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What did you think?
Maddie Maddie Dec 31, 2012 09:32PM
I received this book through a cousin of mine, who gave it rave reviews. It interested me, and pictures were definitely amusing and disturbing at times. What did you think about the strange sequence of events?

I haven't read it all yet. Of what I read it was realy amazing!

I didn't like it. The photos were amazing, but I didn't think there was enough back up from the text to really make the book something special

I guess I wanted something a lot creepier.

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I liked it a lot up to where the children actually appear (spoiler) and then liked it less and less after that. I felt that once it lost the ambiguity as to whether the school was Good or Bad it all became a bit mechanical.

The characterisation was one of the best things about it - the non-fantasy characterisation primarily, particularly the relationship between the narrator and the rest of his family.

The Welsh rappers were funny; I was imagining people who thought being the next Goldie Looking Chain woul mean they had reached the big time.

I liked the use of the pictures as a constraint on the writing, but did not like that in the beginning they were pictures the narrator looked at while later they were just things he saw.

The pictures appealed to me so much that I am tempted by Riggs' latest book, which is all pictures and no novel.

I have always been into weird things and so when I saw this book I knew I had to get it. Regardless of the mix reveiws I have to say I absolutely loved this book. Yes in the beginning the story seemed to move slow, but I did not mind it at all. I was so into the characters and how "real" they all seemed. Getting to know the characters really intrigued me.It was hard for me to put the book down. 5/5 stars. Hope there will be a second book made.

One of the best and most creative stories of the year.........

It started well and there were good things here and there throughout the book, but once the children actually appear everything gets very very contrived. I know that for a fantasy I have to suspend disbelief but I didn't feel rewarded - and the ending that left things hanging for a sequel? - nearly as bad as what Lemonny Snickett pulled.

I love books that are different. This one certainly is. Do you think those photos were "actually" discovered, or is that part of the creative ficiton of the book? Either way, it was interesting.

It was a pretty strange but unique book. The photographs were pretty complimentary to the story.

When I was at the book store this book actually just seemed to pop out at me and I kept looking at it. I finally decided to buy it and yeah I gotta admit, it had kind of a slow start but after a while I really got into it and the picture just helped me visualize the story even better. This book was absolutely wonderful.

I love this book, and I love weird things. I was intrigued by the cover so I decided to read the book. However, I have recommended it to several people and not one person was interested. I guess you need to have a certain kind of taste to enjoy a novel like this. It did go in an odd direction in the 2nd half of the book. Its not the outcome that I would have chosen myself, but it was definitely a book worth reading. I will definitely rent the movie when it comes out. I have this weird fetish with reading a book and then having to see the film adaptation if its available.

I really enjoyed the first part of the book and like some others felt a bit let down by the end - it was so clearly left open for a sequel. I thought the vintage photographs really added an extra strand to the story, but the real strength in the novel, I felt, were the characters, who were very vivid and realistically drawn. I loved Wales's baddest rappers - stroke of genius!

I actually just finished this book and thought that it was really good. The only thing that really bothered me was the ending. But I feel better about it since there is going to be a sequel.
But I really liked it and found it interesting...

I have to admit I didn't like it. I did finish it because I wanted to know the ending. I may have liked it better had I known what I was getting myself into. It just wasn't what I was expecting. Very odd. Reminded me a bit of Everlost. The pictures really did add to the story and I'm amazed at how the author found these pictures and was able to develop a story around them.

The book is amazing! I've never read a book like this before. So creepy, but still so sweet and funny. He wrote it in an interesting way, did the main character weird and interesting, so I couldn't do other than read, read and read.

The photos mesmerized me. I loved the first 150 pages and once the novel took the direction it did after that (trying not to spoil), it left me feeling empty.

At first I couldn't really get into it and "put it down". Around 2 months later I decided to try it again and really enjoyed it and for once I couldn't predict where the story was going!

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