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i love DIVERGENT...

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message 1: by Mariel (new)

Mariel Cean hey! i really love is a great book..

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What does that have to do with shatter me?

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And it's not even that good :/

em ? Do you want to know if you should read this book or not?

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Erm...Yes, Divergent's a great book, I enjoyed it heaps!
So is Shatter Me, I just finished reading it a week or so ago--does anyone know if there's going to be a sequel?

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yea, there's going to be a sequel released in June.

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Its called Unravel Me

Sophie Nasra wrote: "And it's not even that good :/"

Well, I thought it was amazing - better than the Hunger Games! (Divergent I mean, I didn't like Shatter Me that much...)

Breanna that makes sense to post this on the shatter me discussion board :/

Mackenzie unravel me come out in feb of this year and divergent is awesome! i read shatter me last year and i got divergetn for christmas, it is such a good book!

Reyhaneh i loved shatter me. i just finished reading it today

Mackenzie such a good book :) read it last year from the library then bought it

Snowballina Mariel wrote: "hey! i really love is a great book.."
Yes Divergent is awesome! Shatter me was pretty good.

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So I read divergent, and I absolutely loved it! but is Shatter me worth reading?

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