trevor | 70 comments "Im not the expert so go for it, lead me"

message 35: by Kassandra (last edited Jan 01, 2013 08:10PM) (new)

Kassandra Patti Storm looked at her brother "Geez chill bro, he's just dancing with me get lost go with Skye or something. I thought you liked all that puppy love she gives you." she said cooly.

Landon frowned "Doesn;t justify what he's doing here." Landon turned to Nathan and just stared at him

message 36: by Trevor (new)

Trevor | 70 comments "I got this, I'll protect you from your bro. Leave it to me" he said hoping to impress her

"Hey buddy, listen up. You got your girl, I got a girl. You leave me alone and things will go smooth. That's not an option, now begone and go have fun with your dudette" he said to Landon

message 37: by Kassandra (new)

Kassandra Patti Storm laughed to herself, when it came to being defended Nathan not the best. but she still stood back and watched.

Landon chuckled "My girl didn't come she's sick but this is my sister so if i hear that you even touched her wrong your going to get the concequence..buddy." he said he looked at Storm "I'll see you at home."

message 38: by Trevor (new)

Trevor | 70 comments "Jeez all this dancing is getting me thirsty, you want anything" as he steered for the bar

message 39: by Kassandra (new)

Kassandra Patti "Sure thing, shots sound good right now." she said laughing

message 40: by Trevor (new)

Trevor | 70 comments "Take a seat, stay a while" he said. Looking around he said "Anyone here that catches your eye?"

message 41: by Kassandra (new)

Kassandra Patti "Not really but i haven't looked." she said looking around

message 42: by Trevor (new)

Trevor | 70 comments "Better if you don't look around" he said but hoping she wouldn't hear. "I'll take 2 tequilas" he said to the bartender

message 43: by Kassandra (new)

Kassandra Patti "2 tequillas yum." she said taking one of the shots

message 44: by Trevor (new)

Trevor | 70 comments "Cheers"

message 45: by Kassandra (new)

Kassandra Patti "Cheers." she said then knocked back the drink then licked the salt and drank the lemon juice. "That was good."

message 46: by Trevor (new)

Trevor | 70 comments Nathan didn't waste any time and headed back to the dance floor.

message 47: by Kassandra (new)

Kassandra Patti Storm followed him, she wrapped her arms around his waist and turned to face him

message 48: by Trevor (new)

Trevor | 70 comments "What are you doing?" he said with a smile. "I don't mind but im just curious"

message 49: by Kassandra (new)

Kassandra Patti "Dancing, with you." she said

message 50: by Trevor (new)

Trevor | 70 comments "What kind of dance is this?"

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