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message 1: by evie (new)

evie (ecie) | 4253 comments Happy New Year Antares! Happy, happy, happy wishes my TC friends.

message 2: by Susan (new)

Susan | 6406 comments Yay! Happy year, happy wishes!

message 3: by Barb (new)

Barb Happy New Year fuckers everyone. Best wishes for 2013.

message 4: by Cyril (new)

Cyril Happy New Year. I'm going to bed.

message 5: by evie (new)

evie (ecie) | 4253 comments Goodnight Cyril.

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

Good Night Cyril. I celebrated for you last night!

Happy New Year to all the fabulous TCers!

message 7: by Phil (new)

Phil | 11605 comments Yea, I made it until midnight! Happy 2013!

(I may be up a while longer if the gunshots keep going)

message 8: by evie (last edited Dec 31, 2012 11:24PM) (new)

evie (ecie) | 4253 comments Yea! Phil did it!

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