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how come rick riordan hasnt included the ancient gods

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Justin he included TARTAURUS but not EREBUS or MOROS they need there own demigods and books! come on RICK

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Justin The House of Hades The Mark of Athena are exampls that he stays only on the olypians. Bring the rest and please dont make them ROMAN keep them GREEK

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Justin Please put the ancient gods in by giving them book and demigods. especially MOROS, EREBUS, HERMAYA. plus they can bring new demigods, powers and stories

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are those gods greek? i've never heard of any of them...

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Richard You want to bring in Gaia and Uranus as well? How about Nyx? He has already written of the daughters of Nyx.
You may like Moros , but he is quite minor. As far as i am aware, the only mentions he gets as a personality are as just a name in a list, usually by Hesiod. If i were RR, I'm sorry to say i would overlook him.

I have no idea who Hermaya is, and I'm an ancient Greek scholar! Erebus I like, though :)

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Caroline Jackson Maybe Rick doesn't include them because they are less known. The most important gods more people are likely to know and for some people like my friends it can be hard to keep them straight.

Of course, there has been a lack of gods recently.

Serena Hermaya isn't a Greek god; most likely that's a spelling error for Hemera, the primeval goddess of the day; daughter of Nyx and Erebus and mate of Aither (bright air) and mother of Gaea (Earth), Ouranus (Heaven), and Thalassa (sea) by some accounts.

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Justin My question is why in neither series have we seen Rhea? In the first series her Husband was waging war on her children and now in this series her mother is. I just wondering where in all this is Rhea?

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Serena Or Rhea's sisters...I mean we sort of had this forbidding thing of Poseidon vs Oceanus maybe happening and not much since than Tethys and he are either the parents or grandparents of Poseidon's goddess wife, we haven't seen any of the Muses -which to me is a gap, but what about Phoibe the grandmother of Apollo, Artemis and Hecate? Themis was the mother of the Fates and the Seasons by Zeus so a pretty big Titan to forget...(but than Rhea either took to the wilderness and mountains after the first Titan war or went to a garden and raised Dionysus there...)

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Richard Rena wrote: "mother of Gaia, Ouranus and Thalassa by some accounts"

Yeah, forget the Romans - what Hyginus said was in note form, probably for teaching to students... and is too far from the Theogeny to be Greek for my liking. As usual, it probably is a rewrite in order to favour whoever was emperor at the time, as Virgil did with the Aeneid. Hesiod has Nyx, Erebus and Gaia all emerging from primal Chaos, and this makes more sense within the mythic cycle.

It would be good for RR to include some of the more primal deities, like Gaia, but as for all the anthropomorphisations like Hemera, there are just too many of them.

Serena Oh I am well aware if you consider Romans occupying a Greek city in Egypt, well it's all mixed up. If you think of the Egyptian myths of Tefnut and Shu being alike Hemera and Aither, well a "schoolboys " study of Greek religion at that time makes better sense, as well no religion stays the same over any length of time - consider all the churches of Christians, it can't be said that ancient Greek religion at one time did not have so many branches if you consider how very many city-states and the royalty of them.

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Richard Rena wrote: "Oh I am well aware..."

Indeed. Most of the non-Olympian gods would have had very localised areas of worship, if any at all. And as you say, doubtless with variances across the Hellenic world.
Also, while you have a progression of older gods, displaced by their offspring (Uranus -> Cronus -> Zeus), others got relegated to lesser status, due to shifting cultures.
Such as Aphrodite. Either she was the daughter of Zeus, or was the first goddess. And Persephone, who becomes a minor figure, was possibly one of the earliest harvest godesses in pre-Hellenic times.

Serena Funny you should mention Persephone; I'm of the opinion her name means something like "destructive/slaying voice"; and when I think of the Sirens once being her handmaidens it makes a sort of sense.

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