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message 1: by Odette (last edited Dec 31, 2012 09:11PM) (new) - added it

Odette | 316 comments Mod
Dear Endicott Members,

A very happy New Year to all of you!

Our January 2013 book is Bear Daughter by Judith Berman. Who's reading?

Jalilah | 132 comments Happy New Year Everyone!
Bear Daughter is fantastic! I am looking forward to rereading it!
However I thought I would warn everyone that it is not easy to find. When I read a library copy a few years ago I liked it so much that I wanted to have my own copy. When I tried to order it from my local bookstore I was told that it was out of print but it might be possible to buy a used copy from amazon.com. I hate ordering on line so I never did.

Melanti | 114 comments I picked this up from my library this weekend.

Hopefully, I'll get more read than I did with People of the Sea. That one sounded interesting, but once I checked it out, it just sat on the table until all of my renewals had run out.

Jalilah | 132 comments Here is a link to an interesting interview with the author Judith Berman who is also a cultural anthropologist.

message 5: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (fireweaver) | 65 comments Jalilah, like you mentioned, it's a tricky find. you can get it on amazon, but no dice for my library :(

Melanti | 114 comments I'm in the middle of reading this now. (Yes, I'm such a procrastinator!) So far, I'm really liking it.

My library has two copies. Too bad I can't share with one of you guys!

message 8: by Odette (new) - added it

Odette | 316 comments Mod
I wish my library had this one - I'd really like to read it.
I'm definitely going to keep it in mind after the month is done.

Melanti | 114 comments I'm firmly convinced (contrary to evidence and experience) that you can buy any book on Amazon!

Jalilah, Thanks for the link to that article - it was interesting. A lot of the things Berman talked about were the things I liked best about the book. I really liked how it took the spirit and intent of the various mythologies and made something new from the material.

So, it's not like Gaiman, for instance, where you can point out characters and the god/traditions they're supposed to represent. It's all sort of seamlessly blended together, but still undeniably in homage to those traditions.

David (davidofterra) | 8 comments I just got a copy from the library. I'll try to finish it by tomorrow.

message 11: by Jalilah (last edited Feb 12, 2013 04:40AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jalilah | 132 comments It is really unfortunate that there are so few participants due either to the lack of interest or unavailability!
I am enjoying it the second time around. This time I am paying more attention to what might be the Native American elements and what the Old World Traditions.
I think Native American: The First People of course, and just in general the lifestyle (clothing, food, and so on) Old World: The idea of a quest,the locked and hidden boxes, the wizards......

I am struck between the similarities between the First People and Faeries.

Melanti, I agree about it all being seamlessly blended in together.

I just finished the part about “Center-of –Heaven” and it reminds me so much of a European Fairy Tale but I cannot remember which one.

The feeling of the book, I find, is much more like Epic Fantasy. It is also very much a coming-of age story. I like the character development, the way Cloud struggles to come to terms with who she is, both her human and bear self.

message 12: by Karhonda (new)

Karhonda Glason | 1 comments I know it has been 2years since any of you have posted about this book but I just joined this site and this is one of my all time favorite books if anyone has time I would to do some Q&A and just discuss thoughts on the book and author.


message 13: by Odette (new) - added it

Odette | 316 comments Mod
Hi Karhonda.
It's always great when someone revives an earlier discussion.
I unfortunately still haven't found a copy of Bear Daughter, but maybe another Endicott member who has read it will discuss it here.
I'll add it to my possible inter-library-loan searches.

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