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Where Jake and his family live.. two stories, one bath, four bed, swimming pool in backyard, basketball court.

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Greg shows Marissa into Jake's room.

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Marissa stood by the door, "Hey." She said softly

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"hi," Jake said coarsely. (( Happy New Year!!! I <3 you!!! ))

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((I ♥ you too!)))

"How you feeling?" She asked stepping closer

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"It's getting worse, Marissa," Jake whispered, shaking his head. "But it doesn't hurt." Jake let out a whimper. "I want it to hurt so I can at least have pain. The illness is gone, but it's.... still killing me."

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She walked over and kneeled by the bed, "I wish I could make it better." She whispered

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"Will you grab me my iPod?" Jake asked, pointing at his dresser. "Bring me the speakers along with it. I want you to listen to a song. But I promise no singing."

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(( going to bed, love you ))

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She nodded and did as she was told.

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He turned on This Kiss by Carly Rae Jepsen

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She gave a soft sad smile while looking at him

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Greg stepped in. "alright, Marissa. that's enough for today."

"But Dad," Jake argued softly. "She just barely got here."

"The doctor is here for your check up," Greg said. "Marissa, would you be ok for staying for that?"

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"If Jake wants me too I'll stay." She said nodding.

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Jake nods his head.

The doctor steps in."Hello, Jake." He barely acknowledges Marissa. "Same old routine. First, we are check if it's still killing you." The doctor puts a brace on Jake's arm. (Five minutes later) The doctor let out a gasp. "No, no, no."

Jake looks at the doctor," What's going on?"

"There is no sign of the disease," the doctor breathes.

Jake looks at the doctor.

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Marissa stayed quiet, watching what was happening carefully.

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The doctor let out a slow, deep breath. "Jake, you're fine."

Greg looks at the doctor sternly. "Bull crap," he growls. "Jake has had that disease since he was born."

"Then what happened to me?" Jake asked.

"Dehydration," the doctor said.

Jake looks relieved.

"I'll be on my way," the doctor said. they all watched the doctor leave.

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Marissa let out a silent sigh of relief,

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"I'll leave you kids," Greg said as he walked out.

Jake started crying when his dad left. "That's it. Basically my whole life was a lie."

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"Calm down Jake, at least you won't die....... As long as you start drinking more." She added

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"I know, I know," Jake said. "Meet me at the stage." He then closed his eyes

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"When?" She asked.

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"When- when?," Jake murmured. "T-t-today."

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"When today Jake?" She asked calmly

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"Soon, Riss," Jake whispered. "Soon."

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She nodded softly, "Bye Jake." She whispered standing and walking from his room, she glanced back at him when she was at the door.

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Jake said nothing. When she left, he got ready to go to the stage. ((switch))

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Greg walked in, throwing his keys down on the counter. "At least, he's doing what he wants to do," he whispered. He walked over to the drawer and grabbed a knife, held it up to his neck... <…i> and cut his neck.

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((ignore the I))

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Jake and Marissa walked in. Blood splattered the walls, everything was knocked over, and Jake could only think of one thing."Dad!!"
He ran towards the kitchen, and stopped dead in his tracks. There, right in front of him, was his dad. dead.

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Marissa followed slowly behind him "Jake is every...." She trailed off and gasped

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"Quick!! Call 911!!!" Jake yelled. He started pushing him his dad's chest. Blood covered Jake's hands, "NO! NO! This can't be happening!! Oh, no!! Dad, stay with me!! Dad!!" Jake was screaming, "NO!", until he was hoarse but then he kept crying.

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She called 911 and the emt's arrive shortly. She gently pulled Jake back watching them closly

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Jake tried fighting Marissa. "That's my dad!! Let me go!!" But Marissa wouldn't, so he stopped trying.

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"Calm down Jake, please." She begged

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The emt walked up to Jake. "You're Jake?" Jake nodded his head. "Buddy, it was a suicide. I'm so so sorry." Jake looked at the ground. "Thanks," Jake whispered. As soon as the emt left, Jake ran outside into the backyard.

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Marissa was about to follow him, then she sighed and walked out front

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Jake looked at the sky. "Why, Dad?" he cried. "Why?"

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Marissa waiting outside for awhile wondering if he would come or if she should leave him alone

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"Marissa!!" Jake screamed over the chatter of everything. "I need you!!"

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She slid through the house and out the back door.

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As soon as Jake saw her, he ran to her and hugged her. "Please." He was sobbing. "Don't leave me."

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She hugged him back and nodded, "I promise I won't leave you Jake."

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"Ok, good," Jake whispered. He wiped his eyes. "Lets go grab some stuff and get out of here."

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She looked at him, "Okay." She whispered

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They walked in the house, grabbed a few of Jake's things and left. (( switch))

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(( let us go back to your house ))

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((Kay!!!!! :D ))

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(( :D ))

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